Explained: Pink WhatsApp scam and how to stay safe

Scammers are already attempting to obtain customers’ data by sending messages requesting that they download a “New Pink WhatsApp with extra features.”

Hyderabad: People are concerned about a new WhatsApp fraud on Android called “Pink Whatsapp.” States like Telangana, Maharashtra, Kerala, and Karnataka have already experienced a significant expansion of the fraud.

By enticing consumers to download the “New Pink Look WhatsApp with extra features,” scammers are now attempting to obtain users’ data. On the other hand, visiting the link can result in a hack of your device.

When consumers open the ad, malicious software is installed on their phones, stealing private information like contacts, bank account information, and sensitive data like financial information like OTP.

Pink WhatsApp

Users need to be careful of messages like “Update Your WhatsApp to Enjoy New Features With Pink Look Must Try This,” “Officially launched Pink WhatsApp with Extra New Features Must Try This,” and “New Pink WhatsApp with Extra Features Must Try This.”

These texts can be obtained from a friend or acquaintance whose phone has been compromised. If you install the app, an unintentional notification to download the WhatsApp Pink app will be sent to all of your contacts using your name.

Here’s how to stay safe:

Recently, the Telangana State Cyber Security Bureau tweeted a warning about the scam. “Watch out for WhatsApp Pink! APK download links used in #WhatsApp groups to distribute a virus. Don’t click any WhatsApp Pink-branded links. You will no longer have full access to your phone, the tweet stated.

Never click on links coming from untrusted sources. Even if the sender of the mail seems familiar, use caution before clicking any links.

No matter how many new features they might claim, never download any version of WhatsApp from Google Play or the Apple Store. Never use an APK file or any third-party app store.

If you already have the programme downloaded, remove it right immediately. Then format your phone or do a factory reset after making a backup of it.

Check for malware on your device. Numerous antivirus and anti-malware software options are available.

Change your passwords for all of your online accounts right away if you’ve used a hacked device to check in.

Inform the police and cyber security about the fraud.

For any assistance regarding this in the Telangana State, call 1930.


What is pink virus in WhatsApp?

A new WhatsApp virus that claims to transform the app’s colour scheme to pink is now circulating. Rajshekhar Rajaharia, an expert in internet security, issues a warning against clicking on the APK link for his Android software WhatsApp Pink that is going around in groups.

How do I delete pink WhatsApp?

You should immediately remove the risky WhatsApp Pink app if you installed it by accident. To remove WhatsApp, go to Settings > Apps > WhatsApp (pink logo) and choose that option.

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