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Price Prediction Of Forth Token (Ampleforth Governance Token) 2023, 2030

What is Forth Token?

Ampleforth Governance’s Forth token seeks to completely decentralise the protocol by collaborating with AMPL. The second official token of the ampleforth ecosystem is forth, which is significant since it will influence the protocol’s development. due to the fact that all fourth holders will now participate in voting for advancement and other choices.

As the designated set of smart contracts for DeFi services, the Ampleforth blockchain project is developing Defi services. By giving the community total authority, Forth will finish the ampleforth ecosystem. Now, the fourth holder will make up half of the ecosystem, giving the AMPL+Forth holders 50/50 power. Over $5 billion in on-chain traffic has been frozen as of this writing on several exchanges, including Uniswap, sushiswap, and other DEX.

Every AMPL owner may claim Forth token by linking their wallet on the official site, making AMPL the initial token of the ampleforth ecosystem. According to the official website, 75,743 AMPL token owners are now qualified to get their tokens. A snapshot was taken on March 30, 2021, to record users that engaged with Ample on-chain.

Forth Token Price Prediction

Month & YearFORTH Price Prediction
September 2022$3.94
October 2022$5.86
November 2022$6.53
December 2022$6.92
January 2023$7.44
February 2023$5.53
March 2023$6.53
April 2023$7.18
May 2023$8.50
June 2023$8.68
September 2023$9.48
December 2023$10.12
April 2024$9.80
July 2024$11.42
October 2024$10.45
January 2025$11.62
February 2025$25.48
March 2025$26.19
April 2025$28.84
May 2025$29.28
June 2025$30.01
July 2025$33.55
August 2025$38.84
September 2025$35.43
October 2025$34.72
November 2025$40.61
Decemeber 2025$41.78
January 2030$89.75
March 2030$95.34
May 2030$107.11
July 2030$98.58
September 2030$113.58
December 2030$117.70

Forth Token Overview

Project nameAmpleforth Governance token
Ticker SymbolForth
Total SupplyNA
Based onDeFi Services
Launched year2019
All-time highNA
Exchange PlatformUniswap, Coinbase Pro, Bilaxy, Huobi Global
WalletMetamask, Trust wallet

Forth Token Price Analysis

Coinbase announces the listing of the Forth cryptocurrency, which first traded for $54.44 USD before falling to $21.85 USD. Ampleforth Governance coin, which has not yet been completely claimed by a user, is now trading at an average price of $47 USD with a reported $300 million dollar volume as of this writing. Similar to Ample Token, Forth Token is listed on the Huobi Global, Bilaxy, and Uniswap platforms and has the potential to be added to Binance, Kucoin, and other leading trading platforms. Additional listing will likely contribute to the price becoming more positive after a month or two.


Ampleforth is a Defi protocol built on Ethereum that serves as the basic currency for the decentralised economy. To use in centralised or decentralised banking systems, Ampleforth utilised smart commodity money backed by some sort of collateral. We are aware that AMPL is one of the most widely used traded tokens and is presently ranked in the top 100 crypto projects.

Is Forth Token a good investment?

Is it wise to invest in Ampleforth Governance Token? Like other cryptocurrencies, Ampleforth Governance Token is a risky investment.

Is Forth Token a good crypto?

The price of Ampleforth is over $0.96 right now, which is close to the 50-day moving average. According to historical statistics, it makes sense to acquire Ampleforth cryptocurrency when it is on the decline and sell it when it is at a high.

What happened to Forth Token?

Ampleforth, yet another DeFi project competing for a piece of the lucrative industry, recently had a 700,000% pump on the cryptocurrency exchange FTX. A few minutes later, the asset immediately fell back down to 99.99%, leaving some traders perplexed and a select few extremely wealthy.

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