Netflix Account Sharing Will Now Cost You, More Details Inside

In the US, the campaign against sharing Netflix passwords has officially started. Just a few months after implementing additional limitations in Canada, Spain, Portugal, and additional Zealand, Netflix is now implementing account-sharing restrictions in the United States. 

Netflix Account Sharing Crackdown

According to the streaming service, sharing accounts is only permitted for household members. So, if you want to share your Netflix account with someone who doesn’t reside with you, you have two choices: move their details to a new membership or share your account for an extra $8 per month. 

A Netflix email to US users stated, “Your Netflix account is for you and the people you live within your household.” 

The well-known streaming service is used to promote sharing Netflix login information with close relatives and friends. However, it has changed its tune as subscriber growth stalled in the face of increased competition and a reversion to viewing habits from before the pandemic. 

The monthly cost is more than the ad-supported plan’s $7 monthly fee but lower than the basic ad-free plan’s $10 monthly cost. Monthly fees for basic plans are $15.49, while those for premium plans are $20. 

According to a survey by New Street Research of paying and non-paying Netflix users, more than half of respondents, or 54%, say they would pay for their own subscription if their access were terminated.  

Additionally, 70% of respondents say they would choose an ad-free subscription, and 37% say they would pay extra for people who don’t live in their household. Despite being a tiny sample of Netflix customers overall in the US, New Street Research believes the findings are encouraging for password restrictions. 

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