How to play bocce ball – Complete Guide

How to play bocce ball

Hello friends today we will talk about How to play bocce ball. The game of bocce ball has been played for millennia all across the world. Although it is now seen of as a game for the general public, it used to be exclusive to the nobles alone.

Nowadays, it’s typical to see groups of people playing bocce in parks throughout regions of Europe. Bocce has grown in popularity in the US recently, and sets are now commonly accessible at budget stores all throughout the nation.

A Brief History of Bocce Ball

How to play bocce ball
  • bocce ball spread through Palestine and by 600 BC was adopted by the Greeks, who passed it on to the Romans.
  • In 1319 AD, Bocce was prohibited from play by anyone of lesser than noble status, as it was feared that it took too much time away from practical endeavors and military training.
  • By 1519, the game once again became public and spread to places like Belgium and Holland.
  • The Republic of Venice condemned the sport in 1576 and the Catholic Church prohibited clergymen from playing bocce.
  • Bocce spread to Palestine and was adopted by the Greeks by 600 BC. The Greeks then passed it on to the Romans, who first portrayed it in a painting discovered in an Egyptian tomb circa 5200 BC.
  • Bocce was prohibited to anybody who was not of the aristocratic class in 1319 AD because it was thought that it took too much time away from practical tasks and military training.In 1519, the game gained popularity again, and it swiftly spread to countries like Belgium and Holland.
  • In 1576, the Republic of Venice outlawed the game, and the Catholic Church barred priests from playing bocce.
  • Guissepi Garibaldi, a.k.a. “the George Washington of Italy,” popularised the sport and transformed it into what it is today while bringing Italy together.
  • Greece’s Athens hosted the inaugural Bocce Olympiad in 1896. Since then, it has become an international sport.
  • In 1947, the first league of Italian bocce players was organised, and the first bocce clubs were founded in Italy. The annual Bocce World Championships were also held for the first time in this year.

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The entire family will enjoy playing the strategy- and skill-intensive outdoor game of bocce. Individuals or teams can participate in the game. The goal is rather obvious, and it’s simple to learn the fundamental skill. You can create a basic bocce court in your yard that will provide your family and friends hours of entertainment for a modest financial outlay and easily accessible supplies.

Bocce has several different regulations depending on whether you’re playing in a competition or just for fun in your garden. The tournament regulations, while entertaining to watch, are substantially stricter and call for a court that is impractical for most US yards. Players of any age may easily understand it because to the streamlined rules, which make it much more doable. If you’re more interested in the actual tournament regulations, a short internet search will turn up a tonne of websites that are devoted to the topic.

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The Objective of Bocce:

In a bocce ball game, the goal is to get as many of your bocce (larger, weighted balls) as near as you can to the pallino (smaller target ball). You score points if your bocce ball successfully touches the pallino before your opponent’s does.

Bocce Ball Playing Surfaces & Courts:

Bocce ball can be played on a number of flat surfaces, including Bocce ball courts, beach sand, yards, or parks. To make the game more difficult, a huge region is required. A Bocce Ball court is 76 feet long and 12 feet broad. However, playing without a court is still a lot of fun.

Bocce Ball Scoring

After every ball has been hurled, the teams will measure how far the balls are from the Jack. Each team earns one point for each ball that is closer to the target ball than the closest ball from the opponent. It is customary to play games to a point total of 12, 15, or 21.

Basic Backyard bocce ball Rules

How to play bocce ball
  • There can be up to 8 players.
  • Each team choose a colour, or if necessary, each individual selects a colour and a pattern.
  • Each team choose a colour, or if necessary, each individual selects a colour and a pattern.
  • Decide who will speak first.  You could choose to toss a coin or decide on the player closest in age.
  • Pick a boundary that your Bocce ball throws may not cross. When utilizing a walled court, place your feet outside the wall.
  • The pallino (a smaller target ball that is included in the set) is thrown by the first player.
  • The first player then starts the game by launching a bocce ball in an effort to get as near to the pallino as they can.
  • The next team or player tries to advance their ball over the first player’s pallino.  If they are successful, the ball is said to be “inside”.
  • The second player continues until they have either thrown all of their balls or when they have successfully “inside” a bocce ball.
  • Until all balls have been tossed, the game will continue.
  • The team with the most “inside” balls receives points.
  • Points are only awarded to the team with the most “inside” balls.
  • If there is a tie, no points are given out.
  • The first ball and pallino for each match are thrown by the winner.
  • The first person who reaches 13 points in the game wins.

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Note: It is legal to use your bocce ball to strike and move the pallino into a new position, potentially altering the “inside” balls.  In a same vein, it is allowed to move an opponent’s balls.  You may also make a bank using either your own or your opponent’s bocce balls.


What are the basics of bocce ball?

Bocce is played between two teams of two players. Two bocce-sized balls are used by each participant. The goal is the pallino, a smaller ball. Although bocce is traditionally played on a court, participants may often play it anywhere they can find a flat surface to roll the balls around on.

What are the three rules of bocce ball?

The first team throws their bocce ball after the pallino is in place. Each team alternately tosses its ball towards the pallino in an effort to either (A) get its ball closest to the pallino, (B) move the pallino closer to the other team’s ball, or (C) move the other team’s ball.

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