The Legend Of Zelda: From Time Travel Tears Of The Kingdom Wrings Tragedy

The Legend Of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom spoilers are present in this article.

Is there anything more powerful than two loves who are separated by an impassable distance? Sometimes the distance between them is actual, with continents and oceans acting as barriers. It may occasionally be their family, class, or culture in an extremely potent permutation that has been remixed hundreds of times throughout history. It’s also time in some cases.

The heart of The Legend of Zelda, Zelda may or may not be Link’s sweetheart, yet she vanishes from Tears of the Kingdom quite early on. In a Hyrule that has undergone a significant Upheaval as a result of the pair’s exploration into the tunnels beneath Hyrule Castle, Link is left alone. The Legend Of Zelda is gone and he doesn’t know where she is when Link awakens in the Great Sky Islands.

Working with Impa, Link discovers that large luminous chalk drawings known as Geoglyphs—each containing a Dragon’s Tear—have emerged all throughout Hyrule. When touched, each of these deposits gives Link a memory. In contrast to Breath of the Wild, this memory is one that Zelda created on her own and left behind for her young charge to discover in a different time and place.

Open-World Exploration

The Legend Of Zelda

Breath of the Wild’s open-world layout is one of the biggest improvements. Breath of the Wild lets players explore the enormous country of Hyrule at their own speed in contrast to other The Legend Of Zelda game, which had a linear path. Players are allowed to choose any strategy they like when playing this non-linear gameplay, a first for the series. They can pursue the main plot, do side tasks, or just wander around the realm and learn all its mysteries.

Survival Elements

The video game The Legend Of Zelda also has themes of survival. The main character of the game, Link, must go on a quest for food and acquire supplies in order to survive. This involves managing resources, making food, and making weapons. In earlier instalments of the series, Link’s health would often regenerate on its own over time or could be recovered by acquiring hearts.

Weapon Durability

The Legend Of Zelda

The durability of weapons is yet another novel aspect of Breath of the Wild. In the game, weapons and shields have a finite lifespan and ultimately fail after prolonged usage. This adds an element of strategy to the fight by requiring players to continuously locate and employ new weaponry. Link’s weapons in earlier Zelda games were indestructible and had an endless lifespan.

Physics-Based Puzzles

In addition to typical puzzle-solving elements, Breath of the Wild has physics-based challenges. Players must use the physics engine of the game to change the world in these puzzles, frequently in novel and surprising ways. The challenges in the game, which previously relied on logic and pattern recognition, now have a new depth and complexity.


Breath of the Wild diverges significantly from classic Legend of Zelda gameplay, yet it still keeps the essential components that have made the franchise so cherished. Instead of replacing the traditional Zelda experience, the open-world exploration, survival aspects, weapon durability, and physics-based puzzles all work to improve it. Both players and journalists have appreciated this novel strategy, which has upped the bar for subsequent games in the series.

The more Geoglyphs you discover, the more it is clear that The Legend Of Zelda is imprisoned in the past. It is evident from other images that the people of that time met Ganondorf but were powerless to stop him on their own. Zelda makes the decision to change into an immortal dragon in order to restore the Master Sword and endure the centuries until Link is prepared for her assistance in the present in order to aid in the long-term victory of the battle.  

Insisting that The Legend Of Zelda will lose herself in the process, Minaru, the sister of King Rauru, suggests that she is the first in a long line of individuals who have sucked down their tears and willingly undergone a metamorphosis to restore Hyrule. At least, based on those that fill the skies.

The Light Dragon releases its final tear along Hyrule’s eastern border after finding the twelfth rip in Link’s present. One more memory is revealed by going to the spot where it landed, and then the dragon—whom we now recognise as Zelda—appears overhead. The Master Sword has been resting on her brow for hundreds of years (and only a few days), but if you glide up to her, you can take it. It’s a great moment, and when I was experiencing it yesterday morning, it made me feel really sad in a way that I don’t believe I’ve ever experienced while playing a The Legend Of Zelda game.

The Princess Zelda we first met at the start of the game hasn’t gone through time in the same manner that we have. A few days have passed for Link. It has been centuries for Zelda. On the Great Sky Islands, Link awoke and wondered where Zelda had gone. When he made that thrilling title card dive at the game’s start, The Legend Of Zelda was there, waiting in the background.

I have a strong emotional response to this style of storytelling. This is one of the main reasons why I adore Joe Haldeman’s military science fiction book The Forever War, which follows a soldier through an interplanetary conflict while he matures normally and his homeworld develops over many decades in his absence. Despite the fact that he is just a year older, his home planet has completely altered as a result of a new generation of warriors joining the military to take part in the same conflict. These soldiers do not share his life experiences. The central father-daughter narrative of Interstellar is driven by the same concept.


Is The Legend of Zelda on PC?

Everyone is aware that Nintendo only creates games for its systems. Nintendo has yet to make one of their flagship games available on PC. Gamers have been using emulators to play Nintendo games on PC for a long time.

What was the very first Zelda game?

Despite the fact that the majority of the games produced since The Legend of Zelda (1987) take set in older eras, it was the first game in the series to be released. Years (or, as the manual puts it, “several seasons” in the game) pass since the events of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (1988).

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