Be Alert: FBI has an AI warning for you

FBI has an AI warning for you

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation has warned that hackers are employing generative artificial intelligence (AI warning) tools like ChatGPT to quickly carry out cybercrime operations and develop dangerous malware.

During a call with media, the agency voiced its worries. It was discovered that chatbots with artificial intelligence (AI) have been utilised for a variety of illegal activities, including scammers and fraudsters honing their methods and terrorists consulting the tools to execute more lethal chemical assaults.

There are two key concerns related to the employment of AI, according to a bureau official who spoke anonymously during a conference call with journalists.

AI warning

When AI software is created or used in a way that results in unfavourable results, this is referred to as “model misalignment,” which is the first danger. The direct “misuse of AI” to help other activities poses the second concern.

An official added that as the use and democratisation of such technology advances, they predict an increase in the use of AI models among individuals. Unfortunately, some people will employ AI to facilitate their nefarious actions.

AI-generated phishing websites and polymorphic malware that may evade antivirus software are just two examples of the new malware assaults and delivery techniques that cybercriminals are developing. The FBI issues a AI warning about con artists who produce sexually explicit deep fakes as a form of extortion. Criminals often improve on established frauds, such as employing AI voice cloning in fraudulent phone calls.

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The FBI withheld information on the AI models that criminals employ. However, an official pointed out that hackers prefer to use private AI programs created by hackers and made available in the cybercriminal forum, which are both free and customisable open-source models.

The sources also noted that foreign actors are increasingly targeting US businesses, colleges, and government research institutions and gathering information from them for breakthroughs in artificial intelligence. Algorithms, data skills, computational infrastructure, and even skilled people are included in this AI warning.


Who is the father of AI in India?

Raj Reddy is an Indian AI pioneer.

What problem can AI solve?

Regardless of the sector, AI enables individuals to gain understanding from vast volumes of data to speed up data-driven decision-making and enhance informed frameworks. Furthermore, as researchers require information on the atmospheric methane cycle, AI aids in overcoming issues like human emissions.

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