Know About The Best Token Rewards Players To Choose In NBA 2K23

The Token Market and how players acquire the base versions of current-day stars in My Team have undergone significant changes due to B.A. 2K23.

Every Series 1 player card is for sale in the Token Market this year. There are still a few individuals who stick out, but it is a bit clearer which players you should be taking early on. Keep in mind that you’ll be employing Series 1 players to help fill out your Trophy Case, so if you want to do so quickly, you might want to target particular teams with your Tokens. Here are the top Token Rewards athletes who can easily fit into your starting lineup throughout the season’s early weeks.

Which NBA 2K23 My Team Token Rewards players should you acquire?

You’ll need to fill various holes in your roster based on the free cards you’ve obtained from multiple packs and the Season Pass. We’ll segment the Token Rewards participants according to their position to give you a few options for each slot.

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Best Token Rewards Point Guards

Steph Curry, who has a 90 OVR, is the best option. If you have some more M.T., you could go for one of his Limitless choices, but this Curry that you can have for 30 Tokens is sufficient. He’s a fantastic choice for offline and online play because he’s one of the few players at the beginning of the game who can make three hunts on the perimeter.

We got along well with Trae Young and Damian Lillard in their 87 OVR incarnations and Curry. Both will set you back 20 Tokens, which seems reasonable, given the improvement in Curry’s three-point shooting. 84 OVR Darius Garland of the Cavaliers is an additional choice. He costs only 15 Tokens, making him an excellent offline play choice on a tight budget.

Best Shooting Guard Token Rewards

Here, your selections aren’t as fantastic, so you might want to spend some M.T. on a top-tier player. You could go with someone like 90 OVR Luka Doncic if you wish to spend tokens (30 Tokens). He’s still a respectable candidate, even though his shooting isn’t as broken as in the NBA 2K22.

84 OVR Zach LaVine (15 Tokens) would be a good choice if you only need a slasher. Although we didn’t particularly enjoy James Harden’s (30 tokens) or Devin Booker’s (20 tokens) shots, you might enjoy them more than we did.

Small Forwards with Best Token Rewards

In our opinion, Kawhi Leonard is the finest choice in San Francisco (20 Tokens). A perimeter lockdown defender on which you can base your defence is the 89 OVR card. Even though he won’t contribute much on the offensive side of the ball, you can find people to cover that gap.

Lebron James, a 90 OVR playmaker with 30 tokens, may be preferred by some players, but doing so comes at the expense of your defense and shooting, which we simply don’t appreciate at this point in the game. Although Kawhi won’t make many threes, he has a greater probability than Lebron if he is wide open. We could also suggest Paul George, but since he’ll be equally expensive as Kawhi, you might as well grab the other member of his squad.

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Best Token Rewards Power Forwards

Giannis Antetokounmpo is the only player you should be interested in here (30 Tokens). If you can’t afford Limitless, Scottie Barnes, the former MVP, is one of our early must-haves and ideal for the position. He is one of the best pick-and-roll players in the early stages of the game and adds a ton of defensive versatility.

You could choose Kevin Durant (30 Tokens) in addition to Giannis. However, we don’t advise it. In P.J., we’d prefer a less expensive choice. Tucker (2 Tokens). Though his shot to the green is relatively simple, his 74 OVR card isn’t the finest. He’s a good choice for drive-and-kick action if you can nail the time.

Best Token Rewards Centre

In terms of Series 1 cards, this is likely the least significant slot. Yes, you could buy Joel Embiid for 90 OVR (30 Tokens), but we recommend sticking with the 88 OVR version you can receive from starter cards. Because you are just looking for a man who can move on defence and provide you with another pick-and-roll option, we have focused on players who are a little bit fast at the position.

None of these choices is perfect. However, we’d suggest Karl-Anthony Towns and Anthony Davis (30 tokens each) (15 Tokens). Both players have 70+ Speed and adequate ball skills to carry out their offensive duties. While we wouldn’t advise utilising him online due to his short stature (6’6″), we did enjoy using Zion Williamson (15 Tokens) in Domination games due to his 81 Speed at the position.

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