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Top 12 Secret Websites to Make Money | Unlocking Your Earning Potential

In this article, we will unveil the top secret websites to make money that can help you boost your income. These platforms provide unique and innovative ways to make money online. Let’s dive in!

In today’s digital age, the internet offers a plethora of opportunities to make money online. From freelancing to starting an e-commerce business, there are countless ways to earn a living from the comfort of your home. However, there are also some hidden gems on the web that many people are unaware of.

12 Secret Websites to Make Money

1. UserTesting.com

UserTesting.com is a platform that pays you for providing user feedback on websites and apps. You’ll get paid to test and review websites, helping businesses improve their user experience.


Tips for Success:

Complete Tests Quickly: Tests fill up quickly, so it’s essential to respond promptly to test invitations.

Provide Detailed Feedback: The more detailed and insightful your feedback, the more likely you are to receive higher ratings and more test invitations.

Maintain a Good Profile: Keep your demographic and profile information up to date to ensure you receive relevant test invitations.

Check Your Email Regularly: Test invitations are sent via email, so check your inbox frequently.

Practice Good Communication: Be clear, articulate, and honest in your feedback during tests.

While UserTesting.com can provide a way to earn some extra money, it’s important to note that it may not provide a consistent income. The availability of tests can vary, and it may take some time to build a reputation and receive more invitations. However, with consistent effort and quality feedback, you can increase your earning potential on the platform.

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2. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a reward-based platform where you can earn points (Swagbucks) for various online activities like taking surveys, watching videos, and shopping online. You can redeem these points for gift cards or cash. This is another one of the top secret websites to earn money.


Remember that Swagbucks is not a get-rich-quick scheme, but it can be a useful way to earn extra money or gift cards by doing things you might already do online. The more time and effort you invest, the more you can potentially earn on the platform.

3. Fiverr


Fiverr is a freelancing marketplace where you can offer your skills and services in various categories, from graphic design to content writing. It’s an excellent platform to turn your talents into income. This is another one of the top secret websites to earn money.

Remember that Fiverr takes a commission on each order, so factor that into your pricing strategy. As you gain experience and positive reviews, you can gradually increase your rates and earn a sustainable income on the platform. Building a successful freelancing career on Fiverr requires dedication, professionalism, and a commitment to delivering quality work.

4. Upwork


Upwork is another freelancing platform, but it’s more focused on professional services. You can find high-paying gigs in fields like web development, digital marketing, and consulting. This is another one of the top secret websites to earn money.

Remember that success on Upwork is a combination of skill, professionalism, and persistence. It’s a competitive marketplace, but with dedication and the right approach, you can build a thriving freelance career and earn a consistent income.

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5. Shutterstock


If you’re a photographer or graphic designer, Shutterstock is the place for you. You can sell your photos, illustrations, and videos on this stock media marketplace and earn royalties each time your content is downloaded. This is another one of the top secret websites to earn money.

Remember that earning on Shutterstock, like other stock photography platforms, requires dedication and persistence. It may take time to see significant income, but with the right approach and high-quality content, you can build a successful portfolio and generate a steady stream of income.

6. Airbnb

If you have extra space or properties, consider renting them out on Airbnb. It’s a great way to make money from your real estate assets. This is another one of the top secret websites to earn money.


Earning on Airbnb can be a lucrative endeavor when done right. To maximize your income, start by creating an appealing and well-detailed listing. High-quality photos and a compelling description can attract more guests.

Price your listing competitively by researching similar properties in your area. Flexibility in pricing, such as adjusting rates for peak seasons or events, can also help increase bookings. Providing excellent customer service and maintaining a spotless, well-equipped space will garner positive reviews and repeat bookings.

Embrace Airbnb’s host tools, like the calendar and instant booking feature, to streamline the process. Finally, consider offering unique experiences or services to stand out in a crowded market. With dedication, hospitality, and a strategic approach, you can successfully earn income on Airbnb while hosting travelers from around the world.

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7. Rover

Are you a pet lover? Rover allows you to offer pet-sitting and dog-walking services. It’s a fantastic way to make money while spending time with furry friends. This is another one of the top secret websites to earn money.

To earn money on Rover, a popular platform for pet lovers and pet sitters, you can start by creating a compelling profile that showcases your experience, passion for animals, and any relevant certifications or training you may have. Be sure to provide clear details about the services you offer, including dog walking, pet boarding, or house sitting. Setting competitive prices and offering flexible scheduling options can help attract potential clients.

Building a strong reputation through positive reviews and ratings from satisfied pet owners is crucial, so always provide top-notch care and communication. Promote your Rover profile through social media and word of mouth to expand your client base. With dedication, reliability, and a genuine love for animals, you can build a successful pet-sitting business on Rover and earn income doing something you truly enjoy.

