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Only iOS users may download the Cup Pong game software GamePigeon. As part of the iOS 10 update, Vitalii Zlotskii published the app on September 13, 2016, extending the functionality of the Messages app. As a consequence, users who are using the Messages app may access and use the services of the GamePigeon app.

In the iMessage category of the App Store, Cup Pong is an iMessage game provided by GamePigeon for use with Apple’s messaging service. Once GamePigeon is installed, you may use it to initiate a real-time digital Cup Pong match with anyone who utilises iMessage.

Participants must start the game and take turns before they can begin playing iMessage cup pong. Playing the game is quite easy.

Cup Pong
  • The game can only have two players. There must be a second player in order for the game to start competitively. The game is initiated by the first person tossing the ball to the cups.
  • The players must put the ball in a cup in order to score a point. The only way to gain points in cup pong is to put the ball inside a mug. If a ball hits a ball, it does not count as a score.
  • Each player gets one attempt every turn. Each player will give playing the ball one shot. They’ll have another shot if they submit successfully.
  • When a ball touches down within the cup, it gets taken out. When a ball enters a cup, the cup is set aside until every cup has been taken out. When the game is reset, every cup is brought back and arranged into a pyramid.
  • The winner of the game is the one who successfully tosses the ball into the most cups.

Here is how to play Cup Pong

  • Get your phone’s Messages app open. It’s the green and white speech bubble symbol on your home screen.
  • Any of your contacts who use iMessage to communicate with you on their iPhone, iPad, or Mac may be played against in oCup Pong. They are utilising iMessage if your texts to them appear as blue bubbles.
  • After swiping left over the icons, tap Game Pigeon. The gaming Pigeon icon, which looks like a pigeon with a gaming controller for a face, may be found above and below the keyboard.
  • You can find Cup Pong by swiping down and touching it. This includes an offer to play Cup Pong in the message.
  • The message may be sent by tapping the blue and white arrow. It is located in the typing area’s lower-right corner of the conversation. After that, for your opponent to start their turn, they must touch the invitation.
  • When the other player has finished their turn, a video still from their game will appear with the text “YOUR TURN” in it.
  • Simply keep holding down the Cup Pong video to view your opponent’s turn. You can do this to experience your opponent’s turn again. When the hue of the cups changes, it will be your turn.
  • Once your opponent has finished taking their turn, it will be your turn once more. This time, stay close to the vertical line, but when you reach the halfway point, veer slightly to the left or right, depending on which side has more cups left. Aim the ball in the direction of the most cups for the greatest shot.
  • Play continues until all of the cups on one side of the table have been removed by either you or your opponent. Keep pointing your finger in the general direction of the remaining cups while you play.


What is the Cup Pong game?

The game has changed through time to become a favourite pastime for young adults all across the world. A ping pong ball is thrown across a table, aiming towards one of the opponents’ cups, by four players in two teams. Players from the team who scored first are required to drink the cup’s contents when a ball is sunk into it.

Is cup Pong free?

Making everyone else drink till they are buzzed enough to not care about losing is a fantastic way to make a party more fun, as suggested by this free online game on Silvergames.com.

Is cup Pong a sport?

Ping pong balls are used in this drinking game since the object is to land in a cup of beer at the opposite end of the table. Rules are designed to be broken, according to the official beer pong website’s list of guidelines. That sport is one that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

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