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Price Prediction Of Seedify fund (sfund) 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is Seedify fund?

The blockchain-based product innovation hub at Seedify Fund serves as a launchpad for new projects. The DAO, or decentralised autonomous organisation, that offers to raise seed stage funds, as well as a decentralised incubator and launchpad, is what powers Seedify. Developers and innovators can submit their projects to the platform, and the community will then be determined by a voting system and an incubator programme.

By introducing various projects to the community that will support their product launch, Seedify incubator will enable them to succeed. Projects aimed at specific categories, such as development, community building, advertising, content creation, whitepaper, website development, and others, will receive help from the incubator. DAO will be in charge of finding bugs and concentrating on user interference, workflows, and numerical parameters as the community is free to test and improve the product through feedback loops. Launchpad will concentrate on tasks like ICO, IDO, presale, and fund-raising programmes at one location.

Project founders using the Seedify financing mechanism will need to abide by certain rules, which include submitting their ideas for seed funding along with a KYC page. Each proposal must receive 80% affirmative votes to be eligible for seed funding. Sfund token holders will receive a 3% token distribution in addition to funding from the official funding pool.

Seedify Fund Price Prediction

Month & YearSFUND Price Prediction
September 2022$2.07
October 2022$3.08
November 2022$3.43
December 2022$3.64
January 2023$3.91
February 2023$2.91
March 2023$3.43
April 2023$3.77
May 2023$4.47
June 2023$4.56
September 2023$4.98
December 2023$5.32
April 2024$5.15
July 2024$6.00
October 2024$5.49
January 2025$6.11
February 2025$13.40
March 2025$13.77
April 2025$15.16
May 2025$15.39
June 2025$15.78
July 2025$17.63
August 2025$20.42
September 2025$18.62
October 2025$18.25
November 2025$21.35
Decemeber 2025$21.97
January 2030$47.18
March 2030$50.12
May 2030$56.31
July 2030$51.82
September 2030$59.71
December 2030$61.87

Seedify Fund Overview

Project nameSeedify fund
Ticker SymbolSFUND
Total Supply100,000,000
Official websiteSeedify fund
Based onLaunchpad, Fund raising
Launched year2020
Exchange PlatformBakerySwap, Pancakeswap, Julswap
WalletMetamask, Trustwallet
PartnerChainlink, Mochi Finance, Hotbit

SFUND Price Analysis

Because the entire project is managed or directed by the token alone, SFUND Token has greater value within the project. The current SFUND token runs on the BSC Network and uses the BEP-20 token standard. The holder of an SFUND will have a variety of chores to complete, such as voting for new projects, staking, and more. As 3% of the total token supply from each project is distributed to the holder, SFUND benefits from staking tokens. Every time a new IDO is announced, the value of IDO-based tokens increases. Likewise, the value of Token Launchpad will increase as more ROI-listed projects are added.

As of this writing, the price of SFUND is trading between $1.5 and $2 USD. As the platform hosts additional seed fundraising and IDO launchpad rounds, more investors will express interest. We are aware that the factors used by Launchpad to determine token allocation for prospective projects include locking or long-term staking. ROI of listed projects will thus determine the platform’s future.


Seedify Capital is a comprehensive solution that aids in both fund raising and project growth. Prior to launch, every project must concentrate on a number of things, including marketing, community, documentation, digital advertising, and the finished product. Seedify fund is a complete solution that is powered by a decentralised autonomous community. Many launchpads or platforms for crowdsourcing funds will be introduced in 2021 with a clear focus on a more developed and transparent ecosystem. Platforms like Polkastarter, Paid Network, and BSCPAD are now hosting the most IDO, and Seedify will be a formidable contender in that space.

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