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Price Prediction Of Looksrare (Looks) 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is Looksrare?

Looksrare is an NFT marketplace where you can purchase and sell various NFT Projects. Looksrare is a rival to Opensea, the largest NFT marketplace platform that is based mostly on the Ethereum network. Because its smart contracts are built specifically for a modular architecture, Looksrare is not a forked version of any current platform. Without worrying about security or centralization, a new function is enabled by a looks unique smart contract.

Looksrare offers 20% lower platform commissions, or trading costs, than Opensea and levies a 3% trading fee in comparison to Opensea’s 4%. Additionally, platforms compensate users for purchasing and selling NFTs. Looks is billed as a community-first NFTs marketplace where merchants, stakers, and collectors are all given various forms of compensation. Looksrare has added new types of interaction, such as collection offers, trait offers, and multi-cancellations, to the features list. Due to the fact that many users find it difficult to manage their assets on various platforms, this new interaction will allow users to save on gas costs.

Since its debut, Looksrare’s trading volume has broken records, and more new users are joining the platform every day. Bored Ape Yacht Club, Azuki, Meebits, and other significant NFTs projects are already available on the platform.

Looksrare Price Prediction

Month & YearLOOKS Price Prediction
September 2022$6,936,690.815
October 2022$10,301,503.523
November 2022$11,492,129.559
December 2022$12,165,092.101
January 2023$13,096,886.389
February 2023$9,732,073.680
March 2023$11,492,129.559
April 2023$12,630,989.245
May 2023$14,960,474.966
June 2023$15,271,073.062
September 2023$16,668,764.495
December 2023$17,807,624.181
April 2024$17,238,194.338
July 2024$20,085,343.553
October 2024$18,377,054.024
January 2025$20,447,707.999
February 2025$44,829,658.549
March 2025$46,072,050.934
April 2025$50,731,022.377
May 2025$51,507,517.617
June 2025$52,801,676.351
July 2025$59,013,638.275
August 2025$68,331,581.160
September 2025$62,326,684.634
October 2025$61,084,292.249
November 2025$71,437,562.122
Decemeber 2025$73,508,216.097
January 2030$157,887,365.560
March 2030$167,722,971.939
May 2030$188,429,511.684
July 2030$173,417,270.369
September 2030$199,818,108.544
December 2030$207,065,397.455

Looksrare Overview

Project nameLooksrare
Ticker SymbolLOOKS
Total Supply1,000,000,000
Based onNFT Marketplace
Launched year2022
Exchange PlatformUniswap,Huobi Global, Bybit, FTX, MXCE, ZB

Looks Price Analysis

On the Ethereum Network, the Looksrare Platform’s DAO token and utility token are called Looks. With little restrictions, Looks Token was initially airdropped to NFT traders, making up 20% of the supply. It appears that the listing broke a significant record, and as a result, it was listed on prominent CEX markets like Huobi, Gate, and others. Looks had an all-time high of $7 USD, but during the 2022 bear market, it drops to under $1 USD. As the market prepares for another bull run, it appears that prices are just slowly recovering. Given that NFT trading volume is still modest and that more high volume trading is anticipated in the future, looks are quite useful. So, a large trading volume will undoubtedly help the price of the Looks token in the future.


Looksrare is a direct rival to opensea, which already has millions of members. Since Looksrare’s release, many users have switched from Opensea as a result of the prizes and trade fees it provides. Whale, however, continues to use Opensea since they don’t care about the costs or features that a rival provides. New features that appear to be game changers include target purchasing or selling, multiple order cancellation, and customizable orders. In the NFT marketplace category, Looks is currently placed third, and it has maintained this position.

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