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Price Prediction Of PolkaRare (PRARE) 2023, 2025, 2030, 2050 (Updated – 2023)

What is PolkaRare?

It is claimed that Polkarare is a web3 market for rare, distinctive digital items, assets, and NFT (Non-Fungible Token). PolkaRare seeks to provide a one-stop shop that enables users and companies to create, investigate, trade, or purchase various NFTs. Project is anticipated to fully realise the potential of NFT technology and integrate key features such as scarcity, transferability, and offers.

Due to its integration with Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, and top networks Polkadot and Polygon, Polkarare supports several blockchains. Users and creators will have the ability to select or optimise their preferred blockchain and move NFT across other networks thanks to this multi-chain compatibility. The first phase of NFT construction will be on the Polygon chain and Ethereum, while the second phase will expand support to the BSC network and other networks.

The PolkaRare multi-chain marketplace provides social features, gasless transactions, and a 3D art gallery in addition to the ability to buy, trade, and discover various NFTs. The site will include its own NFT wallet in addition to a collections function for exceptional NFT drops of officially licenced works of art, music, and sports cards. NFT collateralized loans will revolutionise the game since they allow users to get loans in cryptocurrency in exchange for NFT. Additionally, the platform ensures the inclusion of minor but helpful features like a social module, a working smart contract, price discoverability, a server module, and a decentralised shop.

PolkaRare Price Prediction

Month & YearPRARE Price Prediction
September 2022$0.00
October 2022$0.01
November 2022$0.01
December 2022$0.01
January 2023$0.01
February 2023$0.01
March 2023$0.01
April 2023$0.01
May 2023$0.01
June 2023$0.01
September 2023$0.01
December 2023$0.01
April 2024$0.01
July 2024$0.01
October 2024$0.01
January 2025$0.01
February 2025$0.03
March 2025$0.03
April 2025$0.03
May 2025$0.03
June 2025$0.03
July 2025$0.04
August 2025$0.04
September 2025$0.04
October 2025$0.04
November 2025$0.04
Decemeber 2025$0.04
January 2030$0.09
March 2030$0.10
May 2030$0.11
July 2030$0.10
September 2030$0.12
December 2030$0.12

PolkaRare Overview

Project namePolkaRare
Ticker SymbolPRARE
Total Supply100,000,000
Based onNFT
Launched year2018
All-time highNA
Exchange PlatformNA

PRARE IDO Overview

Platform usedPoolz, Gate, Red Kite
Raised by$200,000 USD
Date of ICO11th May 2021
IDO Price$0.1 USD
PartnersPlaycent, Polkafoundry, magnus Capital, x21, Moonwhale,
GBV, HRONOS, Kyros, DFG, Blocksync Ventures, Raptor Capital,
Moonrock capital, OKEx Blockdream Ventures, AU21 Capital.

PRARE Price Analysis

PRARE Token, which is produced on the Ethereum network using the ERC20 Token standard, is a governance and utility token with a fixed supply of 100 million. The PRARE Token will be utilised in a variety of operations as the primary medium of exchange or platform currency where purchasing, selling, and other transaction payments are made using the token. In the governance, PRARE token owners have the option to vote or offer important suggestions. NFT farming and staking incentives are also given out in tokens, and holders of PRARE tokens will get rate NFT from NFT drops.

PRARE Token will be distributed through an IDO and IEO sale, or an initial DEX offering, which implies that it will happen before the token is listed on a decentralised exchange like Uniswap, Balancer, or another. Poolz, Red Kite by PolkaFoundry, and Gate exchange will host IDO & IEO for a fee of $0.1 USD each. However, the PRARE price after listing is anticipated to start with 10x the price of the public sale, hence on DEX, PRARE is likely to launch trade with a $1 USD Price.


Another invention that seeks to simplify many NFT operations and a current issue is PolkaRare. Along with leading networks like BSC, PolkaRare will support popular blockchain networks. NFT is the wave of the future, and new NFT-based projects like PolkaRare are being launched daily. The platform plan appears to be sound, and the addition of NFT loans, mobile support, minting, and 3D content support will give the project its own identity. Project obtained venture capital participation in a private round, comprising some well-known corporations. Platform and PolkaFoundry just teamed together to use dApps.

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How much PolkaRare Worth in Future?

The limited supply of PolkaRare ensures that users will hold onto the token in anticipation of NFT drops and staking incentives. Prices rise as the overall quantity of tokens rises, and before 2025, we may see PRARE hit $50 USD.

Is PolkaRare a Good Investment?

PolkaRare might be a decent investment at the moment for long-term holding, however NFT development is still in its early stages and additional projects will likely follow.

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