Price Prediction Of Oddz Coin 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is Oddz?

Oddz is yet another enhancement to the decentralised exchange (DEX), which supported several blockchain networks. Oddz is the pioneering on-chain option trading platform built on Polkadot, Ethereum, and the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The platform’s primary objective is innovation customised option trading in a straightforward, safe, and decentralised environment.

The project team believes that some features are still lacking in the DeFi sector, preventing users from fully utilising technology. In the existing defi derivative solution not able full-fill demand due to huge demand in trading contracts. However, problem like high gas fees, network congestion, slower transaction approval that causes due to increase in complexity and lack of intuitive features.

The main focus of Oddz’s option trading solution will be on a decentralised governance model, better user interface, transparent calculation, customised trading, on-chain settlement, non-custodial, and zero gas fees. By adopting options similar to those on CEX, Oddz will be introducing new features such as the ability to buy call options and put options. The user can set a fixed price and fixed amount for purchasing or trading assets with Buy Call options, and vice versa with Put options.

Oddz Price Prediction

Month & YearOddz Price Prediction
September 2022$0.02
October 2022$0.03
November 2022$0.03
December 2022$0.03
January 2023$0.03
February 2023$0.02
March 2023$0.03
April 2023$0.03
May 2023$0.04
June 2023$0.04
September 2023$0.04
December 2023$0.05
April 2024$0.04
July 2024$0.05
October 2024$0.05
January 2025$0.05
February 2025$0.11
March 2025$0.12
April 2025$0.13
May 2025$0.13
June 2025$0.13
July 2025$0.15
August 2025$0.17
September 2025$0.16
October 2025$0.16
November 2025$0.18
Decemeber 2025$0.19
January 2030$0.40
March 2030$0.43
May 2030$0.48
July 2030$0.44
September 2030$0.51
December 2030$0.53

Oddz Overview

Project nameOddz Finance
Ticker SymbolODDZ
Total Supply100,000,000
Official websiteOddz.fi
Based onOption Trading
Launched year2020
Supported ChainBSC, Ethereum, Polkadot
Exchange PlatformPancakeswap, Uniswap, Gate, AscendEx, 1inch Exchange, Hoo, Bilaxy, 0x Protocol

Oddz ICO Overview

Platform usedPolkastarter
Raised by$150,000 USD
Date of ICO18th march 2021
ICO Price$0.16 USD
PartnersWoodstock, Krypital Group, au21 Capital, NGC Ventures, TRGC, ALTonomy, Amesten, Exnetwork community, x21, GBV

Oddz Token Price Analysis

The key uses of Oddz, the native token of Oddz Finance, are staking, bonding, and governance. With a set main token price, Oddz token liquidity will be available on all different networks. Each transaction on the platform incurs an Oddz fee, for which the staker and the liquidity provider are compensated. The platform will offer token holders a number of benefits, such as reduced transaction fees and the ability to enable new token and Oracle upgrade options.

Oddz was sold for $0.16 USD through the polkastarter IDO launchpad. Early investors who bought tokens at IDO already earned ROI over 19 times when taking ATH price into account. Oddz token number staking and liquidity pool sees huge growth in recent time, as being multi-chain more network could be added soon for user convenience. in 2021, we could expect Oddz prices will be crossing $5 USD mark and in next 5-to-6-month oddz will be heading to reach new milestone of $50 USD.


Oddz implemented the most highly recommended feature as opposed to sticking with tradition. Polkadex, on the other hand, was the provider of CEX-like features on the Polkadot blockchain-based DEX. Oddz will now support three main public chains and offer investors a bespoke option trading facility. As of this writing, the project testnet has been successfully finished, and Oddz will begin trading on their platform in a few weeks. In the three chains that were deployed, the project will benefit from adopting Ethereum, the gas-lees transactions feature from BSC, and the interoperability and scalability of the Polkadot network. Oddz takes action to address user experience issues while retaining decentralisation and openness.

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