9 Pokemon Ability That Are Perfect For Supportive Roles

Not everyone can be a spotlight brawler, these Pokemon Ability are for the support fighters.

In Pokemon, there are several different Abilities. Each one has a unique set of Pokemon Ability that can use it, as well as a unique impact during combat. Due of this, Pokemon Ability battling is one of the most strategic types of competitive gaming. Near-endless options are offered by the sheer number of abilities that are available.

While some abilities tend to be fairly egotistical, others are helpful and may benefit the entire squad. They can increase stats, stop stat loss, or just make it simpler for another Pokemon Ability to carry out their function. To compete with the top trainers in the world, you must possess supportive abilities.

Grassy Surge

Pokemon Ability

Every time a Pokemon Ability with Grassy Surge enters battle, the field is changed to Grassy Terrain. This is a secret Ability of Grookey and its evolutions, and Tapu Bulu uses it. To keep your Pokemon in good condition, you should send one of them into combat.

In addition to strengthening Grass-type attacks, Grassy Surge’s Grassy Terrain also replenishes any grounded Pokemon’s HP at the end of a turn. A Pokemon Ability, particularly Flying-types with certain Abilities or those utilising the move Roost, will regain some health if it is on the ground. After all, HP is crucial in Pokemon fights.


A fantastic supporting Ability is anticipation. Although it doesn’t directly effect the Pokemon of your opponents, it may unquestionably help your team succeed. You can tell whether the other side possesses a weapon that can cause significant damage if you have Pokemon of the same kind as the Ability-bearer.

When a Pokemon with Anticipation enters a fight, it will tremble if any of the opponents have a move that is extremely efficient against it or an OHKO, such as Fissure or Horn Drill. This provides you with a clear picture of your opponents.

Sweet Veil

You may locate the Pokemon Alcremie, Ribombee, and Tsareena using Sweet Veil. This Ability supports their whole side of the field during combat. It guards against falling victim to the Sleep condition effect together with all allies.

Its actions or those of an opponent are covered by this. With Sweet Veil in play, attacks like Hypnosis or Yawn will have no impact on your squad. This won’t prevent you from putting the adversary’s Pokemon Ability to sleep, providing you a significant advantage. 

Screen Cleaner

Screen Cleaner is just a Galarian Mr. Mime and Mr. Rime’s ability. They make excellent combat partners since they are powerful Pokemon. Screen Cleaner will start to operate by eliminating the effects of Light Screen, Reflect, and Aurora Veil before Mr. Mime or Mr. Rime arrive.

Trainers on the other side will become upset if you keep them in their Poke Balls until you’re ready to activate the Ability. Every time the user joins combat, the Ability itself activates, therefore swapping it out might result in many uses.


Many well-known Pokemon Ability that battle have access to the ability “Unnerve.” It is available for Corviknight and Calyrex while being a Hidden Ability for characters like Tyranitar and Houndoom. Unnerve starts working as soon as a Pokemon with it begins combat.

A number of vicious Pokemon have the ability. The sending of the adversarial animals into battle so causes great anxiety among them. As a result, while the Ability is in effect, they are unable to consume any Berries. That may make them unable to recover, remove status effects, and much more, letting your other Pokemon Ability to benefit from them.

Cursed Body

Pokemon with the ability Cursed Body include Gengar and Alolan Marowak, for instance. Any move employed on the Ability-bearer has a chance to be rendered ineffective by the Ability. They can withstand several blows and effectively utilise Cursed Body if you teach them to be a defensive Pokemon Ability.

The entire adversary strategy might fall apart as a result of Cursed Body. Imagine launching your Gengar into combat as your foe executes one of their most potent strikes. The opponent’s Pokemon can no longer utilise it if Cursed Body activates.

Aroma Veil

Aroma Veil is one of the strongest supporting abilities in all of Pokemon Ability, despite being rare. It is available as a Hidden Ability on Aromatisse, Alcremie, and Dachsbun, but Oinkologne possesses it outright. When the bearer is engaged in combat, it shields friends against attacks and abilities that restrict their range of movement.

Cursed Body, Heal Block, Disable, Taunt, and even Encore will be ineffective in light of this. When Aroma Veil is active, you can freely choose your attacks. Nothing will go in the way of your attack plan if you decide to bring a Pokemon Ability into the fight.

Friend Guard

Maushold possesses the most ideal supporting Ability. It has access to Friend Guard, which is the most effective kind of direct assault defence there is. All allied Pokemon Ability will take less damage from every attack they are struck with while Maushold is engaged in combat.

There is a lot of planning behind this. If you know that one of your Pokemon is about to faint from an attack, you might keep Maushold in the back and send it. If you perform the calculations correctly, Friend Guard will activate and they could live.


In doubles battles, the supporting Pokemon’s go-to Ability is Prankster. The first three Prankster thinks of are Whimsicott, Grimmsnarl, and Sableye. When employing status moves—moves that do not do damage—the Ability grants them precedence.

By doing so, they can prepare complementary attacks before the other team has an opportunity to launch one. Included in it are Tailwind, Reflect, and Light Screen. Prankster can boost speed or provide additional defences without giving the opposing team a chance to react.


What is the rarest Ability in Pokemon?

In the series, multiscale is unusual since it can only exist as a secret talent. More intriguingly, only two Pokemon are in possession of it, and one of them is prohibited from participating in competitive play.

Which Pokémon has no weakness?

Tynamo, Eelektrik, and Eelektross are Electric-type Pokemon from Generation 5 with the Ability Levitate. They are referred to as the line of Pokemon without type weaknesses.

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