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Many companies, influencers, and people prioritise building a genuine, active, and valuable following on Instagram. There are several ways to do this, from doing it yourself to partnering with an Instagram growth company like Social Boost who interacts with your audience by liking, commenting, and following to get their attention and gain followers.

It can be challenging to determine which “style of doing things” is ideal for you when there are so many options. In this article, we examine the various strategies you could use to increase your Instagram following. We’ll also delve deeper into Social Boost and examine how their strategy might assist brands and influencers in organically expanding their fan bases.

Who is Social Boost? 

An organic Instagram growth company is called Social Boost. They assist individuals, companies, and influencers in growing a loyal and active Instagram following.

You are given a Growth Expert when you begin working with Social Boost, and they are in charge of obtaining you the outcomes you desire. This is accomplished by taking control of your Instagram account, selecting highly valuable potential followers, and then methodically interacting with those followers via likes, comments, follows, and unfollows to grab their interest and entice follows.

Their crew does these tasks manually, without the aid of bots, to guarantee that targeting is precise and tailored to your particular demands, greatly enhancing the calibre of your new audience.

Each client of Social Boost receives a dedicated campaign manager who serves as your primary point of contact. They provide you campaign updates and check to see if you’re attracting the correct followers. They also offer you content recommendations (if you want them). You can email or make a video call to them to communicate.

In other words, they handle the engagement for you, freeing you up to concentrate on producing engaging content for your audience. This method has shown to be quite efficient.

What is Organic Instagram Growth?

You will frequently come across the phrase “organic growth” when discussing marketing-related matters. What does it actually mean, though?

The term “organic growth” in marketing refers to any increase that takes place without the use of paid advertising. Your Instagram can develop naturally in the following ways:

  • Posting awesome content
  • Collaborating with influencers
  • Engaging with your target audience by liking, commenting, and following

Why Go Organic?

On Instagram, there are advantages to both paid and natural development.

Paid growth can help you fast expand your audience, but it has the apparent drawback of requiring a substantial financial investment. When you need a temporary bump in followers, like during a marketing campaign, bought growth is usually helpful. However, this strategy isn’t long-term.

Particularly if you do it yourself, organic growth can be more gradual. However, you will save money and typically get a better grade of follower. All companies should strive to steadily increase their organic customer base over time.

Best Ways to Organically Grow Your Instagram

There are various strategies you may use to naturally expand your Instagram following. In this section, we’ll look at three of the most popular methods and give you some advice on which one could work best for you.

Benefits of Social Boost

We’ve already given you some explanations of how Social Boost functions. Below, we examine what it may be like for a business, an individual, or an influencer to collaborate with Social Boost.

Social Boost for Influencers

Whether you like it or not, influencers are often grouped according to how many followers they have. This usually means that marketers typically concentrate a big proportion of perceived value on how many followers an influencer has.

When you consider the brands who pay influencers, this is evident. For instance, super influencers with 100,000+ followers typically demand the highest prices, while those with an audience of just a few thousand make significantly less every post.

However, more and more businesses are assessing measures than follower count as they become astute. Additionally, these companies consider measures like sentiment and engagement (likes, comments, and shares) (how people react to content).

This strategy aids companies in weeding out influencers who have expanded their following through questionable means, such as buying false followers.

You might be able to draw genuine, pertinent, and interested people to your account by working with Social Boost. Additionally, it will increase your engagement and assist you in creating a community around your content, both of which many brands place a high priority on.

Case Study:

Using Social Boost, @itsalanah.brookeaccount ‘s increased in size by 279%. (7,529 followers). They were able to do this by utilising their deliberate organic development techniques.

By increasing her following via organic techniques, @itsalanah.brooke_ has made herself more attractive to brands. This is especially true for businesses that check influencers carefully to make sure they haven’t been buying false followers.

Social Boost for Businesses

Smart companies are aware of the benefits of having a sizable and active social media following, including the ability to spread critical marketing messages and even generate direct sales.

Additionally, having a sizable following and lots of engagement on Instagram can serve as social proof, showing new potential clients that the business is reputable and trustworthy.

