World Environment Day 2023: why it is celebrated, History, and importance

The World Environment Day 2023 is a day set aside by the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) to promote environmental awareness and take appropriate action.

As we all know, the industrial revolution, increasing urbanisation, and population have contributed to the gradual destruction of our natural environment. As a result, the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) sponsors World Environment Day 2023 as a day to promote awareness of and response to the environmental disasters of the contemporary era. Promoting sustainable lives is one of this day’s primary initiatives.

World Environment Day is celebrated annually on June 5 and has a particular host nation and subject. The Netherlands and the West African nation of Côte d’Ivoire will jointly host in 2023, with the prevention of plastic pollution serving as the event’s subject.

The 45th World Environment Day 2023, which had the same topic and the hashtag #BeatPlasticPollution, was also celebrated with India serving as host nation. The goal of this subject is to increase public awareness of plastic manufacturing, usage, disposal, and impacts.


The first UN conference with the environment as its main topic of discussion took place in Stockholm in 1972. It also acknowledged that everyone has the fundamental right to live in a healthy environment. The meeting resulted in the historic foundation of the United Nations Environment Programme, a global initiative to preserve and protect the environment. Additionally, June 5 was formally declared a day dedicated to the environment during this ceremony. Since then, the UNEP has launched a number of international initiatives in an effort to safeguard our natural environment.

In 1973, “Only One Earth” served as the theme for the inaugural World Environment Day 2023. Since then, work has been done on a number of crucial environmental issues. Among many others, some of these themes include “Only One Future for Our Children” (1979), “A Tree for Peace” (1986), “For Life on Earth – Save Our Seas,” and “Connect with the World Wide Web of Life.”

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The UNEP’s World Environment Day 2023 has had historic significance, from bringing attention to environmental challenges to achieving substantial changes in international environmental legislation. Our planet is on the edge of ecological catastrophe due to the depletion of our natural resources, highly politicised environmental policies, and slow-acting strategies.

World Environment Day serves as a platform for many environmentalists in the face of these environmental catastrophes. It is a day set aside to commemorate and raise awareness of the ongoing harm caused by global warming and climate change. As a result of environmental illiteracy, climate change has a number of negative repercussions, including the loss of life, property, biodiversity, and even resources. For more than 50 years, World Environment Day 2023 has given environmental campaigners a platform to educate the public about nature and encourage conservation efforts.


What is the theme of World Environment Day 2023?

The #BeatPlasticPollution campaign will be the emphasis of the subject for World Environment Day on June 5, 2023, according to the organization’s official website. Côte d’Ivoire will serve as host this year.

Who proposed World Environment Day?

The first day of the Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment is June 5, 1972, when the UN General Assembly proclaims that day to be World Environment Day. The General Assembly also creates UNEP by a different resolution that day.

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