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Price Prediction Of SolRazr (SOLR) 2022, 2025, 2030, 2040, 2050

What is SolRazr?

SolRazr is a single, decentralised platform built on the Solana ecosystem that offers development tools as well as functions as a launchpad, accelerator, and cross-chain pool. It is claimed that SolRazr is a developer ecosystem with all services necessary to start projects based on the Solana network. Platform identified a problem with the present initial token offering and chose to replace it with a more dependable and user-friendly environment.

The power of NFTs built on the Solana network will be used to establish the whitelisting and allocation process for the tradable allocation that SolRazr will be introducing. The accelerator feature will be used to incubate projects and will include an instant launch option and an integrated ready to go strategy. To increase the speed of developing decentralised applications based on Solana, developer tools will be fully equipped. Cross-chain pools will provide up the possibility of investing in various expanding projects supported by a different network.

The SolRazr IDO launchpad will similarly use a weighted fixed allocation tier structure. There are four levels: seed, sapling, tree, and mighty oak. The more tokens you own, the greater weight your allocation will have. To guarantee allocation of new projects, a user must have a minimum of 500 tokens.

SolRazr Price Prediction

Month & YearSOLR Price Prediction
September 2022$0.05
October 2022$0.08
November 2022$0.09
December 2022$0.09
January 2023$0.10
February 2023$0.07
March 2023$0.09
April 2023$0.09
May 2023$0.11
June 2023$0.11
September 2023$0.12
December 2023$0.13
April 2024$0.13
July 2024$0.15
October 2024$0.14
January 2025$0.15
February 2025$0.33
March 2025$0.34
April 2025$0.38
May 2025$0.38
June 2025$0.39
July 2025$0.44
August 2025$0.51
September 2025$0.47
October 2025$0.46
November 2025$0.53
Decemeber 2025$0.55
January 2030$1.18
March 2030$1.25
May 2030$1.41
July 2030$1.29
September 2030$1.49
December 2030$1.54

SolRazr Overview

Project nameSolRazr
Ticker SymbolSOLR
Total Supply100,000,000
Based onIDO Launchpad
Launched year2021
Supported chainSolana
Exchange PlatformKucoin, Radium
WalletPhantom, Sollet

SOLR Price Analysis

The SLP standard token known as SOLR was developed on the Solana Blockchain. The SolRazr platform’s main utility token is expected to be the SOLR coin, which serves as an indirect entry point to various features. A user holding 500 tokens has a chance to earn up to $5000 in project allocation. In the active staking scheme, token holders receive a fixed ROI determined by the platform. Token holders also have a say in future development decisions and adjustments. Following its listing, SOLR reaches an all-time high of $78 and has increased by about 200 times its IDO price. At the time of writing, SOLR was trading at a premium of 10 times that of IDO, with a $3 USD resistance level predicted.

SOLR ICO Overview

Platform usedOwn
Raised by$100K USD
Date of ICO6th September 2021
ICO Price$0.30 USD
PartnersSuperTeamDao, Ascensive Assets, Moonrock Capital, Divergence, CMS, Morningstar ventures, geneblock capital, BGV, ZBS capital, Panony, STL.


In the expanding Solana ecosystem, which focuses on transaction performance, security, and cost, more projects are selecting the Solana network over Ethereum and competing platforms. Now that Solana is a new centre for launching NFT, gaming, and other DeFi concepts, the project founders there are searching for a reliable and impartial platform to do so. SolRazr has a great community and has partnered with successful businesses and industries since IDO. With Solanium facing stiff competition, SolRazr is currently the second-largest IDO launchpad in the Solana ecosystem.

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