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Price Prediction Of Internet Computer (ICP) 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is Internet Computer?

The internet Computer, which aims to host safe software with computers with the goal of rebuilding the internet as computer, has been unveiled by the Dfinity foundation. Dfinity was established in October 2016 and now employs 188 people across three research sites in Zurich, Switzerland. The project launches its Alpha mainnet in December 2020, and after launching its Beta mainnet and genesis program, Dfinity enters its final stage, known as the mercury level.

Internet computers, behind Bitcoin and Ethereum, are allegedly the third-largest innovations in blockchain history, according to Dfinity. The DeFi revolution is enabled by Ethereum’s smart contracts, much as it was launched with Bitcoin, which serves as the role of digital gold. We might completely rethink how everything is built thanks to the third invention’s limitless blockchain.

The foundation of the Internet is the ICP Protocol, which created the first-ever public blockchain network and web server in history. The protocol’s goal is to enable independent parties in various data centres throughout the world to operate a unique combination of node machines. ICP Protocol network will house a unique smart contract known as a “canister,” which will be unbreakable and tamper-proof like the Internet. This container provides web content directly to users or developers for usage with blockchain services.

Internet Computer Price Prediction

Month & YearICP Price Prediction
September 2022$4.70
October 2022$5.48
November 2022$7.05
December 2022$7.83
January 2023$8.62
February 2023$7.36
March 2023$8.42
April 2023$8.62
May 2023$9.40
June 2023$10.58
September 2023$10.97
December 2023$11.56
April 2024$12.14
July 2024$11.32
October 2024$11.71
January 2025$13.71
February 2025$14.34
March 2025$23.11
April 2025$25.85
May 2025$27.03
June 2025$27.42
July 2025$29.38
August 2025$35.25
September 2025$32.12
October 2025$36.04
November 2025$39.95
Decemeber 2025$45.05
January 2030$78.34
March 2030$86.18
May 2030$82.26
July 2030$90.09
September 2030$94.01
December 2030$97.93

Internet Computer Overview

Project name Internet Computer
Ticker SymbolICP 
Total Supply 469,213,710
Based onBlockchain development 
Launched year2016 
All-time high$737 USD
Exchange Platform Binance, Coinbase Pro, Coinlist Pro, Gate, Hoo, Huobi Global, OKEx

ICP Price Analysis

ICP, or the Internet Computer Token, is primarily utilised as a governance token for networks with a decentralised ecology. Since its primary usage will be for compute cycles and software execution, respectively, ICP tokens are not required to be held in order to utilise services. Only 469,213,710 will be in circulation after network activation, and users can govern the network. ICP tokens are convertible into cycles at any time since computation burns cycles. By selling the ICP governance token, business owners and developers may raise money.

ICP cryptocurrency is listed on reputable trading platforms including Binance, Coinbase Pro, Gate, and more after the launch of the mainnet. According to records, the value of ICP in IOU, a token produced on the blockchain, reached $25,988 USD. ICP price has reportedly reached an all-time high after reaching $737 USD, according to CMC reports. By surpassing projects like Polkadot, XRP, and Cardano, Internet Computer rises to the 6th position in terms of market cap volume.


The invention of the internet computer may change the course of the history of blockchain technology, and its unique smart contracts may be used by thousands of prospective blockchain projects. Thousands of smart contract-based DeFi projects have been launched, and at that time, Internet computers streamlined processes to provide an approachable user interface without sacrificing Blockchain security. Tokenized internet services, industry platforms, Defi and smart contracts, business Systems, websites, and other innovations may all be built using internet computers, though in actual use cases. Developers don’t need to keep tokens since they can create services by uploading a canister (a collection of intelligent contacts) onto the internet.

Canisters created to pay for their own processing are known as reverse gas canisters since users do not have to pay like Ethereum does for gas fees for services. The innovation’s ICP will concentrate on the block time dimension, confirmation time, scalability of computing, and storage power. With new technologies non-interactive distributed key generation, network nervous system, online identity, and more, internet computers are also known as chain key technology.

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Is Internet Computer a good investment 2022?

Internet Computer is the first cryptocurrency supported by a protocol, leading many crypto professionals to believe that ICP is a strong investment that has room to grow and could improve with new innovations.

How high will Internet Computer go?

The cost of an Internet computer is anticipated to range between $161.47 and $200.27. 2028 should see an average price of $167.48.

Does Internet Computer coin have a future?

Price forecast for ICP by WalletInvestor for 2022, 2023, 2025, and 2030. ICP worries WalletInvestor. They predict that the price will drop to $1 within a year. This corresponds to a loss of more than 91% from the current price.

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