Introducing Microsoft AI shopping tool in Bing and Edge

In order to make the shopping experience simpler, Microsoft AI shopping tool capabilities in Bing and Edge. For convenient discovery, research, and purchase, they offer professional knowledge centralised.

The popular plugin platform ChatGPT, created with OpenAI and additional partners, incorporated Bing Search earlier in May of this year.

The built-in Microsoft AI shopping tool Edge, such as Coupons, Cashback, Price History, and Price Comparison, have together saved customers around the world $3.7 billion in the last year. Use of Microsoft Edge results in annual savings of $400 for American consumers.

Discover College Supplies with Bing’s Buying Guides

Microsoft AI shopping tool

The list of necessities for college goes beyond the fundamentals. By employing AI to provide personalised buying guides, Bing provides a useful option. You can find a complete resource with product recommendations, category insights, and smart compare tables that show the characteristics of similar items side by side by just searching “college supplies” on Buying Guides are available on Bing, in the Edge sidebar, and via Bing Chat.

Shop Confidently with Summarized Reviews and Insights

It can be challenging to pick the best headphones for intense study sessions. Bing Chat in the Edge sidebar offers advice on things to take into account while buying headphones, like sound quality, fit, and device compatibility, to make the shopping process easier.

You may also ask Bing Chat to offer a succinct summary of online evaluations, as well as the most well-liked viewpoints and insightful information, about a particular product.

Find the Best Price and Save with Microsoft AI shopping tool

Microsoft AI shopping tool in Bing and Edge assist you in finding the optimal time and price for your purchase after you’ve chosen the headphones you want. The price of the item is continuously tracked by the Price Match feature, which allows you to ask for a match whenever the price reduces.

Microsoft has collaborated with well-known American shops who already have price match agreements, and it has plans to add more in the future. Edge has features built-in including Price Comparison, Price History, Coupons, Cashback, and Package Tracking to help you make wise decisions about purchases and save money.


  • Bing’s Buying Guides are currently available in the U.S. and will gradually expand to other markets.
  • Review Summaries are now accessible globally, just in time for the back-to-school season.
  • Price Match will soon be available in the U.S., while the other features are already accessible in select markets through Edge.

Visit or download the Bing app to get Microsoft AI shopping tool capabilities in Bing and Edge on a desktop or mobile device.

Announcing the update, Microsoft posted:

From inspiration to unboxing, we want to make purchasing enjoyable. The Microsoft AI shopping tool capabilities in Bing and Edge make it simple to identify, study, and purchase the ideal product at the ideal price. With technologies from Bing, Edge, Microsoft Start, and Outlook, you can save time and money.


Does Microsoft AI shopping tool?

As we’ve stated from the start, every new experience we develop with the new Bing and Edge has responsible AI at its core. And launching the new Bing in preview has been crucial to our success and capacity to make the experience available to more consumers so that we can benefit from real-world testing and feedback.

What new features did Microsoft launch for its AI powered Bing and Edge?

Microsoft today announced a significant upgrade to its AI-based search tools, adding new capabilities for visual and multimodal searches as well as persistent chat tools. The changes greatly increase the functionality of the company’s Edge web browser and Bing search engine.

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