How To Play Clue Game: Complete Guide

How To Play Clue Game

Hello friends today we will talk about How To Play Clue Game. Over fifty years have passed since the release of the Clue board game (Clue Game). The popular mystery game Clue is simple to learn even if you’ve never had the chance to solve the murder at the renowned estate.

So get that board out and prepare to have a good time figuring out whether the murderer was Mrs. Peacock with a lead pipe in the library, Scarlet in the study, or Mr. Green with a wrench in the pool room.

The Original at-Home Murder Mystery Clue Game

The Clue characters unexpectedly become suspects and detectives in the tragic death of their host, Mr. John Boddy, while they are visitors at the Tudor home. To win the game, players must accurately identify the murderer, the location of the crime, and the murder weapon. There are a variety of conceivable combinations due to these three factors, which change with each game, which contributes to the game being engaging and difficult each time you play it.

Who Can Play Clue Game?

How To Play Clue Game

The minimal age cutoff for children playing the traditional version of Clue is eight years old or older. If younger children participate in teams with older children or parents, it could also be appropriate for them. The game is perhaps best enjoyed with 3-6 players. The game will be harder the more people you have, which always makes for a more enjoyable and competitive experience.

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What’s Included in the Board Clue Game

The game board, character pieces, and miniature weaponry in Clue are instantly recognisable. Understanding these components of the game will make it simpler for you to play and will give you an advantage over other players. These components and guidelines for the old edition of Clue are still in demand even if subsequent versions have evolved through time.

The Classic Clue Game Board

The game board represents the layout of a mansion and features nine different rooms:

  • Dining room
  • Conservatory
  • Kitchen
  • Study
  • Library
  • Billiard room
  • Lounge
  • Ballroom
  • Hall

In order to get to the entryway, characters move from room to room by rolling dice and moving from one floor tile to another. Players may also move more swiftly through the rooms and around the board thanks to secret entrances.

Classic Clue Game Characters and Pieces

How To Play Clue Game

The game has six unique characters, each of whom is connected to a certain component. Character pieces in the board game Clue Game resemble standard game pieces, however the colours on each piece stand for a different character:

  • Yellow – Colonel Mustard
  • Purple – Professor Plum
  • Green – Mr. Green
  • Red – Miss Scarlet
  • Blue – Mrs. Peacock
  • White – Mrs. Orchid (formerly Mrs. White)


Six distinct weapons are represented in tiny form in Clue Game. The weaponry comprise:

  • Revolver
  • Knife
  • Rope
  • Lead pipe
  • Wrench
  • Candlestick

Classic Clue Game Playing Cards

A deck of cards that corresponds to each character, weapon, and mansion room is included with the game. One of each kind of card is chosen at random at the start of each game and hidden from view in a case file of secrecy. The killer, the scene of the crime, and the instrument of death are all represented by these cards.

Other Classic Clue Game Items

How To Play Clue Game

In addition to the main components, the game contains the following items needed to fully play:

  • A pad of detective notebooks for writing down clues
  • Two dice for moving around the board
  • Game play instructions

Steps to Set Up Classic Clue Game

Each player has a specific location where their character’s playing pieces begin on the board, which depicts Mr. Boddy’s mansion. Follow these easy setup instructions to start the game:

Sort the Cards and Select the Murderer

  • Sort all three categories of cards, making three piles. Suspect cards, weapon cards, and room cards all belong in separate stacks. The cards are dealt face down next to the board after being shuffled in each pile.
  • Choose one room card, one suspect card, and one weapon card without glancing at their faces. Put these three cards in the “Confidential Case File” envelope.
  • Position the “Confidential Case File” envelope on the flight of stairs in the centre of the game board.

Shuffle and Dole out the Cards

  • Deal out the remaining cards evenly among the players after shuffling all the remaining cards.
  • Distribute a blank sheet from the pad of detective notes to each participant so they may record any clues they come across while attempting to solve the crime.
  • Each participant now takes the suspect token appropriate to the character they are playing as.

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Place the Tokens on the Board

  • Arrange each character token on the board in the appropriate location. In the event that there are less than six players, all tokens must still be on the board.
  • Assign each weapon to a distinct area on the board. There is no requirement that they queue. Any room will do, but make sure each weapon has its own space.

Fill Out Your Suspects on the Clue Game Sheets

  • Examine your own hand of cards without revealing them to anybody else. To ensure that none of your cards were engaged in the “crime,” cross them out on the blank clue page. After that, fold the clue sheet in half to conceal your notes from other participants.
  • Lay down your playing cards in front of you face down. You may start now!

Classic Clue Board Game Rules

The players take turns when all the pieces have been assembled. As all players attempt to determine who murdered Mr. Boddy, in which room, and with what weapon, Clue Game involves deductive reasoning.

