How to Get Dragon Communion Seal in the Elden Ring

The Dragon Communion Seal is advantageous for players of the Elden Ring since it increases Dragon Communion incantations and has no weight cost.

Elden Ring features several distinctive builds, and gear like the Dragon Communion Seal makes specialised builds stand out. Dragon Hearts, which are rewards from several formidable dragon-like monsters in Elden Ring, may be exchanged for unique Dragon Communion incantations, which are just as formidable and powerful, for Dragon Hearts.

Players should look for the Dragon Communion Seal since it is designed to boost certain spells particularly. Here are the steps for obtaining the item and its advantages over other seals.

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How to Get Dragon Communion Seal

At the beginning of the game, a dungeon concealed beneath an imp statue has the Dragon Communion Seal. The Stranded Graveyard Site of Grace is right close to the entrance of the Fringefolk Hero’s Grave, which requires two Stonesword Keys to enter.

Similar to previous “Hero’s Grave” dungeons, this one is characterised by the chariots that go around a predetermined network of roads in search of the Tarnished. For many gamers, this is one of their first obstacles, making it a very frustrating place. Making matters worse, lower-level players are required to take on the dungeon’s final monster, an Ulcerated Tree Spirit, making it incredibly difficult for novice players to actually complete it.

In order to provide players early access to the item, they can get the Dragon Communion Seal without taking on the monster. However, in order to retrieve the object, they will still need to climb a difficult slope.

Follow the main road down two hills until it becomes narrow, then turn left to obtain the Dragon Communion Seal. Following a left turn and a bifurcation, the route narrows. Ascend the uphill slope by turning to the right. The chariot follows along the entire route as it leads to a long, twisting road lined by Exile Soldiers. A phantom Banished Knight will meet the player if they succeed in reaching the conclusion.

This Banished Knight drops the Dragon Communion Seal if it is defeated. Low-level players will find this opponent to be fairly challenging, but if the player wants to commit to a Dragon Communion build early, they may be able to win. Players may make this dungeon simpler if they wait and destroy the chariot.

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Is the Dragon Communion Seal Good?

The Dragon Communion Seal is an excellent choice for Dragon Communion and Frenzied Flame incantations because of its distinctive scale and characteristics. However, the majority of players will choose to focus on other seals.

The unique Dragon Communion incantations receive a +15% bonus from the Dragon Communion Seal. These are the spells that can be bought with Dragon Hearts that are unlocked once you kill dragon bosses like Flying Dragon Agheel.

Additionally, it provides a strong degree scaling with the Arcane stat, which is something that few other seals do. The strong arcane scaling aids in debuff buildups and makes it simpler to apply status effects like Scarlet Rot and Madness to foes. This is crucial because many Dragon Communion incantations require arcane prerequisites and because Frenzied Flame incantations benefit from the building of madness that arcane requirements provide.

The Dragon Communion Seal loses its usefulness when used with incantations that aren’t considered to be Dragon Communion, and it doesn’t hold up well if players begin to have extremely high levels of faith. Other seals can be preferred in the endgame depending on the player’s build and the incantations they are prioritising.

On the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC, Elden Ring is now available.


Where do I get Dragon Communion Seal Elden Ring?

The Dragon Communion Seal is located in the Fringefolk Hero’s Grave, a dungeon that is first concealed beneath an imp statue. It takes two Stonesword Keys to enter the Fringefolk Hero’s Grave, which is just close to the Stranded Graveyard Site of Grace.

Can you get all Dragon Communion in Elden Ring?

The secret to obtaining every Dragon Heart in the game is to get all of the Dragon Communion incantations in Elden Ring. When killed, a lot of the dragon adversaries in the game will drop one or more, and some of these dragons will also unlock fresh spells.

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