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You might be excused for assuming that the Genshin Impact Overture Teaser: The Final Feast is actually a teaser for the Genshin Impact anime, but you’d be mistaken. It’s actually a major piece of marketing for the RPG’s version 4.0, which is scheduled to be released in August 2023. It provides our first in-depth look at the Fontaine arc’s characters and some indications about the themes and plotlines we might anticipate.

The video opens alarmingly: A female voiceover informs us that “the original sin is the fairest: everyone sinks” as we see a figure descend into the deep blue ocean.

She continues, “Make the most of the last feast because the curtain call has come for the sinners.” The focus then shifts to the Lyney and Lynette siblings, two stage artists, who were our first two Fontaine characters. The following few scenes include Lyney’s voice outlining what is probably going to be a big subject in the future plot arc: magic is just the skill of getting others to see what you want them to see rather than what is truly there.

Genshin Impact

According to the trailer, the Traveller will be the focal point of a sizable sham performance in Fontaine that involves the entire state apparatus of the land of justice, from its police to its infamous court. Arlecchino, one of the Fatui Harbingers, who has a prominent role in the trailer, appears to be orchestrating the whole thing.

We shift to Fontaine’s iconic courtroom after Arlecchino’s menacing entrance. This setting is appropriate for what is meant to be a great performance because it suitably resembles a theatre or opera house. The court’s judge, a commanding male figure earlier in the video with the fashionable female known as Captain R, who carries a flintlock pistol shooting Electro bullets, is seen ordering everyone to order and calling the Hydro Archon, Focalors, to order.

Lynette and Lyney

Two siblings named Lynette and Lyney perform magic track on stage. A significant element in the upcoming arc is expected to be revealed during Lyney’s monologue in the teaser.

Unknown blonde woman

This elegant lady, whose name escapes us, wears expensive clothing and jewellery and unmistakably appears to be from the higher classes of society. In the Mary Poppins fashion, she is also shown flying around while holding an umbrella.


Charlotte, a journalist, was first shown to us during the main event of Genshin Impact 3.7, but this should be proof that she will be playable and that we will see her again soon.

Unknown bunny girl and goth male

What a great match this is. A chibi bunny female figure with an office and gothic aesthetic is seated next to this man. He is reading reports while drinking tea or coffee, and the bunny girl is attempting to get him to follow suit.

Unknown female / Captain R

This is the notorious Captain R from the leaks, a fierce female figure who is spotted hanging around with the judge. Her use of a flintlock handgun that discharges Electro bullets should serve as proof of her identity.


All the turmoil — or the performance — that will go place in Fontaine appears to have been started by Arlecchino. But with all the emphasis on turns and deceptions, it’s probable that there’s something more going on as well. We wouldn’t be shocked if Arlecchino, who thinks she’s the director, merely ends up playing an actress in someone else’s play.


Focalors, the Hydro Archon, should be here. She is the ruler of Fontaine and the goddess of justice. Unfortunately for the Traveller, who will most likely be at the centre of that lawsuit, she seems to have become a little bored over the years and is looking forward to an interesting court case.

Unknown male character

This person occupies the judge’s chair in Fontaine’s magnificent courtroom. At least in court, he appears to have equal authority to the Archon since he calls Focalors to order. He is also seen earlier in the video strolling beside Captain R.

Fontaine can’t arrive fast enough with so many amazing designs and what appears to be a compelling narrative. Genshin Impact 3.8, which features a summer event and Eula’s comeback, comes first.


What is the best event in Genshin impact?

The Lantern Rite event is the highest Genshin Impact occasion. Every New Year, the Lantern Rite celebration is conducted. It is the most well-liked event in Genshin Impact since it has lovely village decorations and a new tale each year. It also offers a lot of incentives.

What is the No 1 team in Genshin Impact?

The original National team in Genshin Impact consisted of Xingqiu + Xiangling + Chongyun + Bennett, despite the fact that it currently has several permutations. Considering their rarity, this all-four-star team is quite strong.

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