Move Around the Board

Whoever holds Miss Scarlet gets to take the first turn when the game begins, and play then moves around the table starting with the person on their left. Roll the dice to determine how many spaces to move your piece when it is your time to go around the board, then move it towards the first chamber you wish to investigate. When moving around that board, bear in mind that:

  • You can move vertically or horizontally, but never diagonally.
  • You cannot land on the same space as another player, but you can pass through a doorway that is blocked by an opponent’s character.
  • Multiple characters are allowed to be in the same room.

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Enter a Room and Make a Guess

If there are still more spaces on your turn when you enter a room, halt your movement. Make an effort to enter a new room with each turn as the game advances. On your subsequent turn, you can enter a room that has a hidden passageway after landing there Clue Game.

The culprit, the scene of the crime (which must be the room you’re in), and the weapon should all be mentioned in your educated judgement as the murder’s resolution. Consider the guess “Mrs. Scarlet in the kitchen with the wrench.” Once you’ve done that, you bring the suspect and the weapon into the space you’re in.

After you make a guess, the player to your left checks her cards to see if they contain the person, place, or object you mentioned. In order for you to cross it off on the Clue Game sheet, the player will covertly reveal you whatever card she holds if she does. If she possesses more than one card, she only shows that one. The onus of revealing a card shifts to the player to the left’s left if the person doesn’t own any of the cards.

If your character is moved as a result of a player’s proposal, you have the option to begin your turn with a guess in the same room if you’d like. If not, throw the dice or, if one is available, use the covert entrance. The game proceeds as usual, but your new beginning location will be the new location of your character.

Make an Accusation to Win or Lose

Assume your game piece is present in the room you are naming before making an accusation to win or lose the Clue Game.

  • Say that you wish to make an allegation if you believe you can identify the person, location, and weapon that are included in the “Confidential Case File” folder. However, you should only do this if you are absolutely certain because if you are mistaken, the game will end immediately.
    • Then, after making your guesses about the character, room, and weapon, open the folder to see if you were right.
    • If you are correct, spread out the cards in front of you to demonstrate to everyone that you were correct and declare yourself the game’s winner.
    • If your accusation wasn’t true, don’t show the three cards to the other players and put them back in the deck.

Watch as your friends complete the game while relaxing. Since you still have cards, someone might ask for your assistance to refute someone else’s theories.

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Tips for Beating the Competition

The ultimate goal of Classic Clue Game is to enjoy playing this murder-mystery adventure game and spending time with friends and family. If you’re determined to succeed, though, you should concentrate on gaining knowledge and making wise decisions.

Take Note of the Facts

The detective notebook page pad that comes with every Clue game has probably long since run out if you’re using an older version. Don’t worry if you don’t have those detective papers handy. When playing, all you need is a pen or pencil and a scrap of paper. You can keep track of the cards you’ve seen and the hints you’ve found by taking notes. Additional printable Clue Game tracking sheets are available for download.

Move Optimally Between Rooms

Even if you believe you have all the necessary information to win the game, you can still come up short if you can’t get your piece inside the room where you believe the “murder” occurred. It follows that you must make as few movements as possible to enter that room. Be mindful of the hidden tunnels leading from the study to the kitchen and from the conservatory to the living room.

Additionally, other board elements might come in handy for you at various stages of the game. For instance, there are just six squares separating Mrs. Peacock’s starting location from the entrance to the conservatory room.

Put On Your Poker Face

Try to use two or three of your cards when you enter a room to level an allegation. Nobody will be able to refute your accusations if you utilise all three of your cards, which will confound the other players. As you play the game, be sure to try something completely different the following time you level an accusation in order to deflect attention from your prior claim.

Form No Alliances

As a team-building exercise, Clue Game is not particularly conducive. You should keep all of your clues a secret until the very conclusion of the game, no matter how few you may have. Your deductions should remain private. Your chances of losing the game only increase if you provide information.

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Keep Track of Other Players Guesses

Listening to the other players’ predictions is one of the easiest methods to delete portions of your suspect sheet with the limited number of turns you have available. You can benefit from asking the same questions over and over again if you notice someone repeatedly mentioning a weapon or character or travelling back and forth between rooms.

Include Cards You Have to Eliminate Specific Items

You can hazard a guess using two cards you already have and the card you want to verify if you truly believe you know what one of the accusations is but aren’t ready to reveal it. You can be positive that the unidentified card is in the secret sleeve if none of the other members of the group have those cards.

Play Clue Game With Your Family

The board game Clue is a fantastic addition to any game library and is ideal for family game night. There’s a reason why escape rooms are so well-liked today, and playing the classic murder mystery game Clue Game is the finest way to experience the excitement of solving the mystery.


What is the concept of the game Clue?

The goal of the game is to identify the assailant of Dr. Black (or Mr. Boddy), the game’s victim. As one of the six suspects, the player will inquire and make notes. The main objective is to first solve the crime.

Is Clue Game a game of luck or skill?

The final objective of the well-known board game Clue is to determine which player or players murdered the game’s victim, where the murder occurred, and what kind of weapon was used. Players often need both skill and luck components, as is the case with all games.

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