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Dao Maker (Dao) Price Prediction 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030, 2040, 2050

What is Dao Maker?

In the blockchain industry, Dao Maker is one of the greatest and largest Initial Dex Offerings, or IDO Launchpads. Dao Maker seeks to revolutionise venture capital so that it can be widely embraced. In the recent bull market, platforms have assisted numerous decentralised applications or cryptocurrency projects in raising money using a variety of strategies, including IDO, IGO, and ICO.

One of the most effective launchpads is Dao Maker, where they assist more than 100 projects with raising money. The typical project created with a DAO maker can reach around 30x+ number after listing, however several projects launched during a bullish trend were able to achieve up to 350x. However, DAO SHO is the platform’s flagship offering, where users are identified or categorised according to a set of requirements, including the requirement that they have DAO tokens.

Currently, DAO Maker offers the chance to invest in IDO, IGO, and various forms of money raising. However, each user is required to comply with the KYC guidelines and stake some DAO tokens. The integration of the DAO maker’s custody solution with Binance, via which Binance will assist the security of DAO tokens, was recently disclosed.

DAO Maker Price Prediction

Month & YearDAO Price Prediction
September 2022$4,086,606.305
October 2022$6,068,915.333
November 2022$6,770,347.759
December 2022$7,166,809.564
January 2023$7,715,756.680
February 2023$5,733,447.651
March 2023$6,770,347.759
April 2023$7,441,283.122
May 2023$8,813,650.911
June 2023$8,996,633.283
September 2023$9,820,053.956
December 2023$10,490,989.320
April 2024$10,155,521.638
July 2024$11,832,860.047
October 2024$10,826,457.001
January 2025$12,046,339.480
February 2025$26,410,455.671
March 2025$27,142,385.159
April 2025$29,887,120.736
May 2025$30,344,576.666
June 2025$31,107,003.215
July 2025$34,766,650.653
August 2025$40,256,121.808
September 2025$36,718,462.619
October 2025$35,986,533.132
November 2025$42,085,945.527
Decemeber 2025$43,305,828.006
January 2030$93,016,039.026
March 2030$98,810,480.802
May 2030$111,009,305.592
July 2030$102,165,157.619
September 2030$117,718,659.227
December 2030$121,988,247.904

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Dao Maker Overview

Project nameDao Maker
Ticker SymbolDAO
Total Supply274,810,687
Based onLaunchpad
Launched year2020
Supported NetworkEthereum
Exchange PlatformBinance, Uniswap, Gate, Kucoin, Huobi Global, Bithumb
WalletMetamask, TrustWallet

DAO Token Analysis

In addition to its utility, the DAO token also grants holders access to its governance ecosystem. You can get a seat on the whitelist for upcoming IDO, IGO, and other events with the aid of DAO Token. In the new tier system, users must have a minimum of 250 DAO tokens to be eligible for the top tier, or tier 6. Tier 6 users must hold a minimum of 100k to 200k DAO tokens. According to the official websites, the DAO token staking offer is 70% APY. Platform sought to produce an equitable distribution to holders while attempting to be open and honest with investors.

DAO Maker enables users to take part in a variety of rounds of fund-raising, including private, seed, public, and other types of rounds. However, DAO Maker ensures that the ideas submitted to its platform are of a high standard and also does background checks on them using legal means.


We are aware that 2021 will go down in history as the year of launchpads and decentralised financial services. The majority of the more than 100 launchpads that have been launched as of 2021 are either inactive or already abundant. Dao Maker has consistently ranked at the top of the cryptocurrency market and in terms of the liquidity it provided to projects. Dao Maker succeeds even in downturns, as it moves forward with a project that can ensure a 149X ROI when compared to all-time highs. Before investing in any project, especially one that is about to debut, we still advise you to conduct your own research.

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