How to Play The Game of Life

The Game of Life and How to Play It. Shinn provides the techniques necessary in this cutthroat environment. Life has become a really difficult game, and in order to survive the very next move, one must truly develop their abilities. The book also teaches us that whatever we give to the world will eventually come back to us; so, if we offer love, we will receive love in return, however, if we give hatred, we will experience hatred.

Florence Scovel Shinn, the author of “The Game of Life and How to Play It,” has contributed to our understanding of existence. According to the book, whatever we give to the world will eventually come back to us; therefore, if we offer love, we will receive love in return, but if we give hate, we will experience hate. Through what we give to and receive from the outside world, we create our reality. The book (The Game of Life) teaches us how to find a feeling of community so that we can live happy lives and have bright futures.

In 1925, the book was initially released. It was Shin’s first book, which she self-published because she was unable to find a publisher. This tiny book has helped many people across the world discover their purpose in life and a sense of belonging. This book, The Game of Life, which demonstrates that life is not a struggle but a game of giving and taking, is just as relevant now as it was when it was published in 1925.

With the aid of the book, learn how your brain’s imaging capabilities contribute significantly to the game of life. Sooner or later, whatever you think about or focus on will feel like a part of your reality. This small book will teach you how to make changes in your life, let go of your regrets, and build a successful future.

Author Florence Scovel Shinn is a professional artist and book illustrator who spent many years instructing metaphysics in New York. She was a well-liked, approachable, and relaxed instructor who possessed a wealth of inner blessings. She used to view the world differently; perhaps this is why she was able to see things that none of us could. He influenced hundreds of people by sharing his expertise in his book.

The laws, according to Florence Scovel Shin, were written in both the Old and New Testaments. The Eastern Holy Books contain all of the information in his 1925 masterpiece, including the laws of non-resistance, labor, and forgiveness. His artwork strives to convey to everyone that if you adhere to the constant rules that regulate life, you may reach the social class of life, health, prosperity, love, and the four points of full self-expression. align himself with. He thus thought that we all had a “birthright” to all of this benefit.

These three key life lessons—Happiness is a birthright, Sometimes your aspirations are wrong—are taught in this book.

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Life is a Game

The author compared life to a video game. She claims that if life is not a battle, neither should your life be. Instead, you should have fun and approach life as a game. If you begin to see life as a game, you will realize that there are rules to abide by, which will reduce your stress and increase your happiness and success.

Boomerangs are the objects in the game of life. whereby all of our actions, words, and ideas eventually and with a startling precision return back to us. the expansion of life to include love, intuition, fear, and hope. It is possible to separate intuition into intuition (showing from inside).

Most people perceive life as a struggle, but according to the author, it is more like a game of giving and taking. Whatever a man gives forth in word and behavior, he receives back in equal measure. And without knowing the rules, they cannot play any game well. Life is therefore the most important game, and it is worthwhile to learn how to play it properly. You only have one life to live, and if you live it well, every now and then you are whole.

The author discovered that having faith rather than fear makes you a better guy. In both the Old and New Testaments, they discovered indications that pointed them in the direction they thought was best to take. Among these are the laws of anticipation, divine pattern, karma, law of substitution, power of words, law of use, law of forgiveness, law of love, and law of the irresistible.

Changing your way of thinking, speaking, and producing might be beneficial. Adding more positive words to your vocabulary is a start in the right direction, but you must also act positively.

The Three Lessons of Life as told in the book:

1. Life’s Class: According to the author, our life’ four main focuses of riches, health, love, and self-expression require our submission. You may mould each of these aspects of your life anyway you wish. In the end, he will return to you a life that is remarkable and joyful.

2. You are born with the right to be happy. Keep this in mind whenever you feel like you have to struggle for happiness. Stop blaming yourself for every minor setback in life and start living a positive existence, advises The Game of Life.

