Loot in Free Fire: 5 beginner tips for getting better

It might be challenging for rookie Free Fire players to locate valuable rewards. Some players take their time to gather quality resources and equipment, even when these games pit players of similar experience and levels against one another. It may be more difficult to obtain resources if you have no prior gaming expertise. When one joins a clan or starts gaming with friends who have higher ranks, the scenario gets worse.

The newbies may become frustrated as a result, however there are various solutions to this issue. This post will go over five methods a newbie in Garena Free Fire may start obtaining better loot.

Use Auto-pickup

Loot in Free Fire

One of the most fundamental and critical skills a newcomer to Garena Free Fire must learn is how to use auto-pickup. Consider adjusting some of the default settings, such as auto-pickup, if you recently loaded the game on your mobile device. This will assist you in staying away from excess treasure that might not be necessary for your game.

Say you can only utilise three medkits in a single match; bringing more would be unnecessary and take up more space. When using auto-pickup, you may specify how much supplies you want to bring along and modify the default auto-pickup speed to fast, which will enable you to get your supplies even more quickly.

Find a backpack

Picking up a rucksack should be your first priority after landing. Better inventory tracking provided by backpacks aids in sorting the quantity of valuable supplies. Utilising them with auto-pickup combined makes handling the treasure much simpler because you don’t have to manually collect the supplies, saving you valuable time in the early stages of the game.

You can also think about utilising the Night Panther pet, which at the highest level expands your inventory by 45. This pet’s level may be raised through weight training.

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Use beneficial characters

Choosing the right character might be advantageous for a variety of factors, including obtaining better supplies. Characters in Garena Free Fire have unique skills that, if applied cunningly, might offer you an advantage over your opponents.

For instance, the Free Fire character Paloma will let you carry 120 more rounds of ammunition, while Kelli will speed up your running by 6%. Alok moves quickly, and when he summons a 5 m aura, it enhances movement speed by 15% and heals three health points each second for ten seconds. The Leg Pockets may also be used in the Battle Royale mode; at the start of the game, they grant you a Level 2 glue maker, a Level 3 backpack, and 200 more bag capacity.

Watch where you land

You must have noticed that some locations in Free Fire contain far more treasure than others, and these locations typically do not vary. This allows you to pre-plan your dive and land where you anticipate finding valuable items. Rim Nam Village, Pochinok, the Mill, and the Clock Tower are a few of these locations. Once you can see the firearms and land close to them, you may try to identify them as they are laying on the ground or on roofs.

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Loot House/Treasure Room

Loot Houses are a recent addition to Garena Free Fire’s map. For new players who find it challenging to gather their supplies in the chaos of the game, they might be beneficial. Three minutes into the game, you may access the loot houses. Keep in mind that you must have an arsenal key, which you can get for 800 FF coins from any vending machine.

These Treasure Rooms include sufficient supplies for your match. Another thing to bear in mind is that once your Loot House is open, your adversary will not be able to enter it. But be wary, since you risk being attacked and losing your wealth.


How can I be better at Free Fire?

In Free Fire, movement is key to avoiding opposing fire and dodging projectiles. Try these to hone your mobility abilities: Jumping and crouching can assist you avoid bullets and make it more difficult for opponents to attack you. Use cover to evade getting shot as you move across the map.

How to get unlimited diamond in free fire?

There is no way to obtain free diamonds for Free Fire. However, if you take advantage of the Free Fire & Play Store deal, you may get it for nothing. Use online earning techniques as well to obtain free diamonds.

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