15 Best PayPal Games That Pay Real Money

Are you looking for strategies to generate a sizable income online? Playing PayPal games is one of the finest and simplest methods to make money online. Yes, what you just heard is true! You receive real money when you play PayPal games.

There are various PayPal games that pay real money, which may excite you if you enjoy playing online games and want to make some real money.

In addition to providing amusement, these games also provide players the chance to win monetary rewards. These PayPal games are a terrific way to earn money online from the comfort of your home, whether you’re a novice or experienced gamer. We’ll introduce some of the trustworthy PayPal games you may play to earn real money in this article.

15 Best Paypal Games That Pay Real Money

Best PayPal Games

So let’s get started with the list of best apps & games that pay instantly to PayPal:


On this platform, a wide variety of games are available. Inbox Dollars, a rewarding programme that was first released in 2000, enables you to get money for activities like watching TV, taking online surveys, playing PayPal and other games, shopping, watching movies, browsing other websites, etc.

If you enjoy gaming a lot, the platform could be able to help you make up to $10 every day with just a few hours of playtime.

It lets you play popular games like Bubble Shooter, Candy Jam, Solitaire, Chess, Pool and Sudoku.

Upon email confirmation, Inbox Dollars will automatically grant you a $5 sign-up incentive.


One of the world’s biggest online survey communities is Swagbucks. The platform has 4.3 Trustpilot reviews and an A+ rating from the BBB. It is accessible on both the Play Store and the App Store.

The programme has given more than $280 million in incentives to all of its users since its 2008 inception. Not bad, huh?


Not able to discover any games that rapidly deposit winnings to PayPal? All of your issues have a solution thanks to Mistplay. It is a fantastic software that offers mobile gamers a first-rate loyalty programme.

On this app, users may find new games to play, receive a respectable sign-up bonus, play and collect units, and redeem their units for rewards.

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Feature Points

Naturally, it is. That too, when you have the opportunity to make quick money. The Feature points platform, which allows you a variety of options to pay out your rewards outside PayPal, is just getting started. These options include gift cards, e-coupons, credit towards games, bitcoin, rapid money through quick selections, etc.

Wealth Words

Wealth Words is a terrific crossword puzzle game where you can play word games and make extra cash. It’s one of the finest PayPal games that pays real money. For students or anyone with free time throughout the day, it may prove to be the ideal side business. Through this site, they may invest a few hours and get a source of income.


a fantastic platform with fantastic opportunities for income. One of the most promising methods to earn money with FusionCash is to watch videos, perform a number of paid-to-click jobs, finish surveys, watch TV, conduct internet searches, go to websites, and play a range of games. All of the games you access with FusionCash will instantly transfer funds to PayPal.

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Solitaire Cube- Card Game

Are you looking for entertaining and simple games that might help you make quick money? Have you not yet tried this game? The most well-known feature of Solitaire Cube is its ability to enthral players and turn them into addicts. Playing in tournaments or head-to-head matches on this app will not only let you to earn quick money, but it will also allow you to transform your downtime into cash by proving your card-playing prowess.

Funtap: Make Money By Games

You may download games on your phone using FunTap, an Android app, and be paid in coins to play them. Every time you complete a game level, you may utilise FunTap to earn coins. The more you play, the more money you’ll make.

Fetch Rewards

Not able to locate a money-making savings app? You are protected by us! You may get a lot of cashback using Fetch Rewards.

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Quick Rewards

Want to uncover the ideal and trustworthy side hustle to increase your income? All of its players get access to one of the top real money PayPal games with Quick Rewards. In addition to paying for games, other activities include buying online, completing offers, viewing films and advertisements, conducting surveys, and more.

Make Money

Over 5 lac reviews have given the app Make Money a stellar rating of 4.7. The Play Store is where you can get this well-liked software. The website provides the top PayPal games for you to play, and if you win, you may get spectacular incentives.

Cash Pirate Buzz

The Cash Pirate Buzz app, which is accessible on the App Store and Play Store, focuses on earning fun cash rewards by participating in surveys, viewing movies, and playing games.

When the minimum payout hits $2.5 or 2500 points, the site promptly sends the funds to a PayPal account, which can only be used to withdraw money. An average user makes between $5 and $10 per month.

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Want to make money quickly? Why not give CashOut a try, which allows you to earn in a variety of ways, including playing games, doing surveys, completing offers, reading emails, conducting online searches, installing various applications, browsing websites, and much more. On this site, you may check in everyday to increase your benefits.

Bingo Cash

Bingo Cash is a legitimate online bingo game where you can play free bingo games straight from the app or participate in cash tournaments where you have to put money down to play. The top players in Bingo Cash, a skill-based game, might earn rewards like actual money.

iOS users may download the mobile game app Bingo Cash from the App Store.

Additionally, it may be downloaded on Android handsets through the Galaxy Store or the Bingo Cash website’s download button. Except for the scoring method and boosters, regular bingo and Bingo Cash have almost identical game play. Simply simply, you’ll need to complete the rows on a bingo board before your competitors.

Willy Wonka Slots

You can play a variety of free games on Willy Wonka Slots, one of the greatest casino-style applications. Using Wonka characters from the app, you may design your own garden. These characters from the Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory cast subsequently appear on the app.

You may receive amazing gifts by spinning the casino slot machines, such as seedlings for your garden. These seeds are worth points that may be exchanged for money in the future. Users of iOS and Android devices can download this app.


In conclusion, A fantastic way to have fun and make additional money online is by playing PayPal games that pay real money. It’s understandable that more and more individuals are turning to PayPal games to improve their financial situation given the selection of games available and the ease of playing from home.


Is there any PayPal games that pay real money?

In 2023, a number of PayPal games will provide real money payouts, such as Bingo, Solitaire, marble shooter, bubble burst, online pool, matching card and block puzzle games.

Are any of the cash games real?

Real Cash App games include those like Swagbucks, InboxDollars, MyPoints, and QuickRewards.

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