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Price Prediction Of EasyFi (Easy) Coin 2023, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is EasyFi?

The goal of EasyFi is to establish itself as the standard Layer 2 (Matic Network) lending protocol for digital assets. The Platform is focused on plugging integration in order to close the gap in decentralized finance. Although the DeFi project and its products are evolving on the Ethereum Blockchain, increased demand has started to cause new issues. Scalability and adoption issues are there now and will be present once Ethereum 2.0 launches.

Layer 2 will quickly fix any systemic issues, develop farming that produces greater yields, and develop a strong money market. The public network-based architecture of Easy-Fi will provide the lending and borrowing of financial and cryptographic assets. EasyFi makes use of a Proof of Reputation contract with a permissionless feature that provides creditworthiness with several opportunities. According to its needs, the Layer 2 structure can select between off-chain and on-chain storage in plug-and-play mode.

EasyFi aimed to develop a solution that could distinguish value from commerce so that it would be supported by many sources. Borrowers will be able to get small-value time-bound loans through a new option called microlending. A selling proposal that will serve as a conduit between sellers and borrowers is anticipated by the network.

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EasyFi Overview

Project nameEasyFi
Ticker SymbolEasy
Total Supply10,000,000
Based onLayer 2 blockchain
Launched year2020
All-time high$13.30 USD
Exchange PlatformBitmax, Binance, Uniswap, Probit Exchange, Bilaxy
PartnerBlockpass, Chainlink, BoringDAO,

Easy Coin Price Analysis

Easy is an EasyFi network utility currency that may be used for important tasks including governance, protocol incentive, staking incentives, cross-chain settlement, and cross-market engagement. According to records, Easy-Fi will deploy its primary network in October 2020, and Easy Token was trading at $1.48 USD. However, Easy has been able to maintain a bullish trend since 2021, when it increased from $3.5 USD to $13.30 USD. EasyFi’s pricing increased four times in one month compared to the price in 2020. Dual Yield farming is a brand-new method of yield farming that was launched by Easy-Fi. A percentage of Easy Token and Partner Token are also distributed to the farmer in the Dual Farming Partner initiative.

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With its layer 2 solution, EasyFi improves DeFi’s usability, adaptability, and integration. On the Ethereum network-based tokens, Easy-Fi resolves issues like poor transaction speeds and excessive gas costs. Project is allegedly a fork of Compound that utilises the Matic network instead of Ethereum. However, after its inclusion on Binance and WazirX, it has begun to accumulate a significant amount of market volume and is likely to become a million-dollar cryptocurrency image.

Will Easy hit $100 USD?

According to our forecast, Easy Token may reach $100 USD after 2025.

Is EasyFi a Good Investment?

The project aims to address common issues on the DeFi market while taking into account the continuing growth of EasyFi demand.

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