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Price Prediction Of ColdStack (CLS) 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is Coldstack?

According to reports, Coldstack is a decentralised cloud storage aggregator that aims to bring together all providers of data storage in one location. Storj, Filecoin, Sia, BitTorrent, and other cloud storage service providers are gathered by Clodstack’s unified protocol. However, the project will offer the cloud user the most straightforward, efficient, and cost-effective way to use the cloud for their blockchain-related project.

A cloud aggregator will be created as an all-in-one platform with integration with the leading decentralised cloud storage provider. Unified API will enable use of this service with a single key by anyone, anywhere. In the event that a user wishes to switch service providers, no migration data is also necessary.

The primary function of the Coldstack network is to integrate with the universal data exchange API, which will be compatible with the Amazon S3 API, to store and retrieve data for users on clouds. Therefore, anyone may use any AWS SDK for their project without consulting specialists. The open-source libraries shared by Coldstack are entirely compatible with AWS S2. Every Coldstack storage system will receive a discount on storage costs by automatically using an AI pipeline to compare with various service providers.

Coldstack Price Prediction

Month & YearCLS Price Prediction
September 2022$0.10
October 2022$0.15
November 2022$0.16
December 2022$0.17
January 2023$0.19
February 2023$0.14
March 2023$0.16
April 2023$0.18
May 2023$0.21
June 2023$0.22
September 2023$0.24
December 2023$0.25
April 2024$0.25
July 2024$0.29
October 2024$0.26
January 2025$0.29
February 2025$0.64
March 2025$0.66
April 2025$0.72
May 2025$0.73
June 2025$0.75
July 2025$0.84
August 2025$0.97
September 2025$0.89
October 2025$0.87
November 2025$1.02
Decemeber 2025$1.05
January 2030$2.25
March 2030$2.39
May 2030$2.68
July 2030$2.47
September 2030$2.84
December 2030$2.94

Coldstack Overview

Project nameColdstack
Ticker SymbolCLS
Total Supply50,000,000
Based onCloud Storage
Launched year2020
All-time high$33 USD
Exchange PlatformUniswap, Balancer
WalletMetamask, Trust Wallet.

CLS IDO Overview

Platform usedSuperStarter
Raised by$250,000 USD
Date of ICO10th may 2021
ICO Price$0.50 USD
PartnersGBV, Ankr, Blockgroup, x21, Prometeus, Alpha Chain,, Tenzor Capital, Drop Ventures, Au21 Capital, Kenetic, BitTorret.

CLS Price Analysis

The fundamental purpose of CLS, an ecosystem native token, is to establish communication with file storage and retrieval systems. Initially built on the Ethereum network, CLS will eventually be released on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network. The project is getting ready to develop a cross-chain bridge so users may transfer tokens across multiple networks. Since CLS has a far smaller total supply than other cloud storage projects, its per-token value is higher than anticipated.

SuperStarter had a CLS public sale, when whitelisted Super Token holders bought tokens for $0.50 USD each. As of right now, Coldstack has announced the Balancer LBP, whose costs are first set at their greatest level before gradually declining until a user begins purchasing. As a result of the market’s decline, CLS price in LPB began at $33 USD and is currently below $10 USD. The buying target for CLS will be between $3 and $5 USD, or 10 times the IDO Price.


The data industry has seen a sharp increase recently as a result of businesses and individuals alike favouring cloud storage over more conventional storage options. We have important blockchain projects like Storj, Filecoin, and Sia that are already topping the top crypto project chart with significant market capitalization. When it comes to cloud storage pricing, these projects all have unique specific features that might cause customer confusion. By consolidating data on a single platform where users may easily switch Data Storage service providers in a few simple steps, Coldstack might therefore resolve a variety of issues.

However, pricing variations will be automatically monitored via the network to offer the most affordable cloud services to the customer. Therefore, customers just need to switch plans and providers once they find a better price. Given that every blockchain project needs cloud storage to launch, Coldstack will play a significant role in the development of future blockchain projects. As a result, in the following year, projects based on cloud storage will undoubtedly experience significant expansion in market cap volume.

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