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Price Prediction Of Stepn (GMT) 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is Stepn?

Stepn is prepared for new trends and is ready to disrupt the blockchain industry’s tendencies with Move to Earn. Every user will receive rewards for walking, running, or engaging in other activities as part of the M2E’s straightforward concept. To create the Web3 lifestyle, Stepn combined their two largest innovations: game- and social-fi.

As the world moves toward Web 3.0, Stepn has introduced a number of mobile applications, including a mobile wallet, tracking data, an NFT marketplace, and others. The user gets the option to buy sneakers and carry out tasks while jogging, walking, or running. Mobile devices offer users every detail, such as carbon offset, running distance, and calories burned.

The user only needs to download the software, buy some sneakers, and they are ready to go. However, receiving rewards does not increase steadily as your account level rises. You can earn more in-game currency every day in a variety of ways. Early adopters will receive 10,000 NFT Shoeboxes by airdrop, eliminating the necessity for minting NFT. Physical copies will be sent to the user’s address. NFTs that have previously been listed on the Magicden marketplace can be traded via SOL.

Stepn Price Prediction

Month & YearStepn Price Prediction
September 2022$331,775,565.739
October 2022$492,711,474.493
November 2022$549,658,026.821
December 2022$581,845,208.572
January 2023$626,412,075.611
February 2023$465,476,166.857
March 2023$549,658,026.821
April 2023$604,128,642.091
May 2023$715,545,809.690
June 2023$730,401,432.037
September 2023$797,251,732.596
December 2023$851,722,347.866
April 2024$824,487,040.231
July 2024$960,663,578.408
October 2024$878,957,655.502
January 2025$977,995,137.812
February 2025$2,144,161,492.013
March 2025$2,203,583,981.399
April 2025$2,426,418,316.596
May 2025$2,463,557,372.463
June 2025$2,525,455,798.906
July 2025$2,822,568,245.837
August 2025$3,268,236,916.232
September 2025$2,981,028,217.533
October 2025$2,921,605,728.147
November 2025$3,416,793,139.697
Decemeber 2025$3,515,830,622.007
January 2030$7,551,608,026.142
March 2030$8,022,036,067.115
May 2030$9,012,410,890.215
July 2030$8,294,389,143.467
September 2030$9,557,117,042.920
December 2030$9,903,748,231.006

Stepn Overview

Project nameStepn
Ticker SymbolGMT
Total Supply6,000,000,000
Based onSocial Life
Launched year2021
Exchange PlatformBinance, Gate, Pancakeswap, Kucoin, FTX, Huobi Global.
WalletOwn Wallet

GMT Price Analysis

Every BNB holder receives a token based on their stake level during the public auction of the GMT Token on the Binance Launchpad. The full name of GMT is Green Metaverse Token, and it serves as the stepn ecosystem’s governance token. GMT is reportedly a huge success because it increased 10 times from its initial public selling price and experienced 299 times rise once it reached $3 USD. Due to their launch on the Binance launchpad, GMT presently ranks among the top 70 cryptocurrency projects by market cap volume and has the opportunity to list on the exchange. GMT is now popular on coinmarket and coiningecko. People are looking to invest in this currency and are also looking for ways to earn GMT by performing tasks.

GMT ICO Overview

Platform usedBinance Launchpad
Raised by$4,200,000 USD
Date of ICO9th March 2022
ICO Price$0.01 USD
PartnersSequoia, Folius Ventures, Solana Ventures, Alameda Research, Defi Allianc, Corner Ventures, Spark Digital Capital, openspace.


Stepn is a blockchain innovation that promotes outdoor activity such as walking, running, and other forms of exercise. One of the best Web 3.0 innovations is Stepn, which combines earning, NFTs, and gameplay. Move to Earn has been introduced by Stepn, and more projects will be added in the future. With the addition of more than 300,000 new users, Stepn has reached a new milestone. The number of downloads for the Stepn mobile app, available for iOS and Android, has surpassed the 100,000 mark. In the future, more exact features will be added as the team works hard to accomplish roadmap milestones, drawing in more fitness enthusiasts.

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