Top 10 Exciting Recent Trailers For PC Gamers Looking For Something New

The PC Gamers Show, which was once a part of E3, just jumped into Saint Geoff’s arms and appeared on Sunday night’s Summer Game Fest programme. The two-hour programme gave us footage from countless video games, but regrettably decided it would be a good idea to perform a terrible skit for the whole of its 120 minutes. We’ve selected the most intriguing games from the stream so you don’t have to endure the feature-length discomfort.


Nivalis seems incredible. This PC Gamers is a hybrid of a life simulation and an immersive simulation from Ion Lands, the studio behind the fantastic open world sci-fi Cloudpunk from 2020. It has you managing a noodle bar while evading a serial killer and even hunting for love. Although it’s incredibly ambitious, the studio has a track record, and there are many of reasons to be enthusiastic about this one. The release date is 2024.

Pax Dei

PC Gamers

MMOs have most obviously fallen out of favour for a very long time, but Pax Dei appears to be a new spin on the genre. That or the concept of a communal, sandbox MMO feels brand new again since Ultima Online was released so long ago. Although the PC Gamers is set in a mediaeval age and has a world where magic and ghosts are real, a large portion of it revolves around user interaction and the creation of unique storylines.

Path of Exile 2

Given how outstanding the original PC Gamers is still today, 10 years after its debut, we are really excited for Path of Exile 2. But it’s not in this trailer. The reason I’m mentioning it is that it was regrettably representative of how bad so many of the trailers were over the exhausting two hours of the live, which either showed cartoons instead of in-game video or, like this one, chose the worst possible segment to display. Why not choose 30 seconds of a beige figure sprinting through a beige, boring set of tiles to combat a beige monster instead of one of the various places PoE2 will have to offer? Very strange.

Citizen Sleeper 2: Starward Vector

The role-playing game Citizen Sleeper from the year 2022 proved to be incredibly captivating. It was built on the concepts of tabletop gaming and had a well-written story set among “the ruins of interplanetary capitalism.” Therefore, it’s wonderful to hear that a sequel is already in the works, with a tonne of new footage released today.

Dread Pilots

The creators of such successes as Griftlands and Don’t Starve, Klei, presented their upcoming PC Gamers on the show. It’s Dread Pilots, a game about navigating a tiny cosmos called the Dread in space.

However, Klei produces incredible games, so there is every reason to believe that this will live up to their exceptional reputation. The imagery in the trailer isn’t very inspirational (apart from the fantastic cartoons), and it doesn’t do a great job of conveying what it’s about.

Altered Alma

When you actually see the clip, which is in yet another trailer full of fantastic cartoons unrelated to the PC Gamers, it really stands out. A dating sim is also included for good measure. It is a Metroidvania with some RPG concepts weaved throughout.

The Invincible

You play as astrobiologist Yasna in The Invincible, which is based on the Stanislaw Lem novel, when she discovers the planet Regis III. But the planet is hostile, and in what seems to be a thought-provoking and original first-person adventure, you quickly find yourself searching for missing crew members.


The second game created by Creepy Jar for Green Hell is called Chimaera. There is every reason to pay close attention to their new game considering how astoundingly successful their prior survival PC Gamers performed. This time, you’re playing an open-world base-building simulation on an unknown planet, and yes, we’re just as perplexed as you are. It sounds like you’ll be able to construct “complex industrial systems” and play with four other friends.

Fortune’s Run

I’m drawn in by a figure named Dying Son who sings in a melancholy tone. The fact that a demo for this 2.5D FPS is now available seals the point. This is rather shabby looking and offers “immersive sim elements.”

Breathedge 2

It was a strange PC Gamers, Breathedge. Not only for all the forced attempts at weirdness, with its slightly strange sense of humour, but also for the way what starts out as an excellent space survival game shifts gears halfway through to become something completely different. Hopefully they will have taken note of the negative feedback they received for that choice and will instead concentrate on what the previous PC Gamers accomplished really well: being Subnautica in space.


What do most PC gamers play?

According to monthly active users, the top PC Gamers worldwide in February 2023 were Roblox, The Sims 4, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, and Minecraft.

Is PC gaming an expensive hobby?

I doubt anyone reading this post would be surprised to learn that gaming is a costly pastime. According to a recent survey, the average US gamer will spend $58,000 (£48,950) on gaming over the course of their career.

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