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How do millionaires on Twitch make $2,000 per hour?

Millionaires on Twitch

From unidentified young people working from home to well-known, world-famous figures who are followed by millions of people. Young people like the one in the image make more money than anyone could ever expect from a teenager thanks to the Twitch platform.

World-famous stars

Naturally, the Amazon streaming service only pays out a portion of its profits to the people who, in a short amount of time, turned Twitch into a significant social media benchmark.

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How much are we talking about?

How much do the top Twitch content producers make, though? Are these well-known online employees’ salaries really that high? Yes, it is the answer. Let’s look at them now.

Money, money, money

The study conducted by the business Kapwing yielded the information below. They use the lead streamers’ combined earnings, which were disclosed at the end of 2021, and the number of hours of material they create as a benchmark. The outcome of the calculation is the hourly wage for each Twitch star.

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$2,399 per hour

He always wears a black-and-white mask over his face in addition to some dark sunglasses. This has greatly increased rumours regarding who really stands behind his brand. He only talks about playing the video game “Minecraft.” Simple is best.


$2,037 per hour

Along with Ranboo, this young man from Mexico is the only streamer to earn more than $2,000 per hour. He, too, focuses primarily on playing “Minecraft” and “Roblox.”

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Tommy Innit

$1,741 per hour

This English streamer is on the list of highest Twitch earners thanks to “Minecraft” and his sense of humour.


$1,649 per hour

What began as straightforward, sassy video comments has grown into a great success. His channel, where we can also see gameplays, has expanded dramatically over the past few years.

Paymoney Wubby

$1,561 per hour

This streamer from California is a major admirer of “Magic” and “Warhammer.” In fact, you can frequently witness him painting his tiny figures if you watch his live feeds.

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$1,152 per hour

NickMercs, a seasoned streamer, was born in 1990. He plays shooters, as shown in his live streams.

Montana Black 88

$1,105 per hour

Since 2009, this German streamer has been active on YouTube. In 2019, she switched to Twitch. He quickly rose to become one of the platform’s most popular content producers there.


$1,102 per hour

For his fans, he initially played “Call of Duty” and “Destiny,” but “Fortnite” ultimately propelled him to prominence. Turner “Tfue” Tenney, however, has had several of his Twitch accounts as well as other gaming servers banned since 2018.

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$1,069 per hour

This young Canadian, whose real name is Félix Lengyel, was well-known for being a skilled “Overwatch” player, but he rose to fame on Twitch because of his day-long live streams, his infamous live tantrums, and the fact that the website kept banning and unbanning him.

Castro 1021

$957 per hour

He is arguably the most well-known “FIFA” player in the gaming world. His live streams are excellent, and he has an amazing playing level. It’s great that he’s getting money off of it because, as is typical of ardent FIFA gamers, his rage has driven him to trash multiple game sets.


$870 per hour

The co-founder of “One True King” rose to fame as a result of his prowess in the venerable game “World of Warcraft.” Millions of subscribers watch all nine hours of his live feeds, which are never less than nine hours long.

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