The Drako Dragon that can accelerate in 1.9 secs Drako unveils its second vehicle

The Drako Dragon, Drako’s second vehicle, has been presented. It costs $290,000 and accelerates from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 1.9 seconds. The company originally presented a limited-production all-electric supercar in 2019 with outrageous specifications.

Dean Drako, better known as the co-founder and CEO of Barracuda Networks, and Shiv Sikand, an electrical engineer and co-founder of IC Manage, established the San Jose-based business. To build the electric vehicle, they used the Fisker Karma’s chassis. The quad motor powertrain of the Drako GTE, with each motor having a power range of +225 kW to -225 kW, wowed those who had a test drive in it in 2020.

It was anticipated that Drako would introduce another vehicle built from the ground up with that outstanding powerplant at the time, therefore the GTE with the Fisker body served more as a test bed. The Drako Dragon is that additional element. Specs and a few teaser photographs were used to make the announcement last summer, but today we have the complete reveal.


Thanks to the amazing electric powertrain created by Drako, the Dragon is all about performance. It allows for a top speed of more than 200 mph and completes a quarter-mile in under nine seconds, according to the company. “How truly astounding is the performance? Actually, nothing compares in a meaningful way. With 2,000 horsepower from its four electric motors, the Dragon is able to reach top speeds of more than 200 mph and achieve record-breaking 0-60 mph times of 1.9 seconds and quarter-mile times of 9.0 seconds. Drako Dragon is outfitted with carbon ceramic rotors at each of its four corners because great power comes with great responsibility. The brakes up front have 10-piston callipers and 420-mm discs; the brakes in back have 6-piston callipers and 410-mm discs.

However, the GTE performance of the Drako already made an impression; the Dragon shines in its ability to combine that level of performance with a striking new design made possible by completely redesigning the new car. The design is quite distinctive and daring. The Drako Dragon, according to Drako, is “the first production SUV in the world with a 100% carbon fibre frame.”

According to the business, it will reduce the chassis’ weight by 50%. The business has a charging capacity of up to 500 kW, making it future-proof. Additionally, Drako anticipates the Drako Dragon to have a 420-mile EPA-rated range. The inside is one of the largest upgrades from the GTE. The SUV form factor has certainly made this possible, but the GTE was also severely constrained by the Fisker chassis.

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