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Price Prediction Of Apecoin 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is Apecoin?

A mere governance token for the Bored Ape Yacht Club, apecoin will distribute 15% of its entire supply to NFT holders, which includes both Mutant Bored Ape and the original, standard Bored Ape. As compensation for simply holding NFT, the user receives over 10,000 Apecoins with the option to sell or keep them. However, Bored Team chose the claim token option over a direct airdrop, so if you already own NFT, you can claim your airdrop by going to the official website.

The majority of you are already familiar with NFT space, which is currently the most well-known item in the cryptocurrency market. Recent days have seen a tremendous increase in the volume of NFT trading, and Bored Ape has a significant part to play in that. At the time of writing, Bored Ape is the largest and most well-liked NFT project among the community. Bored has recently been bought at a greater price by numerous prominent celebrities, including Eminem, Justin Bieber, Snopp Dogg, and many others. 10,000 original works of art comprised Bored Ape’s initial debut in April 2021, and each and every ape has a distinct identity and rarity.

NFTs were created or initially bought by Bored Ape early investor for 0.04 ETH, or less than $100. As of this writing, the floor price has already surpassed 100 ETH, and with the increase in millionaires’ and celebrities’ interest, it will only rise as more utilities are revealed in the future. The creation of the Metaverse and the upcoming land auction have both been officially announced by the team.

Apecoin Price Prediction

Month & YearAPE Price Prediction
September 2022$160,291,081.32
October 2022$238,044,217.77
November 2022$265,556,866.06
December 2022$281,107,493.35
January 2023$302,639,131.14
February 2023$224,885,994.68
March 2023$265,556,866.06
April 2023$291,873,312.25
May 2023$345,702,406.72
June 2023$352,879,619.31
September 2023$385,177,076.00
December 2023$411,493,522.18
April 2024$398,335,299.09
July 2024$464,126,414.55
October 2024$424,651,745.27
January 2025$472,499,829.25
February 2025$1,035,911,018.05
March 2025$1,064,619,868.44
April 2025$1,172,278,057.38
May 2025$1,190,221,088.87
June 2025$1,220,126,141.35
July 2025$1,363,670,393.28
August 2025$1,578,986,771.16
September 2025$1,440,227,327.64
October 2025$1,411,518,477.25
November 2025$1,650,758,897.13
Decemeber 2025$1,698,606,981.10
January 2030$3,648,416,403.07
March 2030$3,875,694,801.95
May 2030$4,354,175,641.69
July 2030$4,007,277,032.88
September 2030$4,617,340,103.55
December 2030$4,784,808,397.46

Apecoin Overview

Project nameBored Ape Yacht Club
Ticker SymbolApe
Total Supply1 Billlion
Launched yearApril 2021
ExchangeBiannce, Coinbase, FTX

Apecoin Price Analysis

Since it adheres to the ERC20 token standard and is a decentralised network, Apecoin was also launched on the Ethereum network after its project base network. Apecoin, however, is immediately listed on Binance, Coinbase, Gate, Huobi, and other big centralised exchanges due to its enormous volume. According to CoinMarketCap, Apecoin reached an all-time high of $20 before falling as low as $6 USD. However, in the past 12 hours, Apecoin’s price, which had reached $17 USD, has increased by 150%. With a solid roadmap and the utility of the token previously announced by the team, the price of apecoin may significantly increase.


One of the NFT projects that was introduced during the developmental stage and has less concept excitement is Bored APE. As the first NFT initiative, this one has already attracted a lot of investor interest. Bitcoin and other crypto giants have also invested in the project. Recently, Universal Music also bought token, and many more are anticipated to follow. Within a few hours of its launch, the project entered the top 100 cryptocurrency projects by volume and is predicted to remain in the top 100.

Although volume has reached $1 billion, it is anticipated that the majority of whales would hold onto their tokens until metaverse announcement. People who own more than 4 Bored Ape have already received an airdrop worth $1,000,000, and the NFTs are still worth much more than that. They won’t contemplate selling it, thus thanks to recent airdrops from opensea, looksrare, and many other impending airdrops, NFT buyers have already made millions of dollars in what is considered to be a significant amount.

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