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Price Prediction Of DFYN Network Token 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is DFYN Network?

DeFi is being innovated by DFYN Network with the goal of creating a multi-blockchain network decentralised exchange. Users of DFYN DEX will be able to trade on leading blockchain networks, including Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, and more. Currently, the platform supports both the Ethereum and Polygon networks, with Ethereum serving as the default network. The biggest step toward multi-chain tag will be the soon-to-be-added BSC network to the platform.

Platform primary objective Reduced gas costs and scalability in the AMM (Automated Market Maker) exchange will keep its features, such as yield farming and liquidity provision, intact. The speed of the Layer 2 platform and the enormous liquidity of the Ethereum network are two of the most crucial components that DFYN will combine. implement cross-chain bridge to address the issues of price slippage, efficiency, and fragmentation of liquidity across chains.

The process by which DFYN operates is straightforward and began with the development of a decentralised network by connecting with layer 1 and layer 2 blockchains. created a network using the cross-chain liquidity protocol (XCLP) of the router to be able to obtain liquidity from many sources. Without any coding experience, developers can launch their own token on one of the supported chains using a layer 2 launchpad. Low gas prices will be maintained along with the integration of new DeFi project layers and IDO strategies in the expanding market.

DFYN Network Price Prediction

Month & YearDFYN Price Prediction
September 2022$0.03
October 2022$0.04
November 2022$0.05
December 2022$0.05
January 2023$0.05
February 2023$0.04
March 2023$0.05
April 2023$0.05
May 2023$0.06
June 2023$0.06
September 2023$0.07
December 2023$0.07
April 2024$0.07
July 2024$0.08
October 2024$0.07
January 2025$0.08
February 2025$0.18
March 2025$0.18
April 2025$0.20
May 2025$0.21
June 2025$0.21
July 2025$0.24
August 2025$0.27
September 2025$0.25
October 2025$0.24
November 2025$0.29
Decemeber 2025$0.29
January 2030$0.63
March 2030$0.67
May 2030$0.75
July 2030$0.69
September 2030$0.80
December 2030$0.83

DFYN Network Overview

Project nameDFYN Network
Ticker SymbolDYFN
Total Supply250,000,000
Based onMulti-chain decentralized exchange
Launched year2020
All-time high$8.75 USD
Exchange PlatformDFYN Exchange, Uniswap, MXC
WalletMatic Wallet

DFYN IDO Overview

Platform usedPolkastarter
Raised by$2,400,000 USD
Date of ICO9th may 2021
ICO Price$0.094 USD
PartnersRouter, Polygon, hashflow, IG Galaxy, Avalanche, Mantra DAO, umbrella, union, zokyo, dafi, bonded finance, boconomy, Nord finance, frontier, razor, glitch, terra.

DFYN Token Price Analysis

The DFYN token, a utility token for the DFYN network, is crucial to the ecosystem’s operation. DYFN plays a variety of roles, including those in governance, revenue sharing, and yield farming. The community will be in charge of platform governance, since DFYN token holders are permitted to participate in governance voting that determines future progress. Each transaction will be assessed a 0.3% revenue sharing fee, of which 0.25 percent will go to the liquidity provider and the remaining 1 percent will be utilised for repurchase and burn.

The DFYN token was introduced with IDO and distributed at a cost of $0.094 USD via the polkastarter launchpad. According to CMC data, DFYN reaches an all-time high price after crossing the $8 USD threshold, or about 85 times the price of IDO. Due to the low token supply and potential for consistent price increases, increased network integration will be a primary determinant of price changes for DFYN.

The majority of Dex-based tokens, including uniswap and balancer, are selling for more than $30 or $40 USD. Additionally, this DFYN supports multichain platforms, which leads us to believe that it will soon be able to achieve $30 USD.


We are aware of Uniswap’s position as the leader in DFYN Network DeFi token assets, but the company’s reliance on a single network is generating issues in practically every division. As many platforms are still under development and have several flaws, the community wanted a platform that supported multiple blockchains. The DFYN network, which began with Polygon, will soon include support for Polkadot, Solana, Internet Computer, Binance smart chain, and other platforms. This project’s primary foundation will be the Layer 2 protocol, which will work tirelessly to deliver performance, scalability, affordable gas prices, and more.

Due to the middle layer network’s integration with the polkadot network, DFYN will continue to be blockchain agnostic. Every function offered is 100 percent transparent and fully trustworthy. The code and smart contract will continue to be available as open source, allowing for modification by anyone. It is anticipated that the platform will permanently address the bad user interface, low liquidity, and slow transaction speed issues.

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