World Food Safety Day 2023: Let’s Know About Its Origin Celebration and Importance

World Food Safety Day is celebrated annually to raise awareness of the significance of safe food practices and to highlight the global need for safe food. Here is everything you need to know about the date, history, and significance of World Food Safety Day. This global day is a cooperative exertion between the World Wellbeing Association (WHO) and the Food and Farming Association (FAO) of the Unified Countries. 

Because contaminated food can result in severe health consequences, such as foodborne illnesses, outbreaks, and even death, food safety is a crucial global issue. Dangerous food can be tainted with hurtful microorganisms, infections, parasites or compound substances. Foodborne illnesses can be caused by things like poor hygiene, improper food handling, and inadequate food storage and processing. 

World Food Safety Day 2023 

World Food Safety Day 2023

When is world food day celebrated? 

On June 7th, World Food Safety Day is observed annually. 

What is the history of World Food Day? 

Through a resolution in 2018, the United Nations General Assembly established World Food Safety Day. The Kingdom of the Netherlands proposed the resolution, which was cosponsored by 44 nations. On June 7th, the day was officially declared to be celebrated annually. 

The creation of World Food Safety Day emphasizes the growing global concern about food safety and the requirement for collective action to address this issue. It acknowledges that safe food practices are essential to sustainable development, food security, international trade, and public health. 

On June 7, 2019, the first World Food Safety Day was observed, and the theme was “Food Safety, Everyone’s Business.” The day’s objective was to promote awareness and preventative, detection, and management of foodborne risks. It stressed the common obligation of legislatures, makers and shoppers in guaranteeing safe food rehearses all through the pecking order. 

Since then, World Food Safety Day has been observed annually with a focus on various food safety topics. In order to raise awareness of the significance of food safety, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) work together each year to develop key messages, organize events, and engage stakeholders worldwide. 

Importance Of World Food Day 

The promotion of foodborne disease prevention, detection, and management is World Food Safety Day’s primary objective. Its goal is to emphasize how important it is to handle, store, and prepare food safely to avoid illness and ensure the health of people and communities around the world. 

World Food Safety Day has helped raise awareness, spread knowledge, and advocate for better food safety practices all over the world. It has energized states, food businesses, common society associations, and people to focus on sanitation as a major part of general well-being and manageable turn of events. 

How is World Food Day Celebrated? 

On World Food Day, different exercises and drives are coordinated internationally to teach and bring issues to light among people, networks, and policymakers. Seminars, workshops, conferences, campaigns to raise public awareness, and training sessions on safe food practices are all examples of these activities. To ensure the food supply chain’s safety, stakeholders from the government, the food industry, and other sectors work together to share information, best practices, and novel solutions. 

World Food Safety Day serves as a reminder that everyone is responsible for food safety. It empowers people, food makers, retailers and administrative specialists to cooperate to guarantee that the food we devour is protected and liberated from pollution. We can safeguard public health, lessen the incidence of foodborne illnesses, and contribute to a healthier and more sustainable future by implementing effective food safety regulations and promoting safe food practices. 

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