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Price Prediction Of Solstarter (SOS) 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is Solstarter?

According to the Solana network, Solstarter is a premium IDO launchpad. As its name implies, Solstarter will assist various start-up blockchains in raising money for new projects in a fair and decentralised manner. For the first time ever, a decentralised IDO (Initial DEX offering) built on the Solana Blockchain connects with platform investors to raise money. Solstarter partnered with the Solana Foundation and LINKPAD VC to bring this initiative to life.

The goal of Solstarter is to create a committed community that wants to support forthcoming projects based on the Solana environment. The platform’s primary objective is to make investing in public sales simpler through fair launches and democratic allocations. There are several issues in the present DeFi market, like increased gas prices and slower transactions, which are posing challenges for developers and other launchpads built on Ethereum.

The goal of Solstarter and Solana is to provide everyone a more equitable and accessible Decentralized money. The Solana network, according to the project, can handle a large volume of transactions while preserving ultrafast speeds and low transaction costs. To explain the official collaboration, the Solana Foundation published an article and received permission to debut. Based on quality, vision, execution, and community participation, SOS has previously earned an award from Solana.

Solstarter Overview

Project nameSolstarter
Ticker SymbolSOS
Total Supply100,000,000
Based onSolana IDO Launchpad
Launched year2021
All-time highNA
Exchange PlatformNA

SOS IDO Overview

Raised byNA
Date of IDOTBA
ICO Price$0.15 USD
PartnersDeFiance, Alameda Research, Spartan, OKEx Blockdream ventures,
Mechanism, hashed, Coin98 Ventures, Bring Waters Group

SOS Price Analysis

The main token of the Solstarter ecosystem, also known as Launchpad Token, is SOS Token. Because users must be whitelisted in order to get allocations, SOS Tokens will be the most crucial component. The four separate tiers in the SOS tier system are moon, planet, red giant, and supernova. To get one ticket, an investor must bet 5000 SOS Tokens, and the top tiers will certify the distribution for each project.

Due to the limited supply of 100 million SOS tokens, Launchpad-based tokens share similar tokenomics. One million tokens, or 1% of the token supply, will be given away in an airdrop by Solstarter, and as of this writing, more than 100k users have signed up. 2000 participants will be allotted to the public TGE, with the TGE price being $0.15 in SOL.


Solana is the fourth-most popular Blockchain network that developers have utilised to create DeFi applications. Recently, Solana has seen significant market cap growth and a favourable price trend. Having Solstarter for a fair launch and a decentralised IDO would, however, be the icing on the cake for investors seeking for new projects with enormous potential built on Solana. Polkastarter, one of the most well-liked launchpads of 2021 with more than 500k active investors, may be recognisable to some of you. Through the introduction of projects with an existing community, Polkstarter has been instrumental in obtaining funding for new initiatives. Therefore, SOS will eventually accomplish for Solana Blockchain what Polkstarter did for polkadots.

According to Solstarter, solana-based projects will prioritise them as the preferred IDO, which will lead to an increase in market cap volume and SOS token holders. In the global blockchain market, SOS will settle the top 200 to 300 cryptocurrencies by market cap volume.

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