Google’s Medical AI Chatbot Is Being Tested in Hospitals

According to reports, the tool is already in use at the Mayo Clinic hospital.

The PaLM 2 AI language model (Medical AI Chatbot), a rival to OpenAI’s GPT-4 and the brains behind Google’s Medical AI Chatbot, Bard, was introduced by Google at I/O this year. Google’s Med-PaLM 2, a version of the AI tool made exclusively to respond to medical information inquiries, is being tested at the Mayo Clinic research facility, as we learnt today.

The device has reportedly being utilised at the hospital and other sites since April, according to The Wall Street Journal(Opens in a new window). The bot was fed questions and answers from medical licencing tests by Google, hoping it would eventually be more adept at discussing medical topics than rival Microsoft’s ChatGPT.

Medical AI Chatbot

In addition to summarising papers, huge amounts of health data, and setting reminders, Med-PaLM 2 can respond to medical queries. Google believes the language model might “be of tremendous value in countries that have more limited access to doctors,” according to an internal email acquired by WSJ.

The test’s preliminary findings show some of the same accuracy difficulties as other Medical AI Chatbot answers. PaLM 2 outperformed human doctors on many other parameters, nevertheless.

Privacy experts are concerned about the firms exploiting sensitive information for other reasons and have highlighted some concerns regarding the usage of Medical AI Chatbot contexts. According to WSJ, Customers who are trying the language model still have control over their data. Additionally, Google won’t be able to access that data because it is encrypted.

Medical professionals that have tested Med-PaLM 2 and Google agree that while the product is promising, a trip to the doctor still has to be made in order to diagnose or treat a problem. Before AI can don a virtual white coat and replace a doctor, there will probably be some additional regulation in place, but we’re already very close to that point.


What is the application of chatbot in healthcare?

Healthcare professionals may get support from ChatGPT, which can decrease waiting times and boost patient satisfaction. In order to offer patients with the essential information, this might involve answering their questions about insurance, billing, and appointments.

Which category of AI helps in quick diagnosis and treatment?

Deep learning artificial intelligence (AI) may be used to speed up illness detection, create individualised treatment plans, and even automate some procedures like drug discovery or testing. Additionally, it shows promise in terms of raising safety, enhancing patient outcomes, and lowering healthcare delivery costs.

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