Top 5 Games Featuring Black Adam, Know About Them Here

Games Featuring Black Adam

Black Adam, a supervillain/anti-hero from the DC Universe, wields lightning and is one of Shazam and The Marvel Family’s main adversaries. Although he may not be as well-known as other DC regulars like Batman and Superman, since his introduction in 1945, he has made several appearances in comic books and associated media.

There has never been a better opportunity to reflect on the character’s history in video games because the character has now become more well-known than ever, thanks to his blockbuster film. Black Adam doesn’t have myyy game credits, but the ones he does have to stand out. Here are some of the best ways to take on the role of the mighty king of Kahndaq in games like Fortnite, fighting games, and even the Lego series.

Injustice 2

NetherRealm’s Injustice fighting games feature the character Black Adam, and Injustice 2 is the best game if you want to play as him. Batman and Superman have turned against one other in the DC universe of Injustice, which has led to the division of the Justice League into two groups. Black Adam mainly supports Superman throughout the extensive plot that develops, but he will work with Batman when their objectives coincide and Brainiac poses a threat to Kahndaq’s safety.

Black Adam’s best video game performance comes from Injustice 2, which also highlights how strong the character is and how well-written, voiced, and animated he is. He is one of the top-tier characters for online competition and is fantastic at all ranges. If players close the distance between him and them, his Character Trait will protect them with flying electric orbs. His lengthy move set includes a variety of assaults that chase opponents wherever they are onstage.


Black Adam is also a brand-new character in the platform fighting game MultiVersus by Warner Bros.. He is a Bruiser character who, besides having solid physical attacks, also has a devious zoning strategy and the ability to deflect and redirect an opponent’s missiles. He can chain his lighting blasts across his partner to expand their range, and his Signature Perk allows him to deliver a Shocked debuff to opponents that amplifies the damage they absorb.

The electromagnetic forcefield that protects Black Adam and his partner, a ground attack that automatically targets the opponent’s location, and, most famously, temporary flight are among his other abilities. You may watch one of DC’s most terrifying villains battle Arya from Game of Thrones or Velma from Scooby-Doo in MultiVersus, which has gained popularity for its free-to-play model and diverse cast of characters. And while I have nothing against The Rock, it’s good to see a new Black Adam portrayal that isn’t based on the film.

Lego Games

Black Adam can also be found in Lego Batman 2, Lego Batman 3, and their spinoff, Lego DC Super-Villains, for a more whimsical interpretation of the character. These open-world games are notable for their large character casts, sense of humour, and talented voice actors. Super-Villains is the game to choose from if you’re more interested in the bad guys. Black Adam has a lot of entertaining electric moves, including projectiles and a continuous beam of electricity that he can aim with a reticle on the screen.

The Lego games will present a minor challenge because they are particularly kid-friendly. But few games allow you to take on the roles of so many obscure characters, and the tender parodies of the otherwise solemn DC characters are charming.

DC Universe Online

There are 44 different episodes of the free-to-play game DC Universe Online, which has been available for more than ten years. The focus of the most recent chapter is Black Adam. In it, your typical DC hero travels to Kahndaq to help him after a bargain with the Underworld deity. Neron goes astray and puts Kahndaq under Neron’s rule.

Black Adam is a playable character and ally who makes numerous appearances in DC Universe Online. Fans of the surface may utilise this as a starting point to explore DC’s rich, extensive MMO adventure because there is now so much fresh, free content that is purposefully themed on him.


Yes, these days, everyone plays Fortnite. Superheroes. Characters from Street Fighter. Even Naomi Osaka had a cameo appearance. But given that Black Adam’s popularity is growing, it makes it likely that he would also participate in the battle royale. He can lounge in regal magnificence thanks to his Teth’s Throne emote, and Hawkman has even given him access to his mace for use in combat.

It’s funny to see a nearly unstoppable antagonist using Fortnite’s weapons despite having godlike electrokinetic abilities, but he seems to have decided to follow the rules. Even with his powers restrained behind his back, the Shiruta Symbol on his back would shine after each victory to let others see his superiority.

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