Consider the following customer journey (let’s use Joe as our new hypothetical client):

  1.   Joe has a challenge
  2.   Joe does a quick Google search to find a product to solve his challenge
  3.   Joe finds your business, but he has never heard of you before
  4.   Joe does some research on you, which includes checking out your Instagram account

Imagine Joe discovering your account has few followers, poor engagement, and few recent posts. Because of this, he can get the impression that you’re a startup and find it difficult to put his trust in you to handle his problem effectively.

When a company uses Social Boost, they may develop an engaged and pertinent audience, demonstrating to customers like Joe that you are a reliable source. The development aspect of Instagram can also be ignored with this strategy so that you can concentrate on producing high-quality content.

Business Instagram Growth Example

To help @prolycht (LED Spotlights) achieve a staggering 125% audience gain, Social Boost collaborated with them (7,829 followers).

With Social Boost, @prolycht can gain an opportunity to sell to a new, possibly devoted consumer for every organic follower they acquire. This results in 7,829 additional prospective customers with little work on their part.

Social Boost for Individuals

You may be asking:

What distinguishes an Instagram influencer from a someone looking to expand their fan base on the platform? ”

Well, motivation is usually what makes the difference.

The more brand partnerships they can secure, the more money they can make, the more driven an influencer will be. This means that if they want to increase their audience of customers, they must produce material that is a perfect match for their favourite companies.

To become influencers on social media, however, is not something that everyone aspires to. Other causes include:

  •     Making yourself more employable
  •     Selling a personally created product direct to followers, such as a book or course
  •     Establishing yourself as a thought leader in your specific niche
  •     Landing paid speaking engagements

Pros & Cons 

Social Boost has a few benefits and drawbacks. However, they appear to be among the best agencies available. There is nonetheless room for development.


  • Real Organic Instagram Followers
  • No Bots: Real human-powered growth (Verified by video call)
  • Dedicated Campaign Managers
  • 24/7 Email, Phone & Live Chat support


  • Social Boost doesn’t currently have a dashboard. They offer a dedicated Campaign Manager who updates you by email. This is more like a traditional Marketing Agency. 
  • They only work with Instagram and Tiktok Growth.

Other Organic Instagram Growth Options

There are, of course, other ways to increase your Instagram account’s organic growth. The two most common methods are either employing automatic programmes or making an effort to increase your following on your own.

In this section, we examine different possibilities and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Alternative Methods

Automation & Bots

What is Automated Growth?

Instagram accounts that use bots are automatically followed, liked, and commented on. Many people think that bots are unreliable and spammy. In general, bot-generated followers are less likely to interact with your material because they may not be as relevant as followers who were hand-selected.

Benefits of Automated Growth

There are two advantages to automated growth, both of which come from working with bots rather than actual people. What is automated growth?

  • Cheaper
  • Easier to manage

Downsides of Automated Growth

In reality, using automated growth is only marginally more beneficial than buying fake followers. This is because:

–         You might get banned or suspended from Instagram

–         Followers gained are often low quality

–         May damage your image online

–         Followers gained are unlikely to engage with your content


What is Self-Management?

Self-management is exactly what it sounds like: building your own Instagram following. This would cover everything from writing and publishing material to identifying and communicating with relevant accounts.

Benefits of Self-Management

The major benefit of self-management is that it doesn’t cost you anything but your time.

Downsides of Self-Management

There are several downsides to this approach:

  •         Highly time-consuming
  •         Difficult to perform consistently
  •         Requirement to build targeting skills in house
  •         Requirement to build engagement skills in house
  •         Potential need to invest in additional software and tools


To increase your Instagram following organically, working with Social Boost can be a fantastic idea.

This not only enables influencers, businesses, and individuals to experience actual growth, but it also makes it easier for them to focus on the people who will help them reach their engagement and growth objectives. However, they do not provide services for marketing on YouTube or LinkedIn, so you might need to hunt for another firm. But they might work for you if Instagram is your main priority.

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