We can expect the arrival of new Apple iPads in 2024, not before.

Arrival of new Apple iPads in 2024

Respected Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has officially confirmed that Apple won’t be unveiling its latest iPad models before the end of this year. Instead, Apple enthusiasts will need to exercise patience until 2024 to witness the debut of the new Apple iPad lineup.

The recent Apple event held on Tuesday, known as the Wonderlust event, didn’t bring any unexpected or groundbreaking product launches that fans were hoping for. The tech giant did showcase its iPhone 15 series, along with introducing the Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2.

Despite some rumors hinting at a possible iPad launch, Mark Gurman from Bloomberg has emphatically stated that Apple had no intentions of unveiling a new Apple iPads during this Tuesday’s event. Therefore, anyone eagerly anticipating a new iPad will need to bide their time until 2024.

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In addition to this announcement, Gurman shared insights about Apple’s ongoing efforts to develop a new Apple iPads Air with top-tier specifications. The successor to the 2022 iPad Air is expected to make its appearance “soonish,” following the earlier refresh this year.

Furthermore, Gurman dropped hints that 2024 holds substantial updates in store for the iPad Pro lineup, including the introduction of M3 processors and OLED screens. This news follows the last refresh of the iPad Pro in October 2022.

All indicators point to 2024 being an exciting year for devoted Apple fans, as the company seems poised to deliver high-performance devices. Ming-Chi Kuo had previously mentioned that the anticipated new MacBook lineup equipped with M3 chips wouldn’t be seeing the light of day in 2023.

While the release of the new Apple iPads lineup in 2024 has been confirmed, there’s also speculation about Apple potentially unveiling a new MacBook lineup alongside it. An event that showcases both the new iPad and MacBook lineup would undoubtedly be a treat for enthusiasts.

It’s worth noting that in July, reports surfaced about Samsung actively developing foldable display technology for Apple. Although many companies have embraced foldable smartphones, Apple has remained notably silent on this front. However, reports indicated that the foldable display produced by Samsung might be intended for a laptop rather than a smartphone.

This leads to the tantalizing possibility of a new iPad or MacBook featuring a foldable display in 2024. Currently, Samsung is the supplier of OLED displays for all four Apple iPads15 models.

So, while the release of new Apple iPads may have been pushed back until 2024, it’s evident that Apple has some significant innovations in the pipeline for that year, potentially offering exciting advancements for both iPad and MacBook users.

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