Hello friends today we will talking about CHATGPT. The concept of artificial intelligence has been discussed extensively during the past several months. Things have recently heated up further as simulated intelligence chatbots like ChatGPT have entered the market. Yet, artificial intelligence is nothing new, since voice assistants like Siri have existed for a very long time. Nonetheless, most people will agree that Siri doesn’t have a lot of intelligence stored in her artificial brain along these lines.

Take into account the potential that I inform you that, in the best-case scenario, you can make Chat-GPT compatible with Siri on your iPhone. While it seems impossible, doing it that way is not difficult. Read on as we demonstrate how to use ChatGPT with Siri on your iPhone.


The actual ChatGPT interface with your iPhone’s Siri voice right hand is straightforward. But, it has particular requirements and connections that you should be sure you have before moving on.


Siri ChatGPT Alternate route

Siri and ChatGPT work together to manage a simple, convenient route on your iPhone. So, it’s imperative to download the Siri shortcut. The other approach is YouTuber Tim Harris’ politeness, which is known as Siri Master. You may continually rename the alternative method, which is now known as Siri Genius, to whatever you choose. Download the Siri Master (Get) alternative way to get started, but don’t run it just yet. Continue browsing once you’ve downloaded.

ChatGPT Programming interface Key

You must use ChatGPT’s programming interface in order to use its services with Siri on your iPhone efficiently. You may access the Chat-GPT programming interface key from your OpenAI account. Go to the OpenAI Programming interface keys page and login in with your account to obtain it. You have the option to “Create a new mystery key” here. To use with Siri Expert, snap it on to create a programming interface key.

Once finished, duplicate the OpenAI Programming interface key.
Instructions to Set up and Utilize ChatGPT with Siri on Your iPhone
Whenever you have downloaded the Siri Star easy route and duplicated the Programming interface key, now is the right time to make the Siri alternate way work and see it in real life:

  1. To get the downloaded Siri Ace alternative route, launch the Easy Routes programme.
  2. This is where you may find the simple Siri Star path. The other method settings are opened by tapping the ellipsis sign (three dabs). Note: On our iPhone, we changed the Siri shortcut from Siri Genius to Siri Brother.
  3. The message “Supplement ChatGPT Programming interface Key here” will be shown inside the dialogue box that follows the one labelled “Message.” Tap “Done” in the top right after sticking your just duplicated Programming interface key here.
  4. Moreover, you are certainly done! Siri on your iPhone now integrates with Chat-GPT. You may summon the other route either by pressing on Siri Ace in the alternate route programme or by saying Hey Siri followed by the name of the simple route (Brother, Star, or your own renamed title). As you can see here, ChatGPT Siri accurately responded to my request to organise a two-road journey to London.
    Nevertheless, keep in mind that the simple solution might not always work depending on ChatGPT’s server load or complete downtime. But, in my experience, it frequently functioned without any problems.


Can Siri use ChatGPT?

You must utilise ChatGPT’s API in order to access its services with Siri on your iPhone. You may access the Chat-GPT API key using your OpenAI account. Go to the OpenAI API keys page and log in to your account to obtain that. Choose “Generate new secret key” from the menu.

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