Katy Perry To Quit American Idol After Serving as a Judge for Six Years  

After six seasons as a judge on American Idol, singer Katy Perry has decided to leave the programme, which may be the end of her journey. 

Katy Perry Quits American Idol

The singer had a number of viral moments on the programme, which generated unfavorable press and views about her and forced her to deal with numerous conflicts. According to recent rumor’s, she may be thinking about leaving the show. 

Aside from that, Katy Perry was criticised for allegedly mistreating competitors, mom-shaming them, treating them unfairly, and acting rudely towards them. However, according to recent sources, the Roar singer thinks that the show’s creators were mostly to blame for the criticism she received.  

She believes that her remarks ought to have been taken down. The publication claims that while Perry may have a distinctive style of humour that doesn’t always translate well on camera, the singer never means any offence. 

The singer reportedly wants to resign from her position as a judge on American Idol because she believes that the show’s producers “threw her under the bus” and altered the episodes to depict her as the “nasty judge.” 

The audience criticized Perry for her comments in April, which to her most current controversy. For criticizing candidate Nutsa Buzaladze’s glitter attire, she received jeers. Katty received criticism prior to this incident for mom-shaming Sara Beth Liebe. The Fireworks singer made a joke about the contestant lying on a table for too long after hearing that she had three children before reaching 25. 

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