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Price Target Of SBI share 2023, 2025, 2030, 2040, 2050

Do you want to know what the future price of SBI share will be? so that you may decide whether or not to invest in SBI shares. Then you have come to the correct site, where you will get a detailed examination of the SBI.

SBI share overview

State Bank of India, or SBI, is the largest bank in the nation and was established in 1995. Imperial Bank was the name of the bank when it initially founded; afterwards, it changed to SBI. Bank has gradually expanded, and the Indian government also runs this bank.

SBI was admitted to the National Stock Exchange on July 1st, 1999. (NSE). SBI’s share price was approximately 16 Indian rupees when it debuted on the stock market, and it afterwards grew slowly. However, over the course of almost 20 years, this share has become a multibagger for both initial investors and share holders.

While authoring this post, the price of SBI stock is now at 508 INR.

SBI share price prediction 2022


SBI share price prediction 2022

What is the SBI share forecast? SBIN Stock Prediction: The information above on the state bank of India’s pricing forecast for 2022 is updated often by the financial experts on our website.

SBI’s share price began 2022 at 460 INR and gradually grew to today’s price of 508 INR. If this rate is maintained, SBI stock price might reach 550INR before the end of the year.

SBI share price target 2022

YearSBI share price in 2022
2022₹550 to ₹650

SBI share price target 2022

The SBI share price prediction ranges from 550 to 650 rupees for 2022. Although not exact, the information in the above table provides a general idea of what SBI’s share price would be in 2022 based on our research.

SBI share price target 2023

YearSBI share price in 2023
2023₹800 to ₹900

SBI share price target 2023

The 800–900 rupee price range is the projected range for SBI shares in 2023. This table shows information on what SBI’s share price may possibly be in 2023. However, based on our study, we anticipate this price for SBI shares in 2023, although it may be lower or higher than this.

SBI share price target 2025

YearSBI share price in 2025
2025₹910 to ₹1060

SBI share price target 2025

The target price range for SBI shares in 2025 is 910 to 1060 rupees. Information on achievable goals for State Bank of India’s share in 2023 is shown in the table above. and the price of SBI share will be approximately Rs. 900 if it reaches this aim.

This represents a very good return and almost 80% of SBI’s current share price in 2022.

SBI share price target 2030

YearSbi share price in 2030
2030₹1150 to ₹1500

SBI share price target 2030

The price range for SBI shares in 2030 is between 1150 and 1500 rupees. The state bank of India’s share price is clearly above where it will be in 2030.

If these goals are achieved, an estimated calculation shows that the share price of SBI will be approximately 1100INR.

Shareholders and investors will see a fantastic return on their investment.

Anyone investing now, at the price of about 500 INR, will see a little increase on their investment by 2030.

SBI share price target 2040

YearSbi share price in 2040

SBI share price target 2040

The projected price for SBI shares in 2040 is 2353 rupees. After doing technical analysis, charts indicate that the price of the SBIN share will increase over the next several years. Although minor adjustments can be seen, their impact on share price is minimal. Overall, if investing for the long term, this stock is the best choice.

SBI share price target 2040

YearSbi share price in 2040

SBI share price target 2040

2353 rupees is the projected price of SBI shares in 2040. Technical analysis of the charts indicates that the price of the SBIN share will increase during the next several years. However, they won’t have a significant impact on share price. Minor adjustments can be seen. In general, this share is the greatest option for investment if your goal is long term.

SBI share price target 2050

YearSbi share price in 2050
2050Coming Soon

SBI share price target 2050

The price target for SBIN shares in 2050 will soon be revised; we are working on it and making an effort to conduct accurate technical analysis.

SBI share price forecast 5 years

In the next five years, the share price of SBI may exceed 1000 rupees, according to our study. While some price forecasting websites claim that it would remain around 900 INR.

Is it good time to invest in SBI?

Yes, it appears to be a good moment to buy SBI stock. Based on prior SBI news, updates, and performance, you may anticipate similar results going forward.

If you want to make rapid money, don’t purchase this stock. SBI shares are a long-term investment since they perform well over the long term.

SBI share financials

The market capitalization of SBI bank 3,19,990 crore.


The price targets for SBI stock for several years, including 2050, 2040, 2030, 2025, 2023, and 2022, have been covered in this post.

In addition, do you want to learn more about SBI or banking?

In India, however, digital banking is becoming more and more well-liked, and all banks are actively marketing it.

E-banking services, as well as direct debit and credit in bank accounts, are provided by every bank in India. The banking industry in India has progressively expanded, but if you go back and observe the share values of banks, you’ll realise you missed it.

Is SBI share price overvalued?

Yes, because SBI’s PB ratio is 1.5x while the average for the banking sector is 0.9x. which is high by banking sector standards.

Is it right time to buy SBI Card share?

Whether you want to hold an investment for a long time or sell it quickly depends on your goals.

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