3. Your Desires Can Be erroneous Sometimes: A lot of individuals occasionally have an erroneous concept of what they desire. This occurs when individuals look for a way to fix the last thing they want to blame on someone else. For instance, most people would respond they need money if you ask them what they need to be happy, despite the fact that happiness in life has nothing to do with money (The Game of Life).

4. Your Desires Can Be erroneous Sometimes: A lot of individuals occasionally have an erroneous concept of what they desire. This occurs when individuals look for a way to fix the last thing they want to blame on someone else. For instance, most people would respond they need money if you ask them what they need to be happy, despite the fact that happiness in life has nothing to do with money (The Game of Life).

All three of things have a distinct purpose, and your life is the most precious of them. Therefore, concentrate on the outcome and allow God, the universe, or whatever you believe to be the case, teach you how to bring your wishes to pass. Everything else is just for life; live it up and be yourself.

The Law of Prosperity/Expectancy

According to the author of This Law of Life, the imagining faculty is the most important player in the game of life, therefore whatever a person imagines, they eventually experience in life. Therefore, it is crucial to have a strong imagination in order to consistently attain the goals we set for our lives. Understanding the mind is crucial to train the imaging faculty. The subconscious, the conscious, and the most potent subconscious are Florence’s three divisions of the mind (The Game of Life).

  • The subconscious, according to the author, is an unguided energy. The Game of Life compares it to steam or electricity in that it only acts in the direction that it is directed.
  • Conscious Mind: According to the author, this mind is our thinking or reasoning, but it perceives life as it actually is. It examines the images and has an impact on the subconscious (The Game of Life).
  • Each and every one of us have a Super Conscious Mind. It is where all of our thoughts are stored in our mind of God.

You may know that our mind perceives or thinks just what we wish to display it by studying the three components of the mind. So, if you’re feeling well, your mind will undoubtedly think similarly. Include nice things in what you desire, then start visualising it. nice outcomes will then materialise in front of you, and your life will also be filled with success.

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Power of words

According to the author, whomever does not understand the power of words is “behind time.” We all have ongoing conversations with ourselves, but we’re seldom aware of the impact they have on us. We should constantly be aware of the inner and exterior words we speak to ourselves or others because they become true in our subconscious minds just as the way we conduct our lives and every word we say to ourselves do (The Game of Life).

According to the author, words have tremendous expressive power, so be cautious how you use them and always avoid making nasty remarks. As they say, language is the means through which we comprehend the thoughts of either ourselves or others. Knowing a person’s cognitive process will help you understand if they are a struggler or are outstanding in every way (The Game of Life).

A resident of Dubai, for instance, may be aware of the limited parking options there. Regardless of the hour, he always finds parking when driving, and he consistently claims that he always has parking. However, he has also heard individuals complain that there are excessive crowds, they can never find parking, and the outcome is obvious. Your words have power, and they may have an impact on how your life turns out. Consequently, constantly try to be kind to oneself.

According to an old proverb, we only have the audacity to use our words “to heal, to bless, or to be rich.” What you say about other people will be spoken about you as well, and you get what you want for. So, if you wish to hear more clearly than others, talk well of yourself, and you will also hear clearly in return. The Game of Life advises, “Never back down from adopting goodness; the rest of the results will be in front of you.” If you had spoken to someone with love, you would have received a response from love.

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The Power of Faith

The Strength of Faith with unrelated objects, such as a horseshoe or a rabbit’s foot. Instead of those things, it is our belief in them that creates anticipation in our subconscious mind and draws the desired outcomes. As a result, our confidence in our higher selves has more power than those objects. It’s wonderful to know that faith can move mountains. They can also be produced by uncertainty.

The book makes reference to divine patterns, which suggests that you should constantly inquire about the correct circumstances in your life rather than specific circumstances since whatever you have in mind could not be the best course of action. Who brings you joy? The law of replacement also functions in conjunction with this. Unfortunately, a lot of us don’t realise what makes us content and happy, therefore we are clueless of our genuine desires (The Game of Life).

