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Price Prediction Of OpenDAO (SOS) Coin 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is OpenDAO?

Investor interest in OpenDAO has increased recently as a result of the project’s distribution of SOS token prizes for trading or purchasing NFT on OpenSea. SOS is allegedly a governance token for the OpenSea platform, which powers the OpenDAO, or Opensea decentralised autonomous organisation. We are aware that the Opensea NFT marketplace operates completely decentralised and in collaboration with the community.

According to the TheOpenDAO webpage, SOS was created to honour, defend, and support the largest community of NFT. Nothing more than a gift for the holidays and a thank-you gift for the NFT trader. However, early Opensea users will only receive 50% of the airdrop because they must use OpenDao to claim their SOS token. Depending on their trading volume, each user will receive a distinct SOS award, which will be calculated and made subsequently available for claim. The remaining 50% will be split into three parts, including incentives for staking, DAOs, and liquidity pools.

By distributing 20% of its supply to scam victims, up-and-coming artists, the local community, art preservation, and developer engagement, OpenDAO will support the community. A snapshot for the airdrop has already been taken, and those who have traded on OpenSea can claim their tokens until June 30, 2020. Upon community approval, all unclaimed tokens will be returned to the DAO treasury.

OpenDAO Coin Price Prediction

Month & YearSOS Price Prediction
September 2022$1,486,479.81
October 2022$2,207,533.44
November 2022$2,462,675.50
December 2022$2,606,886.23
January 2023$2,806,562.62
February 2023$2,085,508.98
March 2023$2,462,675.50
April 2023$2,706,724.42
May 2023$3,205,915.40
June 2023$3,272,474.20
September 2023$3,571,988.79
December 2023$3,816,037.71
April 2024$3,694,013.25
July 2024$4,304,135.56
October 2024$3,938,062.17
January 2025$4,381,787.49
February 2025$9,606,653.08
March 2025$9,872,888.26
April 2025$10,871,270.22
May 2025$11,037,667.22
June 2025$11,314,995.54
July 2025$12,646,171.48
August 2025$14,642,935.40
September 2025$13,356,131.99
October 2025$13,089,896.80
November 2025$15,308,523.38
Decemeber 2025$15,752,248.69
January 2030$33,834,055.29
March 2030$35,941,750.54
May 2030$40,379,003.69
July 2030$37,161,995.15
September 2030$42,819,492.92
December 2030$44,372,531.53

OpenDAO Overview

Project nameOpenDAO
Ticker SymbolSOS
Total Supply100 trillion
Launched year2021
ExchangeUniswap, ByBit, 1inch Exchange, Gate, Kucoin, MEXC, Okex.

SOS Token Price Analysis

SOS receives decentralised exchange and top-tier centralised exchange listings after airdrop distribution. According to a Coingecko article, SOS token trading will begin on December 25, 2021, at a price of $0.00000200 USD. Following its listing, SOS token had a 60% price increase and was featured on a trending list on a cryptocurrency price monitoring portal. Most people are familiar with the uni token, the governance token of the uniswap DEX, because of how SOS token is distributed. We are aware of the expansion of NFT and the use of opensea for decentralised trading, much like Uniswap, and we will be considering SOS coin from an investment standpoint as its user base grows.


We are aware that governance tokens are crucial for every decentralised project since they provide genuine users the power to make modifications to the final product. We are aware that there are many concerns on Opensea, including scams, false projects, and ownership that needs to be resolved. Because of the increase in the NFT trend, OpenSea is currently the most popular product in the cryptocurrency industry. Opensea is where the majority of ethereum-based NFT are exchanged, and freshly announced project owners give it great emphasis. But as of this writing, OpenDAO operates independently because OpenSea has not officially confirmed that it would be connected with OpenDAO.

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