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From Youtube Now With 500 subscribers, you can earn money

Although smaller creators will now have additional opportunities to monetize their material on YouTube’s new update, they still need to expand their following and satisfy specific standards to generate ad money.

  • Simply said, YouTube is drastically altering its revenue practices in order to give its smaller artists more options.
  • The You-Tube Partner Program’s eligibility standards are being relaxed, according to the company’s announcement. Previously, those with 1000 subscribers qualified; currently, only 500 do.

Are you a YouTube content creator who is having trouble increasing your subscriber count? The minimum number of subscribers has now been lowered by the Google-owned video service from 1000 to 500. To give smaller creators on the site more chances, You-Tube is making significant adjustments to its revenue policy. The business has declared that it will ease the prerequisites for joining the You-Tube Partner Programme and increase the variety of income options available to creators with smaller audiences.

YouTube’s new update

Before, in order to join the YouTube Partner Programme and start earning money off of their material, creators had to fulfill specific requirements. The bar for eligibility has been reduced by half under the new policy, from 1,000 to 500 subscribers, for creators. The threshold for shorts views has also been cut from 10 million to 3 million, and the watch hour requirements have been lowered from 4,000 to 3,000. The United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Taiwan, and South Korea will be the first countries to apply these enhanced criteria.

Smaller creators will now have additional options to monetize their material on YouTube, but in order to get ad money, they will still need to increase their audience size and fulfill certain standards. The current criteria for income sharing won’t change, but artists who have previously been accepted into the You-Tube Partner Programme won’t need to apply again once they reach the new standards.


What is the benefit of 500 subscribers on YouTube?

YouTube, a well-known video-sharing and social media network, has announced that channels with 500 subscribers can now earn money, down from the previous minimum subscriber limit of 1000.

Does YouTube pay monthly?

The payout period for AdSense is monthly. Over the course of a month, you collect anticipated earnings, which are subsequently finalised and deposited to your balance on your Payments page at the start of the next month.

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