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Price Prediction Of Prostarter (Prot) Coin IDO 2023, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is ProStarter?

The DeFi IDO Launchpad for crypto projects and NFTs is called ProStarter, as the name would imply. Based on Polkadot, Ethereum, BSC, and Tron Network, the Platform will offer a transparent and secure platform for fund raising. Given that the current Launchpad lacks appropriate transparency and allows for user intervention, the team feels that DeFi and DEX are becoming more and more popular. In the expanding NFT market, the project will include an NFT project launchpad as well as an NFT marketplace where NFT may instantaneously purchase or sell.

Live IDO whitelisting for every user is a new feature that ProStarter has implemented. It will simply whitelist users in a fair and transparent manner. In Live Whitelisting, users are permitted to view the entire whitelisting process, including the public and PROT holder Pool. Participants in the current IDO Launchpad platform frequently ask questions about the selection criteria, the randomization process, and other issues, which Prostarter will address.

Some countries are prohibited from participating in the ICO, IDO, or Token pre-sale due to regulations requiring users to provide their KYC documents in order to prove their identity. Everyone must pass KYC in order to buy or enter a pool, but the difficulty is that they must constantly provide this information. Therefore, the platform has a one-time KYC concept where information is maintained for life and does not need to be submitted for each new project.

Prostarter Overview

Project nameProStarter
Ticker SymbolPROT
Total Supply100,000,000
Based onLaunchpad
Launched year2020
All-time highNA
Exchange PlatformUniswap, Hotbit, Probit
WalletMetamask, Trust Wallet

PROT ICO Overview

Platform usedOwn Platform
Raised by $750,000*
Date of ICO29th march to April 2021
Date of IDOTBA
ICO PricePrivate Sale: $0.10 USD (2 year vesting)
Public Sale: $0.15 to $0.25 USD (6-month vesting)
PartnersHacken, Blockpass

PROT Price Analysis

PROT is a native coin of the Prostarter Ecosystem that will offer holders benefits on the platform. PROT is an ERC20 standard token based on the Ethereum network with a 100 million total supply. The developers chose to burn 25 million tokens in response to community requests. PROT’s private and public sales have concluded to a roaring success, with Public Sale 3 selling out in less than 4 minutes. The Prostarter Pro King tier, which requires users to hold onto their 50k tokens for 100 days (the holding time is different for 60k+ token holders), assures confirmation entrance into every IDO hosted by the platform. As the minimum PROT holding for the lottery ticket system has not yet been determined, the criterion will rely on the quantity of tokens and the days that the token has been held.

As the team is already in discussion with several current IDO launchpads, PROT token IDO is imminent. We are aware that the native token price for the current launchpad is between $3.5 and $5 USD with a 100 million supply. Prostarter, on the other hand, has a 75 million supply available, which indicates the token may surpass the $5 USD level.


IDO and launchpad concepts will be innovated by ProStarter with more transparent and secure features. We are aware that several projects have come and gone since 2018; the most of them have been accused of being scams. Investors favour launchpads when it comes to developing Decentralized Finance due to security and escalating frauds. Therefore, ProStarter pledges to deliver Premium projects with cross-chain assistance and no network obstacles. Due to the company’s registration and location in Estonia, the project team has extensive expertise in the blockchain sector. To give the community complete authority, the team did not engage investment capitalists. As a result, the project began with no investors and is now in collaboration discussions with several blockchains.

Will Prostarter hit $10?

Expected after listing on major CEX.

Is Prostarter a Good Investment?

Holding PROT will grant entrance into a premium project where one may immediately generate a return using IDO.

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