How to Play The Game of Life?

How to Play The Game of Life?

Hello friends today we will talk about How to Play The Game of Life. The Gaming of Life lets you simulate every aspect of life on a gaming board, including finding employment, establishing a family, and, with any luck, retiring in billionaire status. The most recent edition is simple to set up, supports 2-4 people, and is the only one that lets you add pets to your life narrative. The game has a lot of earlier iterations as well. These require a little bit more setup before your first game, but you can fit up to 6 people in one game.

In 1925, the book was initially released. It was Shin’s first book, which she self-published because she was unable to find a publisher. This tiny book has helped many people across the world discover their purpose in life and a sense of belonging. How to Play The Game of Life, which demonstrates that life is not a struggle but a game of giving and taking, is just as relevant now as it was when it was published in 1925.

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The Game of Life

How to Play The Game of Life

Punch the pegs out of the plastic frame

The plastic pegs in a brand-new set come in a frame that is rectangular in shape. Punctuate them with care. There are 12 smaller, green “pet” pegs and 24 pink and blue “people” pegs in all.

  • If there are any sharp bits of plastic clinging to the pegs, shave them down with sandpaper or an emery board.

Put the spinner in the empty corner of the board

Open the game board. Place the plastic spinner wheel on top of the board’s blue sky corner, in between the “College Path” and “Career Path” paths.

Shuffle and separate the five decks

The cards include the headings “House,” “Action,” “Career,” “College Career,” and “Pet” on the backs. These should be divided, shuffled, and placed face down adjacent to the game board to know How to Play The Game of Life.

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Give each player their starting pieces

  • 1 plastic car
  • 1 flat, circular token the same color as their car
  • 1 large “person” peg (all pegs fit into the holes in your car)
  • 1 small “pet” peg (give your pet a name!)
  • 200K of paper money

Choose a banker

The banker’s role is given to one person. They are in responsible of providing bank financing and player salaries. The banker may store money for the bank in the connected plastic container by sitting close to the spinner.

  • The banker is still a player and keeps their own money separate from the bank’s stash.

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Have each player choose a Career or College

Your car can start next to either of the two arrows on the plastic spinner (between the wheel and the money compartment). Each path has its advantages:

  • If you pick Career, look at the top two cards of the Career deck. Pick one to put face up in front of you, and put the other on the bottom of the deck. You start on the shorter path and will start earning money sooner.
  • If you pick College, pay the bank $100K. You start on the longer path and don’t have a career yet, but you’ll have a better chance at a high-paying job later.

Latest Edition (2017): The Game of Life

How to Play The Game of Life

Spin the spinner and move that many squares

The youngest player goes first, then play continues left (clockwise) around the table. Each turn starts with one spin to see how many squares you move.

  • Read your Career card for special “bonus number” instructions. Other players have to pay you a certain amount of money if their spin lands on your bonus number.

Draw an Action card when you land on Gold

When you land on a yellow square with a faint circle image on it, draw the top card of the Action deck. Read it aloud and do what it says.

  • Keep the card—it’s worth money at the end of the game.

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Draw a Pet card when you land on the pink paw

  • Keep the card next to you after you’re done, since it’s worth money at the end of the game.

Play the Spin to Win minigame when you land on the spinner

The “Spin to Win” graphic is located in the corner of the board, and each player places their circular token next to a number. To know better How to Play The Game of Life. The player who is currently playing chooses a second number after taking the extra, silver token out of the box. Until it lands on a selected number, the spinner should be spun. The bank awards the gamer $200K.

Add pegs to your car when you land on Baby squares

Add one pink or blue peg to your car if the square says “Baby”. Add two if it says “Twins”. (Each baby is worth 50K at the end of the game).

Collect your salary when you pass a Payday square

Unlike most squares, you don’t have to land exactly on a green Payday square. Whenever you pass one, collect the salary listed on your Career card.

  • When you land exactly on a Payday square, collect your salary plus a 100K bonus.

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Buy and sell houses on a House square

  • You can choose to do nothing.
  • You can buy a house: Draw two cards from the House deck. Pick one to keep, pay the bank the price listed on the card, and put the second card on the bottom of the deck.
  • You can choose one of your houses to sell, if you have one: Spin the spinner, and look at the inner circle to see if it landed on red or black. Collect the amount of money listed on your House card next to that color. Put that House card on the bottom of the deck.

Stop moving when you hit a STOP square

Even if you have extra moves left, your piece stops here. Follow the special instructions for the STOP square you’re on

  • Graduation: Look at the top two College Career cards, pick one to put in front of you, and put the other on the bottom of the deck. Spin and move again.
  • Get Married: Add a blue or pink peg (your spouse) to your car. Spin and look at the inner circle: if it’s red, everyone gives you 50K each; if it’s black, everyone gives you 100K. Spin and move again.
  • Night School: You can choose to pay the bank 100K, draw the top card of the College Career deck, and (if you want) replace your old Career with the new card. Spin again and move on the Night School path. Or you can choose to not pay anything, spin again, and move on the Life path How to Play The Game of Life.
  • Family: Spin again and move onto either the Family path (if you want kids) or the Life path (if you don’t).
  • Spin for babies: Follow the instructions on the square, add that many people pegs to your car, then spin and move again.
  • Risky/Safe: Spin and move again onto either path. The Risky road has some squares with special instructions that can make or lose you money.

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Get a bank loan if you run out of money

Ask for a loan if you lack the funds to make a purchase or settle a debt. For every $50,000 you borrow, the banker delivers you the required amount from the bank’s inventory in addition to one bank loan certificate. Each bank loan certificate reduces your ultimate score by 60K.

Retire at the end of the game

Unlike earlier versions of the game, the two end spaces (“Millionaire’s Mansion” and “Countryside Acres”) are there just for fun; it doesn’t matter which you pick. You do get a bonus for retiring first, though

  • The first to retire gets 400K.
  • The second gets 300K.
  • The third gets 200K.
  • The fourth gets 100K.

Count money at the end of the game to see who wins

Once everyone has gone through the whole board and retired, whoever has the most money wins. But before you count, there are a few extra steps that will change your score to know How to Play The Game of Life:

  • Sell your Houses by spinning the wheel for each one and looking at the inner wheel color (red or black). You get the amount of money listed on your House card next to that color.
  • Get 100K for each Action card and each Pet card.
  • Get 50K for each baby you have.
  • Lose 60K for each bank loan certificate you have.

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How to Play The Game of Life,” we learned about life. We discovered that adhering to certain guidelines might improve the quality and happiness of our lives. The main message of the book is that life is not a battle, therefore instead of living it unhappy, think of it as a game you can play and have pleasure in every part of (The Game of Life).

You must follow the guidelines and regulations outlined in the book if you want to live life like a game. It allows you to recognise the differences in your own life. Overall, How to Play The Game of Life has not altered, thus this book is a game changer. I’m hoping The Game of Life will improve both you and your life.


Can I play The Game of Life for free?

You may play Life: The Game for free, but making poor choices could make it impossible for you to survive! Join hundreds of other online Life: The Game players and enjoy a tonne of entertaining minigames.

Why is Game of Life famous?

The Game of Life has garnered a lot of interest since its release due to the unexpected ways in which the patterns might develop. It offers an illustration of self-organization and emergence.

Is Game of Life offline?

Every player needs a copy of The Game of Life 2 in order to participate in online games. Only one copy and one device are required for offline (local) play using the Pass & Play game mode.

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