8. Udemy

If you’re an expert in a particular field, consider creating and selling online courses on Udemy. It’s a platform that reaches a vast audience of eager learners. This is another one of the top secret websites to earn money.


Earning on Udemy can be a rewarding endeavor for those with expertise in a particular subject. To get started, you’ll first need to identify your niche and choose a topic you are knowledgeable and passionate about. Once you’ve defined your course content, create a high-quality video course that provides valuable insights and engaging content.

Ensure that your course is well-structured, easily digestible, and includes supplementary materials like quizzes and assignments. Next, promote your course through Udemy’s marketing tools, social media, and other online platforms to attract students. Offering occasional discounts or free previews can also help boost enrollment.

As students enroll in your course, you’ll earn revenue based on Udemy’s revenue-sharing model, with instructors typically receiving a significant percentage of the course fees. Consistently updating and improving your course content and engaging with your students can lead to higher ratings and more visibility, ultimately increasing your earnings over time.

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9. Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk lets you complete microtasks for pay. These tasks include data entry, surveys, and content moderation. This is another one of the top secret websites to earn money.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Earning money on Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) involves completing a wide range of microtasks posted by requesters from around the world. To get started, sign up for an MTurk worker account and complete your profile with accurate information. Browse through the available HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks) and choose tasks that match your skills and interests. Pay attention to task descriptions, payment amounts, and requester ratings to ensure you’re working on reputable tasks.

As you complete tasks, your earnings accumulate in your MTurk account, and you can withdraw your earnings once you reach the minimum payout threshold. Consistency, attention to detail, and speed can help you increase your earnings over time. It’s important to note that while MTurk offers flexibility and opportunities to earn, the pay can vary widely, so it’s essential to manage your time effectively and select tasks that provide a reasonable return for your effort.

10. Etsy

If you’re crafty and enjoy creating handmade items, Etsy is the perfect platform to sell your crafts, vintage items, or digital downloads. This is another one of the top secret websites to earn money.


Earning on Amazon Mechanical Turk and Etsy involves distinct approaches, each catering to different income-generating opportunities. On Amazon Mechanical Turk, you can participate in micro-task assignments, such as data entry, surveys, or content moderation, to earn small payments per task completed. Consistency and efficiency are key to maximizing your earnings. Building a strong reputation through quality work and reliability can unlock higher-paying tasks over time. In contrast,

Etsy provides a platform for artisans and crafters to sell handmade or vintage items. To succeed on Etsy, focus on creating unique, high-quality products, optimizing your shop for search engine visibility, and providing excellent customer service. Building a brand identity and marketing your creations can help attract a loyal customer base. Whether you choose Mechanical Turk or Etsy, dedication and skill refinement are crucial for financial success in these online marketplaces.

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11. Rev.com

Rev.com offers transcription and captioning services. You can work as a freelancer and transcribe audio files or add captions to videos. This is another secret website to earn money.

Earning on Rev.com can be a rewarding endeavor for those looking to make money online. To get started, individuals can sign up as a freelancer on the platform, which specializes in transcription, captioning, and translation services. Once registered, freelancers can browse through a variety of available tasks and select the ones that match their skills and interests. The key to success on

Rev.com lies in delivering accurate and high-quality work consistently. This includes transcribing audio or video files, adding captions to videos, or translating content with precision. Rev.com pays its freelancers per task completed, and the earnings can vary based on factors like the complexity and length of the assignment. Building a good reputation through timely submissions and accuracy can lead to access to higher-paying tasks and more opportunities for earning. It’s important to note that while Rev.com offers flexibility and the potential to earn, the income is dependent on the amount of work completed, making it an ideal option for those seeking supplemental income or remote work opportunities.


TaskRabbit connects you with people who need help with various tasks, such as furniture assembly, home repairs, or moving. You can earn money by completing these tasks in your local area. This is another secret website to earn money.


Earning on TaskRabbit is a flexible and accessible way to capitalize on your skills and time. To get started, sign up as a Tasker on the platform and complete a profile that highlights your expertise and abilities. Once registered, browse through the available tasks in your area and apply for those that align with your skills and interests. Make sure to set competitive rates for your services to attract potential clients.

Building a strong TaskRabbit reputation involves delivering exceptional service, being punctual, and maintaining clear communication with clients. Positive reviews and ratings can significantly boost your visibility and income potential. Additionally, consider expanding your skillset and offering a variety of services to increase your chances of securing tasks. With dedication and professionalism, TaskRabbit can become a lucrative platform for earning extra income on your terms.

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