System Shock: Where to Find Every Weapon

Over the course of its almost seven-year production period, Nightdive Studios’ new System Shock reboot has seen several delays and even a complete change in direction. But at long last, the 1994 classic has been faithfully remade for aficionados of the dystopian cyberpunk first-person shooter. By 2023 standards, everything has received a fresh coat of paint that still fits, from the level design to the weaponry.

System Shock is very much a run-and-gun shooter in the vein of Doom, with each weapon serving a distinct purpose within the game. Players are need to thoroughly explore every level of the Citadel in order to acquire these weapons, fighting psychotic foes and solving difficult riddles as they go. Here is a list of all the weapons that may be used in the System Shock remake.

Lead Pipe

System Shock

The Hacker’s initial weapon after waking up on the Citadel, much as in the first game, is the Lead Pipe. It may be found, along with several other crucial goods, in a storage cupboard in the beginning area.

The Laser Rapier should be used instead as soon as this weapon is discovered, according to a fundamental System Shock tip. The Lead Pipe, although not being one of the game’s better weapons, serves as the player’s mainstay throughout the most of the hospital level because ammo is difficult to get by early on.

Monkey Wrench

The Monkey Wrench is essentially the same weapon as the Leap Pipe, however it deals somewhat more damage and has a smaller attack radius System Shock. On the northwest corner of the medical floor, the weapon is located close to a body. There is little to no incentive to use this weapon after a certain point, unless the player is aiming for a “wrench only” playthrough, although picking it up will grant the player with the Gut Wrenching accomplishment.

ML-41 Minipistol

The ML-41 Minipistol is one of System Shock’s more common weapons, and it may be discovered in many different places throughout the game. It can be discovered on corpses, in armouries, hidden spaces, etc. However, the player is more likely to discover the first one at the room’s centre on the medical level. There is a door that leads to a little storage room beneath the main space next to the switch that opens the big gate going to the lift.

The Minipistol is lying on the ground close to a mutant who is savouring the body of an anonymous medical worker.

TB-05 Sparqbeam Sidearm

The Sparqbeam’s readily replenishable ammunition (the player’s own power metre) makes it one of the more practical weapons throughout the majority of System Shock’s campaign. The Sparqbeam is one of the most prevalent weapons in the game and can be found in abundance throughout the Citadel, much like the Minipistol.

On the medical level, in Dr. Nathan D’arcy’s chamber, which is located in the hub area, the player may discover one quite easy. His room can be seen from the main level and is reachable by elevator to the right of the sizable “BETA” sign.

JW-74 Mag Pulse Rifle

The player must go to the armoury in the Delta quadrant of the medical deck, where the door is indicated by a yellow sign on the wall, in order to locate the Pulse Rifle. Only by using the cyberspace terminal at the opposite end of the room can the doors to the armoury be unlocked.

The Pulse Rifle, which does 60 damage and ignores 100% of armour, is one of the most practical weapons in System Shock. Since ammunition is limited, it is preferable to preserve it for important battles with robot adversaries (particularly ones that have shields).

Magnum 2100

The Magnum 2100 is comparable to System Shock’s Desert Eagle. Despite its relatively small magazine capacity and limited ammunition, this large handgun has enough power to occasionally function as a primary weapon. The majority of players will discover it on the maintenance level initially, however if the security level is lowered to zero, it may also be discovered on the hospital deck in a secret chamber.

The enormous room across the laser bridge in the southeast portion of the map has a hidden door along the Eastern side. Unfortunately, there is no ammo in the gun, so the player will need to locate it on their own.

SK-27 Shotgun

A solid shotgun is essential in every first-person shooter of the classic school, and System Shock definitely delivers. The SK-27 and its ammunition, which consists of both standard and Dragon’s Breath bullets, are rather prevalent in the Citadel.

It is rather simple to locate in the research floor’s alpha quadrant. It is positioned next to a body in the contaminated room across from Dr. Nathan D’arcy’s office. The player would be justified in keeping the SK-27 Shotgun around even if ammunition is not the most frequent in the game.

