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Price Prediction Of PolkaBridge (PBR) 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is PolkaBridge?

As its name suggests, PolkaBridge is an all-in-one platform for decentralised banking apps powered by Polkadot. Polkadot network and other major blockchain networks were initially connected through the project’s creation of a solution. Platform offers a series of products that includes Automated Market Maker software, prediction site, NFT, IDO Launchpad, farming, lending, borrowing, and many more in its current state of development.

Every product offered by PolkaBrige will be created utilising Polkadot as its foundation while taking into account important factors such as interoperability, scalability, less expensive transactions, and more. PolkaBridge DEX, the project’s most well-known offering, enables users to exchange or swap any Polkadot token for any token on any other compatible network. Own DEX supports a number of essential DeFi features, such as farming and liquidity provision. Currently supported chains by Live AMM include Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, and Binance Smart Cain.

In order to aid new projects in their initial fund raising, PolkaBride’s most recent launchpad version aims to establish a multichain-supporting IDO launchpad. The platform has already hosted more than six IDOs, all of which were quite successful and gave investors a substantial return on their investment. The latest Launchpad version received an extensive update, making investment in projects more user-friendly and even introducing the newest criteria.

PolkaBridge Price Prediction

Month & YearPBR Price Prediction
September 2022$0.17
October 2022$0.26
November 2022$0.29
December 2022$0.30
January 2023$0.34
February 2023$0.43
March 2023$0.46
April 2023$0.67
May 2023$0.78
June 2023$0.90
September 2023$0.97
December 2023$1.03
April 2024$1.10
July 2024$1.22
October 2024$0.99
January 2025$1.17
February 2025$1.37
March 2025$1.24
April 2025$2.55
May 2025$2.74
June 2025$2.94
July 2025$2.69
August 2025$2.88
September 2025$2.56
October 2025$2.95
November 2025$3.11
Decemeber 2025$3.20
January 2030$5.62
March 2030$5.76
May 2030$6.46
July 2030$6.70
September 2030$6.32
December 2030$6.98

PolkaBridge Overview

Project namePolkaBridge
Ticker SymbolPBR
Total Supply84,947,353
Based onAMM, Launchpad
Launched year2020
Supported ChainPolkadot, BSC, Matic, Ethereum.
Exchange PlatformGate, LATOKEN, Uniswap, DFYN, QuickSwap, MEXC
WalletPhantom, Metamask

PBR Price Analysis

PBR Token is the PolkaBridge ecosystem’s native and utility token. PBR coin has a variety of uses on the network, including voting, voting fees savings, farming rewards, and launchpad tickets. PBR is listed on the top CEX and DEX and is awaiting tier 1 exchange listing. Since September 2021, PBR has continued to achieve new records for all-time highs, and market cap volume has grown steadily and favourably. A few Polkabridge-hosted projects have recently achieved 10x ROI, while many other top projects are eagerly awaiting their allocation in other pools. Since last month, PBR development improvements have increased by 4x, and it is anticipated that PBR will surpass the $1 USD threshold by year’s end.

PBR Token ICO Overview

Platform usedOwn Platform
Raised byNA
Date of ICO22nd January 2021
ICO Price1 ETH = 100,000 PBR
PartnersChinapolka, Casper, Taraxa, Dapper, Unilend, Public Mint, L.A.B.S., Inverse, UniFarm, DFYN, Polkanode, PolkaWar.


On order to highlight the project in the trending list of CMC and Coingecko, PolkaBridge will line up for the launchpad project in October 2021 and continue to hold the bull run. The PolkaBridge team has made considerable product improvements since the project’s introduction while still maintaining momentum. The market cap ranking of Polkabridge is rising as the project enters the top 1k projects, and in a few months, we might see this project fall under the top 500 projects. IDO launchpads typically don’t get the best ratings because they stabilise after a while. As a result, with an alternative project, this project could be ranked somewhere between 400 and 500.

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