Apple MacBook Air 15-Inch: The Best Portable Big Display Choice

A greater screen size is available without purchasing a Pro. The less expensive choice is the Apple MacBook Air 15-Inch, so choose that one.

Big screen, hello. I felt strangely overwhelmed when I initially opened the new Apple MacBook Air 15-Inch. CNET’s choice for the best laptop overall, the MacBook Air 13-inch M2 model, is the laptop I recently purchased, and I adore it. It’s my all-purpose computer, and it can do whatever task I set it to with ease because to its processing power and long battery life.

The answer is no, and neither do you nor I need a MacBook Pro. In all but the most serious creative professionals, Apple’s M2 CPU in the Air already exceeds their needs. Additionally, for the first time, a spacious 15-inch laptop is now available.

It makes sense to increase the screen size on the lighter, smaller, and more inexpensive Air line. Apple performs this with its iPhones, iPads, and, to a lesser extent, Apple Watch devices. The same idea applies here: for a little extra money, buy a larger screen.

Apple MacBook Air 15-Inch

The Apple MacBook Air 15-Inch does not further push the boundaries. This computer is essentially the same as the M2 13-inch model from a year ago with a few minor changes. The M2 has a 10-core GPU by default, an improvement over the 13-inch model. Better speakers are available, or at least there are more of them. And of course, more pixels and screen real estate.

However, the screen technology is the same (excellent, but not mini-LED like the Pro versions), configurations are virtually the same, and most importantly, the bigger body of the Air has no additional ports. The major letdown is that this device only has two Thunderbolt USB-C type ports, a MagSafe charger, and a headphone jack, which makes them feel even more sparse. Why not add at least one more port on the other side? Or two?

The 13-inch Air starts at $1,099, and the Apple MacBook Air 15-Inch starts at $1,299; a $200 price increase is precisely what I would anticipate. The price of the entire bundle is significantly lower than the counterparts for the MacBook Pro. I would always begin here if I were purchasing a Mac notebook with a bigger screen. But if they can afford it, real 4K video producers and graphics experts will probably find the Pro to be worthwhile.

I reviewed the Apple MacBook Air 15-Inch for this article. The additional screen real estate is welcome, and it looks nice on my desk. However, I don’t regret purchasing the 13-inch model either.

Design: Thin and big

Since it has a bigger footprint than a typical MacBook Air, the Apple MacBook Air 15-Inch feels noticeably thin in use. However, it nearly makes that exhibition appear even more unexpected. When it’s on my lap, it’s a sizable object, and I’m not used to an Air being this wide.

Although 16-inch MacBook Pro owners will just shrug their shoulders, putting one on my lap does make me feel like I’m using a large laptop. Other from the fact that it is essentially heat-free and fanless, of course Apple MacBook Air 15-Inch. It’s been just as silent as my 13-inch model, and I like not having to worry about hot laps or venting airflows.

Like the 13-inch M2 Air, Apple maintained a camera notch on the screen. I’m accustomed to it. It’s alright. The notch is surrounded by Apple’s top navigation bar, which gives the display a somewhat typical appearance Apple MacBook Air 15-Inch. Even though, unlike the iPhone Pros, there isn’t a Face ID camera, I would rather the notch weren’t quite as large as it is. However, it is what it is.

Unlike speakers that line the edges of a keyboard, speakers are concealed. This frees up a tonne of space around the keyboard region, and below it, Apple has positioned a truly enormous trackpad that rivals all the other models in quality.

All the connectors (MagSafe, two Thunderbolt ports, and Touch ID) are lined up along the left edge of the keyboard. There is a headphone jack on the right edge. Then then, why not more ports? A Apple MacBook Air 15-Inch laptop should have at least one more, and the lack of one makes me feel utterly silly. Offer a port upgrade option at the very least.

Screen and audio? More than good enough

Although the 15.3-inch display is not mini-LED like the Pro versions, I am quite satisfied with how well it performs. Even though Apple’s Liquid Retina panels offer ambient light colour correction with True Tone, they probably won’t blow you away. They are still vivid, clear, and brilliant. If you care about audio quality, the upgraded speakers on the Apple MacBook Air 15-Inch model give a punchier bass boost experience than the 13-inch model.

I would have classified the entire experience as Pro a few years ago, so altogether, I think this Air bundle is rather great.

Price equation: Worth getting the 15 if you’re spending up for extras

It turns out that the step-up Apple MacBook Air 15-Inch with 8GB RAM and 512GB storage costs $1,499 while the 13-inch Air’s equivalent costs $1,399. Anyone seeking more workspace or a screen that is easier on the eyes should feel justified in shelling out the additional $100 for the bigger screen.

The difference in pricing is only $200 for the base model, which is not a significant difference, but I like the mobility of the 13-inch Air. I appreciate how little it is on my lap and how big of a screen it has for my purposes. On the 15-inch Air, though, it is obvious that you can arrange applications side by side more conveniently. My wife indicated she would prefer the Apple MacBook Air 15-Inch if she spent a lot of time working at a desk after examining both on a table.

In any case, both computers cost more than $1,000 less than the MacBook Pro with a 16-inch screen. These are the simplest and most cost-effective method to buy a fantastic larger-screened MacBook right now. One thing to note: the M2 CPU in the Apple MacBook Air 15-Inch is now one year old. When it debuted last summer, Apple’s M2 only offered a modest improvement in performance over the revolutionary advancement of the M1 that came before it. Will an M3 in the future make another jump? You might not need to worry. The performance improvements made by Apple over Intel models on the M-series CPUs still seem terrific.

Apple MacBook Air 15-Inch or 13-inch MacBook Air? Choose wisely; either is acceptable. These MacBook Airs feel like the most reliable option in Apple’s laptop selection at this point in 2023.


What size MacBook Air is best?

Most effective MacBooks. The 13-inch M2 Air is now our top selection, and the 15-inch M2 Air is now our upgrade pick after evaluating Apple’s 15-inch M2 MacBook Air. The 13-inch MacBook Air with Apple’s M2 CPU is the finest Mac notebook for the majority of users.

Is A MacBook better than a laptop?

Quality and robustness. Apple laptops are not just made of premium materials and hardware that leads the industry. A Mac may easily last you six years or longer with routine, modest upkeep. All you have to do is learn how to properly maintain your Mac.

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