DG-04 Laser Rapier

Due to its high damage output and simplicity of usage, the Laser Rapier is one of System Shock’s most notable weapons. It is not just the game’s strongest melee weapon by a wide margin; it also operates solely off of the player’s energy supply.

There are several locations on the Citadel where you can find Laser Rapiers, but they aren’t all the same. The executive level’s laser colour depends on the colour of the player’s HUD when they first pick it up, while the one on the maintenance level’s has a blue laser (go through the door just to the left of the lift and follow the ladder up).

KF-18 Scorpion

The Scorpion will probably be the player’s first opportunity to acquire a fully automatic weapon. The Scorpion is a small tiny submachine gun that is capable of taking both regular and Teflon-coated bullets, and it uses the same reasonably common ammunition as the Minipistol. It causes a respectable amount of damage per second.

The storage deck’s door directly to the left of storage bay number five is where the player may get one at the earliest possible time after solving a series of tasks.

EM-83 Grenade Launcher

The System Shock remake has certain issues with how well you can throw grenades. Fortunately, the player may locate the EM-83 Grenade Launcher on the storage level if they look closely. All of the game’s grenade types, including frag, gas, smoke, and EMP grenades, may be fired from the EM-83.

The player cannot toss them as far as it will fling them, and grenades explode immediately upon hit rather than rolling about. It is located in storage bay 1, underneath all of the laser bridges, in an unlocked nook on the wall.

Mark III Assault Rifle

The Assault Rifle is one of the weapons that the player’s cyborg adversaries will use against them over the course of the game, although they are unable to get one for themselves until the flight deck level. A boss encounter with a Cortex Reaver will come after solving a few simple puzzles. Pro tip: during this fight, employ EMP grenades and Berserk patches.

Following the battle, the player can enter one of the rooms to locate an assault rifle on a shelf just outside one of the doors. It starts off as a burst-firing weapon but may be upgraded to fully automatic and can have a 24-round or 30-round magazine.

MK-84 Accelerator Railgun

It’s always a joy to use a railgun, and the MK-84 is no exception. The weapon’s tremendous strength more than makes up for its shortcomings, despite its limited ammo supply and rather lengthy charge-up time (a modkit would shorten this, though). It deals 350 damage and ignores all armour, so players may store it for some of the more difficult monsters the game has to offer.

In the enormous circular area in the Delta and Gamma quadrants of the executive level, a few seats, the Railgun, and some ammunition may be found.

RW-45 Ion Pulse Rifle

Since it only needs the player’s own energy to operate, the Ion Pulse Rifle is sort of like the Sparqbeam’s larger sibling. The Ion Rifle is bigger and so takes up more room in the Hacker’s inventory, but it is also more powerful and, with an upgrade, just as energy-efficient.

As a result, it is essentially the Sparqbeam’s mid- to late-game counterpart. It may be found in Alpha Grove’s northernmost chamber on the executive deck. It’s a simple weapon to find because the player has to go here.

LG-XX Plasma Rifle

The Plasma Rifle is perhaps the final weapon the players will encounter in System Shock, and for good reason—even without an upgrade, it’s one of the most potent weapons in the whole game.

The Plasma Rifle has two attack modes: the automated “low” setting, which fires purple plasma rounds automatically, and the plasma orb attack, which uses the plasma core as ammunition. This move is very harmful since it bounces about whatever room it is fired in, harming everything it comes in contact with (including the player, though). It is located in the “Experimental” room on the security level, concealed behind a covered container.


Will system shock ever come out?

Nightdive collaborated with the Prime Matter publishing company for the game’s release, however by late 2021, they stated that the release had been postponed until 2022. The game was published for Windows on May 30, 2023, through Steam,, and the Epic Games Store after a final postponement into 2023 was announced.

Who owns System Shock?

Even though OtherSide Entertainment, a firm made up of former Looking Glass and Irrational titles developers who worked on one or both of the System Shock titles, has the rights to create a successor, Nightdive Studios, the franchise’s current owner, has a licence to do so.

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