Here Are the Best Digimon Games of All Time

Best Digimon Games

As in the television programme, collecting and digivolving your companions is the main focus of most Best Digimon games, but this simple gameplay mechanism has been used in games of different kinds, from traditional RPGs to fighting and racing games. Here we have ranked the best Digi-mon Games as per the latest reviews. 

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth 

Best Digimon Games

For the first time in years, Digimon’s situation was looking very promising in the middle of the decade. The Digi-mon Tri movies were in theatres and doing well in Japan, but more significantly, Digi-mon Story: Cyber Sleuth, a return to the gameplay of the first Digi-mon World, was launched on the Vita in Japan in 2015 to a flurry of positive reviews. 

The main criticisms of the game are its length and the fact that it has players grind for a very long time, however, most JRPG fans will tell you that this is a pretty typical tendency with most games in the genre. Despite these shortcomings, Cyber Sleuth’s compelling plot and fun gameplay unquestionably rekindled interest in Digimon.  

Digimon Survive 

Best Digimon Games

Digimon Survive, the most recent Digi-mon video game as of this writing, really impressed us. Its fight system isn’t the best, that much is true. Yes, the game’s main visual novel sections aren’t the best in the field. However, both of the crucial components are really strong, and the cast, which includes both humans and Digi-mon, is excellent. 

By the way, sales were encouragingly good in terms of upcoming international debuts; with only two days of tracking, Digi-mon Survive nonetheless managed to win an eighth place on the NPD charts and place tenth in the UK. Very respectable for this franchise! 

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Digimon World Dawn And Dusk 

Digimon World Dawn and Dusk, the follow-up to Digi-mon World DS, builds on the strengths of its predecessor and is a better game in general. Dawn and Dusk are two separate games that use distinctive Digi-mon with day and night-themed designs to narrate the same tale, adhering to the Pokemon tradition of releasing two games per generation. 

The focus of the RPGs is still on collecting and Digivolving your own Digi-mon, but Dawn and Dusk provide more options for doing so, and the tale is more interesting than it was in the first game thanks to certain unique Digimon for each one. 

It primarily just refines the mechanics seen in the finest Digimon World games on portable systems, despite the presentation and graphics being rather good, especially on the DS. 

Digimon World: Next Order 

Best Digimon Games

Since gaming consoles can now handle games with as large of open worlds, open-world games have grown in popularity. Even the Digimon franchise has its own open-world video RPG, titled Digi-mon World: Next Order, and it manages to pull this off very well. 

The open-world game is enjoyable, and the narrative is also rather engaging. While it obviously feels different from earlier games in terms of gameplay, it still features many of the best Digi-mon from across the series to help make it feel more vintage. It has more modern polish than many prior Digi-mon World games. 

Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars Red & Blue 

One fairly good conclusion to the Digimon games on the original DS, which was only released in Japan, may have gone unplayed by many fans. This game, which featured Pokemon from this series and even the main protagonist of the anime rather than an original character, was released at the height of the Digi-mon Fusion anime. 

This results in some intriguing fusion mechanisms, but what makes these dual-version games so intriguing is how closely they resemble Digi-mon World rather than the later Digi-mon Story games that would be released. 

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Digimon World 

Without mentioning Digimon World, the initial game in what is arguably the most recognisable franchise of the series, it is difficult to evaluate the finest Digi-mon games. This allowed you to control a completely unique character who could explore a 3D world with their own partners and engage in turn-based battle with outsiders. 

It is nevertheless a fun experience despite the (very) poor localization, and it is obvious why this series gained such a large following. Although it fell short in its goal to unseat Pokemon as the most popular digital pet game, it was still effective enough to attract a devoted following. 

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth: Hacker’s Memory 

Although Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth: Hacker’s Memory isn’t a poor Digi-mon game, many fans were undoubtedly a little let down by it. It is a follow-up to Cyber Sleuth, and it is essentially identical to its predecessor. Hacker’s Memory seems particularly familiar because it shares a lot of the same setting as Cyber Sleuth. 

Even if fans clamoured for something a little different in the sequel, it is still considered to be one of the best. You only have to enter it with the knowledge that the story it has to convey is probably not as strong as that of its direct predecessor. 

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Digimon Battle Spirit 

A Digimon fighting game called Battle Spirit was made available for the Game Boy Advance in 2003. Although Digi-mon usually start battles in their rookie or champion forms, they have the ability to Digivolve into their more powerful ultimate or mega forms, giving them the upper hand. 

Battle Spirit’s aesthetics are rather good and it plays well on a handheld thanks to some incredibly clean sprite work. 

Digimon World DS 

Although it may not be the best game in the World sub-series, Digimon World DS is still quite impressive. If you want one of the most simple Digi-mon RPG experiences you can get, this is a fantastic entry-level Digimon game for the system and is definitely worth buying up or giving a shot. 

Digimon Rumble Arena 2 

Digimon Rumble Arena 2 may not be the most polished fighting game out there, but it is still a lot of fun. Rumble Arena 2 is a Super Smash Bros. type fighting game starring the iconic characters from Digi-mon. They can absorb orbs to get more energy and can Digivolve into their more powerful champions and mega forms, and they come with some gorgeous 3D models that justify the new consoles. 


How is Digimon better than Pokémon?

Digimon, on the other hand, has more adult themes and subjects that are connected to what occurs in real world. Conflicts and fights with bad foes are given more emphasis. Even if there are villains in Pokémon, each episode is more comical and enjoyable than conflictual.

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