It was recently discovered that RANGE ROVERS owners in the UK are either unable to insure their cars or are paying rates that are up to twice what they were before. According to reports, Range Rovers are the second most often stolen car in the nation. However, there have not yet been any recorded thefts of the new-style Range Rovers.

The Range Rover is a familiar sight in the world’s cities; it was designed to manage dirt and gravel, but is more frequently spotted gliding up to the valet at a posh restaurant. A wafting Rover is a common choice, whether for genuine Royalty or just the extremely wealthy, even on London’s congested and occasionally tiny streets. Range Rovers are preferred by a more sinister crowd in the capital of the United Kingdom, nevertheless.

Range Rovers have reportedly surpassed BMWs as the second most popular vehicle to steal in the UK, with 5200 of them reported stolen in 2022, according to new research from the UK magazine Autocar. Insurance companies have taken note of the fact that the great majority of these robberies occurred in London. This issue is different from the previous spate of Hyundai and Kia vehicle thefts. Several of these Range Rovers are allegedly stolen by professional gangs that take use of keyless entry technology rather than TikTok pranksters.


Evidently, it’s really simple to fence a hot Range Rover and have it sent abroad or out of the country, never to be seen again. The problem, according to one investigator Autocar spoke with, isn’t with any security hole, but rather that a Range Rover is a big and expensive target. Fraud pays. Conversely, insurance firms dislike making payouts. According to reports, Range Rover premiums have doubled in certain situations in the U.K.

If you can even obtain coverage, as some insurers would just refuse to cover a Range Rover. In order to compare the pricing of a contemporary full-size Range Rover with a Bentley Bentayga, Autocar undertook its research. Estimates for the Rover reached a maximum of $7200, which is twice to treble the price of the Bentayga. Older Range Rover vehicles rather than the most recent ones have been reported stolen.

JLR executives told Autocar that they were working on insurance-related solutions and further emphasised the sophisticated security measures offered by the Remote app. In the 1960s, getaway drivers like Roy “The Weasel” James, who participated in a series of daring heists, preferred Jaguar’s Mk II sedans. In certain situations, the Jag was chosen because it could outpace the coppers. In this case, the Range Rover is the unjustified gain.


How often are Range Rovers stolen?

The second-most often stolen vehicle in 2021 was a Range Rover, with a total of 3754 thefts, or more than 10 per day.

Are Range Rovers easy to steal?

Range Rovers are highly sought after by auto thieves, despite the fact that they aren’t necessarily “easier” to steal than any other vehicle with keyless access. As a result, they are more likely to attract attention than cheaper vehicles, which might result in more theft attempts. This makes them greater targets than less costly vehicles.

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