Scovel Shinn reassures clients who are worried about their finances that “God is your true fulfilment.” His statement, “The soul is never late,” supported his claim. You ought to be grateful that you have the funds on an unobservable field in front of you at the appropriate moment. We need to communicate our intentions to our subconscious in more concrete ways than merely saying the correct things and thinking it will happen. Even if there are no indications of what we have prayed to the Lord, we should all be ready for it. The author claims that doing so “as though opens the way for profit.”

Throw your load on God or Jehovah, she adds. The Bible claims that there are times when God is the enemy rather than man. In order to let God or the superconscious mind function, we must learn to stand up straight. Use the power of trust with total assurance because it will lead you in the right direction (The Game of Life).

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The Law of Karma and the Law of Forgiveness

The author highlights the importance of the laws of karma and forgiveness in our lives. According to the law of karma, all we expose and give to the world will be returned to us. As a result, the law of cause and effect is another name for it. So keep in mind that you can only give the world positive energy and receive the same in return.

The addition of the law of karma is the law of irresistible. It advises you to avoid dwelling on the bad and allowing bad things to happen to you to hurt your feelings. The law states that you will contribute less to the world if you embrace less harmful behaviours. Therefore, focus on the positive rather than the negative (The Game of Life).

One of the highest rules we have ever spoken about, according to the author, is the law of forgiveness. Because Christianity, for instance, is founded on this rule rather than the law of karma, people may atone for their mistakes and shield themselves from all unfavourable situations. One of the strongest laws that exist is the law of love. Everyone should live as though they were created of love. The greatest power in the world is love, according to The Game of Life.

So, practise forgiving others when they wrong you; if they do something bad, do it anyhow because if you don’t, you’ll feel resentment. This will make you unhappy and angry, and you’ll utilise everything bad to exact your retribution. Therefore, please provide forgiveness to those who have wronged you in due time; by doing so, you will feel better and lighter. You will eventually be drawn to optimism. Forgiving others will help you find the correct way in life. If you had no ill will towards anyone, it would be helpful (The Game of Life).

Following the game’s rules rather than breaking them is what it takes to play the game of life successfully. This shift in a modest conviction in reaching positive achievements will transform your life from the perspective of a battle. Keep your loved ones, coworkers, and even your country in your thoughts and prayers. It not only brings you serenity, but it also makes you feel “safe” against violence and rage.

According to the author, the more we know, the more accountable we become for it, and a person who has knowledge of the spiritual law but does not adhere to it suffers much as a result. Every man is a shining link in the chain of my goodness, according to the author. This is another idea that will make you believe that everyone is in our lives for a reason, whether we like it or not. You must recognise their positive qualities and take away the lesson they are trying to teach you as a result of their relationship with you.

We cannot want what we do not have. For instance, you cannot expect to be in excellent health if you consistently consume junk food, battle addictions, and obsess about trivial things. As a result, adopt virtue via your deeds and forgiveness and make only positive decisions. In return, you will receive full honour (The Game of Life).

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Intuition or Guidance

As the author explains, intuition is a spiritual faculty that neither explains nor instructs you. Sometimes our minds want to do something different but are opposed by all the arguments. Even after doing something, we subsequently come to the conclusion that it was the right decision or that it had helped us get closer to our objective. You need to speak up in order to receive things. If there is something to be done, we should ask him what we need him to tell us. The universe will help you act, let go, and accomplish something extraordinary in a variety of ways (The Game of Life).

The finest investment, in the author’s opinion, is a gift. The law of usage therefore emphasises gifts. You must alter your thoughts, words, and work starting with the heart and mind, thoughts, and feelings. You shouldn’t doubt your ability to do so or wonder if you’re capable of achieving total wellbeing. Everyone is deserving. You must live in accordance with God’s plan for your life because it is your divine right to do so. Your life will be guided by your intuition, according to The Game of Life.

Trust that the finest is on the way for you because it undoubtedly will. If you love life, it will return the favour. Meaning that you will receive love if you give it. You must have heard of all of these things before, but you probably didn’t give them much attention. However, it is true that one can find happiness and fulfilment in these things. So, if you’re not living your life as we’ve taught you to and are only pretending to, it’s time to make a change. You can only achieve all of your objectives in this way.

The best approach to do this is to consider your desires and see if they are realistic. The universe will provide you with the solution, which you will find within of yourself. The solution you get will direct you in the direction of attaining your objective (The Game of Life).

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Complete Self-Expression or Divine Design

The writer claims Self-expression We have enough room inside ourselves to complete the divine plan. As though we all had something to accomplish. Meaning: For humans, allowing this heavenly creation to appear before them should be their utmost need. According to The Game of Life, we shouldn’t ask for anything until it is granted by divine power.

One woman fell head over heels for a man who had not been particularly kind to her, for instance. The statement was repeated by Sowell Shin: “If he is divinely destined for me, he will be mine. I wouldn’t desire her if she weren’t if she weren’t. The Game of Life advises that you follow suit because if you don’t, despite your best efforts, you will lose what is rightfully yours and he will be taken away from you.

Naturally, there are moments when you pretend to be someone else who embodies your values. Do you ever visualise what you could accomplish or who you could be? The cosmos has shown you a picture of your “divine design,” demonstrating to you that you already possess this image. Therefore, don’t pursue things that have nothing to do with your actual existence; if you do, you will only bring misery upon yourself. Instead, focus on the reality that, as The Game of Life points out, if you ask any sign or message from this universe to reveal what the divine creation is, it will do so for you.

Don’t let the numerous religious allusions divert you if you’re not religious. You may discover a tonne of helpful information that could be able to assist you in creating your own “divine creation” if you have an open mind, possess the ability to make sense of things, and look past the words. “Just by saying this to yourself, you’ll find the answer and see what matters to you,” the song’s refrain goes. “Let the potential within me be free now; Let me see the right plan.” If you follow the proper road, you won’t feel depressed (The Game of Life).

Your unrestricted self-expression will never be wasted, but due to the tempting option, it would almost appear theatrical. However, in order for any power, whether it be steam or electricity, to function, it needs a non-resistant engine or tool. Man is that engine or tool, and he may learn how to use it by doing so. In the Game of Life, start with yourself.

Live a pleasant existence. You contain everything. How to find all of the answers is explained in the book. Starting your life out on a positive note will open up all of your options (The Game of Life).

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In the book “The Game of Life and How to Play It,” we learned about life. We discovered that adhering to certain guidelines might improve the quality and happiness of our lives. The main message of the book is that life is not a battle, therefore instead of living it unhappy, think of it as a game you can play and have pleasure in every part of (The Game of Life).

You must follow the guidelines and regulations outlined in the book if you want to live life like a game. It allows you to recognise the differences in your own life. Overall, since the book’s publication, the game of life has not altered, thus this book is a game changer. I’m hoping The Game of Life will improve both you and your life.

If you are one of those individuals who are eager and open to direction to lead a better life, you will feel at rest after reading this book. So, this book will be very helpful to you. Despite the fact that the novel was published in New York in the 1920s and contains several religious allusions, it has developed a cult following. It teaches us to thank the divine, and it gives us back our feeling of purpose and self-assurance. I’m assuming you’ve read and comprehended the book quite well, and that you will now adhere to the guidelines and morals outlined in The Game of Life in order to make positive changes in your life.


Can I play The Game of Life for free?

You may play Life: The Game for free, but making poor choices could make it impossible for you to survive! Join hundreds of other online Life: The Game players and enjoy a tonne of entertaining minigames.

Why is Game of Life famous?

The Game of Life has garnered a lot of interest since its release due to the unexpected ways in which the patterns might develop. It offers an illustration of self-organization and emergence.

Is Game of Life offline?

Every player needs a copy of The Game of Life 2 in order to participate in online games. Only one copy and one device are required for offline (local) play using the Pass & Play game mode.

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